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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Doncaster Fires Donny Dog Mascot Because of Lingerie Pictures

There are a lot of things a mascot can do to be fired.  Punching a student in the face and giving him a bloody nose, starting a fight with a fan, and throwing snowballs at the crowd are just a few things mascots can do to warrant being canned.  Apparently posing in lingerie next to the mascot’s costume head is another offense that warrants dismissal, as we recently learned from the Doncaster Rovers

According to The Guardian via Dirty Tackle, Tracy Chandler posed in lingerie next to her Donny Dog mascot costume and the photos were passed along to the public.  Chandler claims the images were intended to be “tongue-in-cheek and not seedy” and that they were used to raise money for the NSPCC — a charity that fights child abuse.  Having been Britain’s only female mascot and voluntarily served Doncaster for four years, Chandler told The Guardian she was “devastated” when she learned of her dismissal and “disgusted” by what had happened.

Considering the Doncaster players posed in a naked calendar to raise money for the same organization last year, Chandler can make a case that she is being treated unfairly.  If you think the Chandler situation is bad, you’ll probably think this one is even worse.. In any event, we have no choice but to raise the following question: Who looks better — the Donny Dog or Chandler?

H/T to The Sun for the picture.

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