Adrian Peterson Ditching His Own Football Camp to Film Top 100 Players Show

Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson will not be appearing at his own football camp because he’s going to film a show for NFL Network instead. Here’s the note that appeared on the camp’s website explaining his absence, as the Tulsa World pointed out:

Adrian Peterson is being featured on the NFL Top 100 program and will not be able to attend this week’s camp. Although we are saddened to hear that he won’t be able to attend his camp, we congratulate Adrian on the honor. Since we learned the news, ProCamps has been working around the clock to maintain a program that still provides a first-class experience to all campers and allows interaction with various Sooner stars. All-time Sooner greats Mark Clayton, DeMarco Murray and Jason White will serve as special guest hosts at camp.

The camp runs Thursday and Friday at the University of Oklahoma and it’s pleasing they will have Sooners stars in attendance as guest hosts. However, it’s extremely difficult to overlook Peterson ditching his own camp to film the show. Not only is Peterson’s name used to market the camp, they also promote his presence as a selling point. Check out this camp information posted on their facebook group:

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Leonard Weaver Agrees with Adrian Peterson Slavery Comment

When Vikings running back Adrian Peterson said the owners and players relationship was like “modern-day slavery,” we overlooked his choice of words to find the point we figured he was trying to make. Unfortunately for Philadelphia Eagles fullback Leonard Weaver, we cannot excuse his words expressed on CSN Philadelphia during a recent interview.

Speaking with Derrick Gunn Tuesday via Pro Football Talk, Weaver said “We as players want to make a statement that you know what, we love playing for you all, we love your owners, you know? We love you guys very much, but at the same time we need to see some equal opportunity here and stop treating us basically like Adrian Peterson said, like slaves.”

Aside from agreeing with Peterson’s choice of comparison, Weaver comes across as thoughtful and intelligent. The problem is unlike Peterson, Weaver’s speech cannot be excused. Peterson was speaking right after the lockout was declared and he was likely highly emotional. He used a regrettable comparison, but the point that the players aren’t treated fairly is valid. If that’s the message Leonard Weaver wanted to convey, he lost everybody as soon as he agreed with Peterson.

It’s one thing to complain about a lack of health coverage and point out that players put their lives on the line when they take the field, but consciously comparing the relationship to slavery is just plain off. The owners may be making away with all kinds of money and may be super rich, but the players have plenty of rights and are handsomely compensated. They’re not being treated fairly by the owners, but likening the situation to slavery has little validity. Until saying that, Weaver was doing just fine in his interview.

Adrian Peterson Slavery Comment Obscures Important Message

There are some phrases and words that refer to such sensitive situations in American society they cannot be uttered without repercussion. Mention Hitler, Pearl Harbor, Vietnam, abortion, or The Holocaust as a basis of comparison for an unrelated subject, and you risk some serious negative backlash. It doesn’t even matter what you’re actually saying either — drop one of those phrases outside the realm of history class, and you could be in for a public beatdown. It actually reminds me of the scene from Meet the Parents where Greg says “it’s not like I have a bomb in the suitcase” while he was on an airplane. It didn’t matter that he said he didn’t have one, because once he mentioned the word “bomb,” everyone freaked out.

The same exact thing happened with Adrian Peterson.

In an interview Friday just after the owners locked out the NFL players, Doug Farrar spoke with the Vikings star running back who made the mistake of evoking one of these comparisons, and the valid points he was making is now obscured by the unfortunate reference. Here’s what he said in its entirety to provide you proper contest:

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Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson: I’m the Best Back in the NFL

Here’s Adrian Peterson’s take on whether or not he’s better than Chris Johnson, which would in turn make him the best running back in the NFL:

Yes [I'm better]. He’s not faster, stronger, anything,” Peterson explained, via Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.  “You’ve got to understand you’re talking to a guy . . . that’s just the mentality that I have.  I have ultimate respect for the guy and he’s a heck of a player.  I remember at one point and time me talking on the phone to Chris Johnson.  He was telling me, ‘I’m just a big fan of yours. I like your style.’  Some [of the] advice that I gave him was, ‘I play this game to be the best player ever to play the game.  That’s my mentality.’”

Now, for Chris Johnson’s take on how he stacks up against AP:

I don’t [compare myself to Peterson]. I am the best back in the league, he is not. I don’t think it is close. I feel like I am above all the other running backs in the league.  I feel like I am above him.”

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Adrian Peterson Is Quite Simply … Redonkulous

Guess Gruden was right in that Monday Night Football commercial, huh? Adrian Peterson took advantage of a weak Cleveland Browns defense Sunday, turning Week One into a personal talent showcase. He ran for not one, not two, but three touchdowns in the opener, the last of which was quite a beauty. Check out this sweet run by AP as he treats the Browns defense like they’re little boys.

Listen Cleveland, I’m not even playing and I know it takes more than a weak ass arm tackle to bring down All Day. In the word of Jaws, play on, playa!

Adrian Peterson to Arizona?

No, this is not an unfounded rumor.  Yes, I was just as stunned as you to hear it.  But none other than Adrian Peterson himself suggested that he could be drafted by the Arizona Cardinals.  On Saturday evening he joined Evan Cohen on Fox Sports Radio and was asked…

Adrian, if you had to give me two teams that you may play for — your gut feeling as to where you end up in the draft and those millions of dollars that you’re going to make would be riding on it, you tell me what two teams?

I would say Cleveland or Arizona.

Arizona you think is a possibility even though Edgerrin James is there?

Yeah, yeah, I think it’s a possibility.

Well, I guess Peterson would know better than anyone else considering he’s the one who works out and interviews with all these teams.  But with the money the Cardinals have invested in Edgerrin James, I’m skeptical to believe they would also invest top five money on Peterson.  My guess it’s one of two things:

  1. The Cardinals really are interested in Peterson but nobody knows it
  2. That was Adrian’s way of saying he’ll be a top 5 pick

I guess we’ll only find out in a week.