News anchor Rebecca Hall talking about Vin Scully: ‘Get your sh** together’ (Video)

Dodgers fans had plenty to be excited about over the weekend. For starters, their team pulled off one of the biggest transactions in MLB history and brought huge names Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett to L.A. in a trade with the Red Sox. As if that wasn’t enough of a gift, the team later announced that legendary commentator Vin Scully will be returning next year for his 64th season on the job. What would a championship contender be without Vin?

As you can see from the clip above that Jimmy Traina shared on Twitter, one particular news anchor found herself a bit too excited about the Scully news. Big League Stew has identified the young lady as KTLA’s Rebecca Hall, and if you didn’t know who she was prior to this weekend you should get used to seeing her face over the next couple of days. Who typed the s-word on the teleprompter, dammit!?

Hall may not have embarrassed herself quite as badly as this news anchor did during the NBA playoffs, but it’s a blunder she’ll likely be hearing about for the rest of her life.

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  • Greg333

    I HATE pussy sports announcers… they don’t know their heads from their feet when it comes to sports.  They just want in the locker rooms to chck out the packages, the perverts!!!  The idiot who allowed them in the locker rooms should be executed, no, tortured then executed.  STAY in the kitchen and doing GIRLS sports like beach volleyball and girls basketball games, you know, the ones that nobody watches. 

  • Greg333

    Add, KTLA is a wimpy station, always has been. In this case they jerked the video so we can’t see what their dumb ass employee did to insult Vin Scully   VIN SCULLY . What low lifes. Send the entire station and especially Rebecca to Biloxi, they will love all of them.  Don’t need these people in Los Angeles or CA for that matter.