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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Let’s Hope the UFC on FOX Goes Much Smoother than this Awful Introduction

The UFC recently announced a groundbreaking deal that will see their events televised on FOX four times a year for the next eight years. It’s the type of partnership that can help MMA go mainstream, which is something I’ve openly questioned. When the first show is televised in November, let’s just hope it goes much smoother than this awkward introduction Tuesday:

That was quite an extensive list of awkwardness. We saw a nervous Joe Rogan struggle with what appeared to be a slow teleprompter; an executive had his cellphone out when he appeared on camera; and the identities of Georges St. Pierre and Frankie Edgar confused.

Hey, the bright side is it can’t possibly get worse than that! In all honesty, the partnership should work out well for both sides. FOX knows how to do TV and the UFC knows how to put on shows. The UFC on FOX will likely be a big hit for each company.

Video Credit: YouTube user fistsofprotocol

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