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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Diego Sanchez Tells Martin Kampmann He Had No Punching Power, Could Rematch

Diego Sanchez and Martin Kampmann put on a show earlier this month for the UFC on Versus 3 in Louisville. Despite getting bloodied and battered with a Margarito face, Sanchez won a controversial unanimous decision. I thought Kampmann won the first and Sanchez took the second and third, so I felt they got the winner right. Many people disagree because they look at the end result and say based on the way Sanchez was beat up, Kampmann should have been the winner. That wasn’t the case, and Sanchez said on twitter Friday that Kampmann’s punches lacked power.

Responding to a tweet from Kampmann who answered a follower’s question by saying he’d be interested in a rematch, Sanchez questioned Martin’s desire to square off again. He wrote in response “you really want a direct rematch? I trained no boxing! zero! I just wrestled my ass off I underestimated your td defense. … plus you just lost two in a row u need to earn it get a W then we can talk rematch. Your punches had snap to cut but no power … if I can’t get a better fight that a win would move me up the ladder, I would love to fight you again!”

The fighters showed tremendous respect for each other at the end of their fight and they each seem to be really positive about a rematch. Kampmann is right more than Sanchez in that the fight was so close, a rematch would be more appropriate than Sanchez getting a shot at someone else. He barely escaped in that fight, and he may have even lost had Kampmann not injured his hand at the end of the third round. And if they do end up rematching, Sanchez better watch himself otherwise he’s liable to get pummeled by Kampmann’s manos de piedra.

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