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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Dana White hacker arrested in FBI credit card fraud sting

The computer hacker who hacked into UFC.com and UFC President Dana White’s personal information was arrested on Tuesday as part of an FBI credit card fraud sting operation.

Mir Islam, who is known on the Internet as JoshTheGod, was busted for all kinds of credit card fraud. He’s an 18-year-old who lives in the Bronx, and he appeared in front of the judge in flip flops and jeans.

Here are the details of his arrest from the New York Times’ report:

Mir Islam, known as JoshTheGod, sold stolen credit card information and had data on 50,000 credit card accounts, according to the United States attorney for the Southern District. He was arrested after buying cards from an undercover agent and trying to use one at an A.T.M. on Eighth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.

Mr. Islam is accused of helping to operate additional forums, UGNazi.com and Carders.org, both of which were seized by the F.B.I.

24 people were arrested — 11 from the U.S. and 13 from other countries — as part of the sting. FBI agents got extremely creative with the bust. They actually set up a website called “Carder Profit” that was like an eBay for thieves, and they used it to monitor fraud for two years before making their arrests on Tuesday.

And you know who turns out looking great? None other than Dana White, who warned the hackers not to **** with the FBI, saying that the government always wins. Looks like he was right, at least for now.

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