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Monday, February 8, 2016

Articles tagged: Alex Rodriguez

A-Rod Regrets Not Signing With Mets

It’s been said for quite some time that Scott Boras is only interested in representing his clients’ monetary interests rather than personal interests.

Morning Paper: A-Rod’s Destiny

You can choose A-Rod’s future home [FanHouse]
David Wright willing to make room for A-Rod at 3B [You Been Blinded]
LSU showing favoritism to Ryan Perrilloux [100% Injury Rate]
Dog the Bounty Hu

A-Rod Hits Ball Hard

When I saw the laser beam he hit against the Angels last night for his 40th of the year, I immediately called up a few baseball-watching friends; this was one of those hits I didn’t want them to

A-Rod to the Giants?

It’s a rumor I posted at FanHouse, based on the suck(up) job he gave the city of San Francisco in some recent comments.

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