Toby Gerhart once borrowed a car from Adrian Peterson, got it stuck in the snow

When Toby Gerhart was a rookie in 2010, he joined a backfield that was spearheaded by arguably the most talented running back in the NFL. That can be an intimidating situation to come into, but from the sound of it Adrian Peterson tried to make the Stanford standout feel right at home. In fact, Peterson even let Gerhart borrow a set of wheels once. Maybe he shouldn’t have.

When talking to Chris and Ben on XTRA Sports Radio in San Diego earlier this week, Gerhart told a story about how he got Peterson’s sports car stuck in the snow.

“I didn’t have a car up here just yet and so I was borrowing one of Adrian’s cars,” Gerhart recalled according to Sports Radio Interviews. “It was this little sports car. And I didn’t even realize it snowed until I opened the garage, and I was like, ‘Oh no, I’m in trouble.’ I decided I didn’t want to drive. I tried to call a couple guys — nobody answered. And I was a rookie, I was scared to be late to meetings so I was like, ‘All right, I gotta just try to go for it.’ And I was slipping and sliding the whole way and couldn’t make it up the last little hill into the facility.”

That sounds like a situation rookies probably wake up in a cold sweat just thinking about before their first season with a team. Talk about embarrassing. Stories like this help explain why veterans choose to do stuff like this, this, this and this to rookies. Even if they cut them some slack, they’d probably just screw up anyway.

Vikings players reportedly told they will be cut if they touch Adrian Peterson during practice

Adrian Peterson underwent surgery to repair ACL and MCL tears less than eight months ago. Many players require close to a full year to recover from injuries of that magnitude, but Peterson is eyeing a Week 1 return to action. In order to make that goal a more realistic possibility, the Vikings are doing everything they can to make sure he stays healthy during practice. This has apparently led to some pretty intense rules.

“The rules are simple. Do not touch 28,” Vikings safety Jamarca Sanford said Tuesday, according to Dan Wiederer of the Star Tribune. “If you touch him, you’re cut.”

If the other players literally can’t lay a finger on Peterson, it is probably pretty frustrating to have him practicing with the rest of the team. It would also indicate that he has not been cleared for contact, which would make it seem even more unlikely that a return in about three weeks is realistic.

Earlier this week, Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice said that he believes Peterson is rushing back and could be putting himself at risk of further injury. Peterson dismissed Rice’s comments when asked about them on Tuesday.

“Yeah, I heard about his comments,” A.P. said. “But everyone is different and everyone is entitled to their opinion. It is what it is. It’s just another opinion. Great player. I respect him. But that’s just another opinion.”

Vikings fans, players and coaches are all hoping Rice is wrong. While they certainly need Peterson if they want to have a shot at putting together a decent season, a 100% healthy Adrian Peterson for less than 16 games is much better than a banged-up Peterson for an entire season.

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Adrian Peterson sent to hospital after allergic reaction to seafood

Adrian Peterson‘s far-from-boring offseason continued when he was rushed to the hospital on Monday with an allergic reaction to seafood. Peterson is fine now but it was indeed a scary moment for him and the team when the running back’s face swelled and breathing worsened after a team lunch at Vikings training camp.

“Like 20 minutes after I ate, I went to lay down and felt my throat itching and my ears itching and all of a sudden my face swelled up,” Peterson said, according to NFL.com. “I couldn’t breathe out of my nose.”

After receiving treatment at a hospital in Mankato, Minn., Peterson has been cleared to resume rehabbing his surgically reconstructed knee.

“He’s doing fine,” Vikings coach Leslie Frazier told the Pioneer Press. “He’ll pick back up with his rehab (Tuesday). He’s been cleared. Everything’s back to normal now. Bit of a scare but he’s fine now.

“He had mentioned there was a time early in his life where he had an allergic reaction to something, maybe not quite as severe as this.”

As Shutdown Corner points out, allergies to seafood for some people can flare up for the first time in adulthood. So perhaps Peterson didn’t know what was in store for him when he chowed down on some jambalaya. Although, if you’re eating jambalaya, you’re probably asking for trouble in one form or another.

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Adrian Peterson finally speaks about arrest; First video of incident emerges

For the first time since being arrested after allegedly pushing an off-duty police officer at a Houston nightclub early Saturday morning, Adrian Peterson has spoken out publicly about the incident.

It reportedly took several police officers to place Peterson under arrest after his confrontation with the off-duty officer. He has been charged with resisting arrest. On Twitter Sunday afternoon, the Vikings running back sent out a pair of tweets promising that the “truth will surface.”

In related news, the first video of the incident has surfaced. TMZ has obtained useless cell-phone camera footage supposedly of Peterson being placed under arrest. There’s a brief glimpse of Peterson being restrained by several officers. The rest of the time it’s shaky cell-phone camera video of the backs of people’s heads, the club’s wood-paneled walls and some guy’s plaid shirt. It contains no footage of the moments preceding Peterson’s arrest, including his initial confrontation with the officer, which would be more valuable and help our understanding of the incident, and is therefore a complete waste of time. We’re just passing it along in case you wanted to hear some woman off camera say, “Adrian is my friend.”

Adrian Peterson reportedly shoved police officer before arrest

When news broke that Adrian Peterson was arrested early Saturday morning at a Houston nightclub for resisting arrest, much was still unclear as to what led to the incident. Thanks to Pro Football Talk, we had some of those pieces filled in, but there were still some holes to the story.

But now, per TMZ, we have the police’s side of what happened, and HPD alleges that Peterson is the one who instigated the physical confrontation with an off-duty police officer:

[Public Information Officer Kese] Smith says the officer had to come back and tell Peterson a second time that he needed to leave and Peterson shot back, “Hey man, we heard you the first time!” and pushed the officer in the back of his shoulder, causing him to stumble.

Smith says the officer then told Peterson to turn around and put his arms behind his back because he was under arrest and Peterson began yelling at the officer. Smith says the officer repeated himself and that’s when Peterson turned around to face the officer and got in “an aggressive stance.”

As Peterson continued to resist, a few other officers reportedly came in to assist before finally placing the Vikings running back under arrest. It should also come as no surprise that Peterson allegedly was totally hammered and acted like an aggressive drunk as all of this took place.

This is a slightly different story than the one that was previously out there. In that one, it was believed that, after a brief verbal confrontation with police, Peterson was being led away by a bouncer when he was suddenly brought down to the ground from behind by a police officer. Whatever actually happened, PFT says the whole incident was caught on security cameras, so let’s hope those tapes leak.

It’s still not clear if Peterson, already hit with a resisting arrest charge, has been slapped with any additional charges.

Adrian Peterson reportedly arrested in Houston for resisting arrest

Adrian Peterson reportedly was arrested early Saturday morning in Houston and faces a charge of resisting arrest.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the arrest happened around 2:30 a.m. local time at Bayou Place, a downtown Houston complex home to many nightclubs, restaurants and other entertainment venues. Peterson, a native of East Texas, was held in jail until posting $1,000 bond at 10:41 a.m.

The Houston Police Department’s website lists Peterson’s only offense as resisting arrest. It is a bit suspicious he’s charged for that without being charged for any other crimes.

Details surrounding the arrest are still hazy. However, Pro Football Talk reports that the incident took place when Peterson was leaving a nightclub at the end of the night. Police were in the club assisting with the closing. Peterson wanted to get some water before leaving but was denied by a police officer. A brief verbal confrontation took place before the running back was escorted away by a bouncer. That’s when an officer allegedly attempted to take Peterson down from behind. Other officers jumped in to help, and that’s when the arrest was made.

Yup, sounds suspicious to me, too. PFT adds that the entire brouhaha was captured on surveillance cameras.

Meanwhile, the Vikings said in a statement on Saturday that they are aware of this situation but will not comment until more information is released. But I’m sure they’re thrilled to death that after tearing his ACL last season, their star running back is spending his rehab nightclubbing it up and getting in police scuffles.

Adrian Peterson beat his Vikings teammates in races

Less than four months from having reconstructive surgery on his knee, Adrian Peterson was able to run sprints, and he even beat his teammates in races this week.

All Day got hurt in Week 16 against the Redskins last December and tore the MCL and ACL in his left knee. He had reconstructive surgery a week later, and he was cleared to run again last month.

Peterson was working out with the team this week and, after seeing his teammates run sprints, he asked to join them. Coach Leslie Frazier says Peterson finished first four times.

The team is optimistic their star player will be ready for Week 1 of the season in September, but there still is plenty of work to do.

“He has to get to the point where he’s comfortable cutting,” Frazier said. “Straight ahead, he’s doing great. Now he has to get to the point where he’s comfortable being able to go left to right or right to left and stopping and starting. So, one step at a time.”

We were worried that Peterson might never be the same after suffering the knee injury, but now we feel much better about his chances of returning to full strength. He might not be like the old AD until 2013, but knowing him, anything is possible.

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