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Monday, May 21, 2018

Team USA Snowboarding Outfits of Denim Jeans, Flannel Shirts are Hideous

Maybe I just don’t have enough “brah” in my personality to fully appreciate the entire snowboarding aura because I really don’t get the Team USA outfits for the Winter Games. The dudes are wearing flannel hoodies for tops and denim-type jeans for pants. I swear I have a matching shirt in my drawer but I usually wear it when I go to bed; they’re using it to represent the country in the Olympics. At least nobody can accuse them of being sellouts. Anyway, here are the pics from the podium after Shaun White won gold and Scotty Lago captured bronze at the halfpipe:

The snowboarding outfits have actually been a topic of controversy during these Winter Games. Team USA member Nate Holland was upset that the Canadians are wearing pants that are too tight. Holland’s issue is that having tighter pants makes you more aerodynamic and gives snowboarders a competitive advantage. The problem is that wearing tight pants goes against the “integrity” of the sport. How stupid can you be? If he’s choosing fashion over competition then that’s his problem. Image isn’t everything but obviously it is to him. Regardless, the baggy outfits haven’t hurt Team USA in halfpipe competition and that’s all that matters.

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