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Friday, June 22, 2018

Minotauro Nogueira Would Not Want to Roll Around on the Mat with a Gay Fighter

There are not any active male athletes in major sports that are openly gay. Some athletes have come out after their playing days were over, but none have come out while they were playing. If the sort of anti-gay sentiment that comes from Minotauro Nogueira is persistent among MMA fighters, we’re unlikely to see one come out anytime too soon.

Speaking with Esporte UOL for an interview, Nogueira said he would not be comfortable training with a gay fighter. Here is the translation from Bloody Elbow:

“I have no prejudice against the gays, but I wouldn’t train with someone who’s gay. I have no malice, I don’t take our physical contact as (something) sexual. But what if the gay person has that malice of having physical contact with me, of staying there grappling? I would have no problems having a gay student in my academy, but I would rather not train with him.”

Yup, this is the same “I wouldn’t be comfortable being in the same shower as a gay man” argument, only to a different extent. What’s Nogueira worried about, that he’ll be felt up by a gay fighter? Come on, man.

Between notable athletes like Michael Irvin and Steve Nash supporting gay athletes, I thought we had got past this point. Looks like there is still a ways to go with ridding people of their feelings. I’ve got one word for you, Minotauro: professionalism. If you lend it to someone first, you can expect it in return.

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