Fraud Kimbo Slice Cut from UFC by Dana White After Loss to Matt Mitrione

Have you ever seen a team perform so poorly that you said they should be demoted from a league or contracted as a franchise? The Pittsburgh Pirates definitely come to mind, as have the Detroit Lions. Unfortunately in most professional sports leagues nothing that drastic can happen (unless it’s the British Premier League). But in UFC, President Dana White rules with an iron fist and calls all the shots. He rolls with so much power that he can just decide if he wants to cut a guy and kick him out of the league on a whim. That’s exactly what happened on Saturday night after UFC 113 in Montreal, only White had good reason to cut two fighters.

White, who once said that Kimbo Slice might lose to 44-year-old Ken Shamrock because Kimbo sucks, cut Slice after his poor performance against Matt Mitrione. Kimbo had some good takedowns but he seemed to tire quickly and he was thoroughly dominated in the second round. Mitrione crushed Kimbo with an arsenal of kicks that had Kimbo limping. Once the fighters got on the ground, Mitrione proceeded to play volleyball with Kimbo’s head until the fight was called a TKO. Even though White appreciates the ratings and drawing power of Kimbo, I’m sure he’s officially decided that Kimbo isn’t UFC material.

I’m surprised that White didn’t know better after Kimbo’s 14-second loss to Shamrock replacement, Seth Petruzelli. I’m guessing White did know better but he was probably convinced that the strong ratings was worth giving Kimbo a shot. The other fighter Dana White cut after UFC 113 was Paul Daley. Daley sucker-punched Josh Koscheck after their fight ended and White says “there’s no excuse for that.” White is definitely extreme in his measures but nobody will complain about cutting Daley. Some fans are already questioning the decision to cut Kimbo because of the ratings he draws. I say they should be proud that White is more concerned with his product.

UFC 113 Post-Fight: Dana White Says Paul Daley and Kimbo Slice Are “Done” in the UFC [Bloody Elbow]
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  • Muay Thai Fan

    UFC is just the best promoted MMA fights but most UFC fighters are just a bunch of ground fighting sissies that cannot stand up and fight like men. Who wants to watch men rolling around on the ground hugging for 3 rounds? I say kick that wrestler in the face or back of the head when they come in for a take down. manipulate those small joints and break those wrestling hugs and let men fight for the rounds. I prefer Boxing Muay Thai or K1 over UFC . UFC should split into ground fights for those that cannot stand up and fight and have real fights for the fighters willing to stand and fight. I bet the fans would fill the stand up fights and the ground fighter would be in an empty stadium.

  • http://tott@kc.rr.com tomo

    I watched Kimbo on the net when he challenged and kicked the crap out of unsuspecting, unwilling participants. I am not a fighter and only being 5′ 8″ I wanted to see this bully thug get the **** kicked out of him. Because of his videos, he got a chance to fight real fighters (that would have allowed him to make a legitimate buck) and got his clock cleaned.

    I would love to see him keep fighting until someone scrabbles his brain for life. Then he can go back to the streets, pick up his monthly welfare check and be the big man on the streets until someone takes his revenge by putting a cap in his head. Bad karma will find him before its all over. Someone please take a”slice” out of him for me.

  • Chris

    Kimbo Slice is not a thug he was one of the most down to each fighters yet to featured on the reality show “Ultimate Fighter”. Kimbo is a very humble man he never claimed to come in and be champ. He knew he wasn’t ready for the Shamrock fight but would you turn down a huge payday when your used to street fights you make a couple hundred on. He never jumped anybody or robbed anybody. People fought him obviously knew he was somebody who has power just look at the guy. His opponent last night was on a different level, he would made a lot of ufc vets look bad. He had no fear, loves the fight in the ring calm and relaxed. To be that calm in a fight is something you can’t train for it’s advantage unmeasurable in that sport. Kimbo is tough he would have let Matt break his arm before he was gonna tap. That’s not a bully who just picks on smaller people because it’s easy. That is a fighter with more heart than 90% of the current ufc stars, he would die in that ring before tapping. I guess idiot people like Tomo who have never put on some gloves can talk crap. Personally I’ve done boxing and to withstand that kind of punishment without quitting is almost beyond me. Yes he looks like a typical thug from the hood but he is a family man with morals. Dana is turning into a real jerk he says one thing and does another. Kimbo fought his way into the ufc like most beating the crap out of local opponents who are no match. But that’s all it takes usually. Go to your local mma event you won’t see the kind of fights that’s on UFC. It’s usually one or two bad ass fighters who keep destroying the local circuit but it’s not a sport not easy to find challenging opponents until you go to that next level. For most that next level is short lived but I see no shame in Kimbo’s UFC bouts. Bad karma I think is for you Tomo hope you get punished in the face once as hard as Kimbo did and watch you cry like a little girl and realize how much of a better man he is than you. Doesn’t matter how big you are pain is pain.

    Paul Daley did what everybody who has fought Josh when he goes into that college wrestling mode wants to do. Yes Josh is probably the best wrestler in UFC division I champ says it all(except GSP will end that crap again). Nobody pays money to watch college wrestling on TV yet when Josh wants to get an easy win while not challenging his stand up he does that. I ‘d say besides the gay ufc fan base nobody wants to see him on top of another guy for15 minutes. He wasn’t even throwing elbows or real punches. The one time Paul did get out Paul threw an illegal knee to get away. It did not even touch Josh and he played like it damaged him severely. That is until they showed the replay on the screen and everybody booed him. Paul punching him was great he was telling him the last round stand up lets fight of course Josh didn’t wanna get hurt so he continued to lay moving around just enough not to have a ref stoppage. Dana I’m sure did that to make the UFC look professional but he does not like those kind of fights just like the rest of us. I think he let Kimbo go to soon he needed more time possibly. White’s a jerk for doing it one day after the fight, shows he cares less about his fighters. Kimbo did not get knocked down in 10seconds he fought and came close with some hard punches landing of catching him good. I’d like to see Kimbo fight again he deserves it.

  • BYAnyWear

    What kinda comment was that Tomo? Welfare check? Did you do any research? He was a bouncer/bodyguard prior to the cage. If the hurricane wouldn’t have hit in his senior year of HS you may have seen him in the NFL because he was rankly highly in the state for hs football. His cousin has a PHD — Rhodi Ferguson…. every black person from the hood does not collect a welfare check.

  • xmanmalcolm

    Hey Tomo,

    Just curious, “are you stupid or something?!” Because, last time I checked, Kimbo was making an effort. “What are you doing?” I have personally met Kimbo and I’ve got to tell you, “the man is as humble as they come!” Yes, even I was surprised at his demeanor. He has a presence about him that causes you to like him as a person. He is nothing like the portrayal that was initially placed on him as being a thug or hoodlum. He is a family man with morals. Even Dana White said that he likes him as a person and that he’s a real nice guy. I agree with Dana White, I think that he should have released Kimbo now as oppose to later because at the end of the day it’s about business and nothing personal. I just don’t like the method that Dana used to relay the message of cutting Kimbo. He should have at least given Kimbo the courtesy of informing he behind closed doors first and told him how much respect he has for him for trying to come into a league where he was clearly outmatched due to lack of experience and conditioning. As a man, there are some things you don’t do if you want to continue being labled a man. One of them is looking another man in the face and having the dignity to address him to his face. Not behind his back. What Dana did in announcing that Kimbo was done right after the fight in front of reporters was classless to say the least. At least, talk with Kimbo first, tell him your decision and the reasons for it and then later on inform the media. To tell some random reporter when pressured to give a response that Kimbo is done in UFC showed me just how much of a noncaring, sleezebag, powertripping individual Dana White is. He should have given Kimbo the professionalism and courtesy of telling him to his face first. Other than that, I wish Kimbo Slice the best of luck. At least he tried. He’ll definately go someplace positive because of who he is and what he’s accomplished.

  • http://foxsports.com EX UFC Fan

    Guy’s like Kimbo make the CAGE fighting interesting. I respect the Mixed Martial Arts, but rolling around with another man isn’t my type of sport. We pay for KO’s or Quick submissions that break bones. K1, And Pride have perfect rules. Dana is turning into the “Don King” of MMA. I respect him and what he has done for the sport, Just not this decision.

  • dan

    Kimbo Slice was nothing more than an oversized piece of meat who was very over publicized – he could not fight worth a crap – something like that other slob Herschel Walker who only gets put in with pieces of meat. Put Walker in the ring with a real fighter and he will go the way of Kimbo

  • Josh

    kimbo is a big guy, and is abit rough, I dont like him nor respect him and would have embarrassed him if given the chance on the street.

  • Jim

    @ Josh
    You’d pee on yourself by just being in the same room with Kimbo.

  • Show

    100% agree with Muay Thai Fan.

    Ground fighting is lame. I don’t care how skillful you have to be, sitting on someone’s chest and punching them in the face is never going to be honorable.

  • Jiujitsukinh

    Ground fighting takes more skill and tactics than standing and throwing punches. All you people that are against it, personally know you would get your ass beat. It’s common to talk about something you can’t defend against or simply can’t do. Get off your lazy asses take some classes and then speak about ground fighting. If u get in a street fight and get knocked on your ass, you better hope you know some type of ground fighting or your gonna get beat to a pulp.

  • frankie

    to the guys sayin stand up fighting is ”real fighting” come on . you guys are morons . this aint boxing and aint kickboxing . if thats what u like go watch that and the ufc wont miss you . if boxing and kickboxing are so great why the hell are they dying sports ? i hate when a kickboxer gets taken down and cries to the ref to stand them up . this aint boxing ,if you cant defend a takedown then dont call yourself a fighter and stay the hell away from MMA cause in a real fight anything goes. i stopped calling them fighters and only call em boxers because realistically thats what they do . fighters fight which is kicking punching grappling and using whatever strategy works . how many times have we seen a champion kickboxer get the shit beat out of him by a no name wrestler ? all the time …why ? because the kickboxer is a kickboxer and not a fighter . even a ufc fight has its limits but its the closest thing to a no rules fight that we have so they deserve that right to be called real fighters. all this honor crap and real men fight standing up is a bunch of b s ..get in the cage and tell brock lesnar he aint a real man after he ties you in a knot and slaps you around and sends you to the hospital . anderson silva has a few losses all by submission . now he could cry about it like you people but hed rather go out and get a black belt in brazilian jiu jitsu so it never happens again . thats what a fighter does . thats honorable and thats a real man . not crying to the ref to stand you up cause you cant take the ground and pound. and to the grapplers same thing dont lay on the ground expecting the guy to lay on the ground with you . bottom line is if you wanna stand up then strike the wrestler every time he tries to take u down and if u wanna grapple then dump the guy on his head , in other words let the fighters fight however they want .