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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Mario Balotelli would be a UFC fighter if not a soccer player, because why not

In conjunction with the release of Manchester City’s new kits (soccer speak for “jerseys”), Umbro, the kits’ manufacturer, interviewed some of the Premier League champion’s players. And, because the folks at Umbro are no dummies, Mario Balotelli was one of those interviewed.

The questions Balotelli was asked weren’t far off of ones you’d hear on a first date or in a Larry King interview: Which musician do you like? (Drake!) Why wear No. 45? (lucky number!). But when he was asked about what sports he’d play if he weren’t a soccer player, the never-disappointing Balotelli, well, didn’t disappoint. Without hesitation, he said he’d be a UFC fighter.

“Probably I would want to do UFC,” he said with the most confident look on his face. “Yeah. I really love it.”

So, that’s now settled. Laugh all you want, but you can’t deny Balotelli has the same inflamed ego and misfit personality to be an MMA fighter.

But Balotelli only didn’t answer the question with “Batman” because he hasn’t seen the new Batman movie yet. Yes, being Batman is a sport if Mario Balotelli damn well says it is.

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