Asante Samuel says Andy Reid ignored him after the game (Video)

Asante Samuel and Andy Reid have never had the best relationship, and there’s no reason to believe facing each other on Sunday would have repaired it. When you take into consideration the fact that Samuel took a shot at Reid on his Twitter account a little over a week ago, it is not surprising to hear that Reid snubbed him following the Falcons’ 30-17 win over the Eagles on Sunday.

Apparently Samuel was appalled by it.

“I thought every coach was supposed to have a first class mentality, you know what I mean?” Samuel told reporters after the game. “I don’t think that was first class. I don’t know why. I was like, ‘Hey coach what’s up man I got nothin’ but love for you.'”

At that point, Samuel turned and walked away to show how his former coach completely ignored him.

“Dannng Big Red,” he continued. “What I did? So I just hit him on the belly a little bit. That big belly.”

Samuel snubbed Philly reporters earlier in the week when he refused to do a conference call with them, so perhaps Reid was just returning the favor. Or maybe Andy was upset that his team fell to 3-4, he doesn’t know who his quarterback will be next week and his job is in jeopardy. That can make any grown man cranky.

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Asante Samuel refuses to do a conference call with Eagles writers

Asante Samuel is set to take on his old team, the Philadelphia Eagles, as a member of the Atlanta Falcons this weekend. Samuel’s four seasons in Philly had plenty of ups and downs. He was not exactly on good terms with head coach Andy Reid when he left town, as evidenced by the shot he took at Reid on Twitter earlier this week.

Reid is not the only one Asante had a problem with. It appears as though he is also holding a grudge against the Philly media.

The Eagles blog PhillyBlurbs.com also confirmed that Samuel snubbed the media. Notable players who are returning to face their former teams typically participate in at least one conference call with that team’s writers and reporters, but Samuel is clearly making a statement. An immature one, but a statement nonetheless. Why are we not surprised?

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Asante Samuel seemingly takes a shot at Andy Reid on Twitter

On Tuesday morning, the Eagles announced the firing of defensive coordinator Juan Castillo in a move that head coach Andy Reid described as “my decision and my decision alone.” Castillo was assigned to the position of defensive coordinator last season after spending the previous 15 as an offensive assistant in Philadelphia. The unit has not improved significantly since he took over, and its inability to hold off the Lions on Sunday was apparently the final straw.

After the news was announced, Falcons cornerback Asante Samuel took what appeared to be a shot at Reid on Twitter.

As if that message wasn’t clear enough, Samuel added the following: “I’m just saying…ain’t no decline over here. #riseup.” That is an obvious reference to Reid saying the former Eagles corner’s skills are in decline back in August.

Samuel hasn’t exactly returned to his play-making form with Atlanta, but it’s not surprising to hear that he still has negative feelings toward the Eagles. He also happens to think he is still one of the best corners in the league, so it’s no shock that we would feel the need to gloat and take a shot at his former coach.

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Asante Samuel takes to Twitter to convince everyone of how good he is

Don’t ever let Asante Samuel tell you that he doesn’t read what people write about him. Clearly, the Eagles corner reads it all. In fact, he even takes note of the bloggers who give him respect, and he wanted all of us to know it Sunday morning when he took to his Twitter account to blast all the people who doubt him. As evidence to support his argument, Asante linked to a blog post from an NFC East website that used statistics to argue that he is still one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL.

Samuel followed that tweet up with a few others that showcase his insecurities.

“They always say I’m a gambler but I don’t get beat!” he wrote. “Dude went threw 2 years of film and couldn’t find me getting beat. Stop the negative pub.”

“In 8 quarters Eli only threw at me 2 times last season. In 4 quarters my boy Brady threw only once at me. #respect”

Considering Asante’s Twitter profile reminds everyone that he has 52 interceptions and nine touchdowns in nine seasons — in addition to referring to himself as a future Hall of Famer — it should surprise no one that he felt like doing a little chest beating. According to him, the Eagles’ front office has been playing fantasy football. Perhaps Asante thinks that trend will continue and is trying to convince other NFL teams that his salary is worth taking on.

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Rodney Harrison Says David Tyree Was Asante Samuel’s Man

Over the past three years, we have all seen the David Tyree catch multiple times. Forget divine intervention helping Tim Tebow win with the Broncos this season. The closest thing I have ever seen to divine intervention on a football field was Eli Manning somehow escaping the grasp of Jarvis Green and Tyree somehow making a catch against his helmet. Rodney Harrison was the man covering Tyree, but he did everything he could. The ball just was not going to come out.

On Monday night, Harrison reluctantly discussed the most infamous play in Patriots history.  What’s done is done, and there are plenty of people who can be blamed for the Patriots failure to complete the perfect season.  Harrison did, however, reveal a piece of information that was not really known through the years: Tyree was Asante Samuel’s responsibility.

“I think I was playing Cover 4,” Harrison explained according to Pro Football Talk. “It was man-to-man coverage and, no one really knows this, but that was Asante Samuel’s man. I don’t want to throw him under the bus but basically he kind of let him go. He freed up and I thought that (Manning was going to be sacked) but I was still playing my position. I was in perfect position for my two wide receivers I had over here and all of a sudden I see (Manning) escape and I just see David Tyree. I see a receiver wide open in the middle of the field and I just did my best to try to separate him and the ball. It didn’t work.”

As you’ll see if you watch the video below, Harrison sounded like he was being sincere in not wanting to throw Samuel under the bus.  That being said, the information he gave makes that particular drive a nightmare for Samuel.  He allowed an interception to go right through his hands just before that, and on top of that it was his man running free that made the game-saving catch.  You know what they say about hindsight.

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Asante Samuel: Eagles Front Office is Playing Fantasy Football

Asante Samuel is one of those players that never seems happy.  No matter how much money you throw at him or how many games his team wins, there’s always a problem.  With the Patriots, Samuel could not see eye-to-eye with upper management once it became obvious they would not be offering him a long-term deal.   All players want financial security, so the fact that he was irritated then is understandable.  The reasons Asante has been at odds with the Eagles are more of a mystery.

Over the summer, Samuel seemed jealous that Philadelphia went out and signed two other big-name cornerbacks in Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.  Recent reports have indicated Samuel and Andy Reid were butting heads over the fact that he was placed on the trading block before the deadline.  Apparently things have been smoothed over between coach and player.  Between coach and front office? Not so much.

“Me and Andy (are) good. That’s all that matters,” Samuel said Wednesday according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “A couple people upstairs might not want me, but who cares. They probably never played football. It’s a business, they run it like a business, so they’re going to do what they need to do. So they’re upstairs playing with a lot of money, playing a little fantasy football, so they’re doing their thing.”

Everyone wants to feel wanted, but I don’t see how they’re playing fantasy football.  In fact, Eagles President Joe Banner and General Manager Howie Roseman are playing the exact opposite of fantasy football.  They’re playing real football.  Regardless of how Asante feels about being shopped around, this is indeed real life.  People like us play fantasy football and pretend we’re Banner and Roseman.

Samuel then added that he’s happy as long as he’s getting his paycheck on Tuesdays.  He also said he plays “for the fans” and “for my teammates.”  Something about that just sounds funny coming from one of the most selfish players in the league.

Asante Samuel: If the Eagles Are Tired of Me Making Big Plays, They Can Trade Me

When Asante Samuel first established himself as a shutdown corner for the New England Patriots, it was no secret he was in line for a big pay day.  Unsurprisingly, the sack of money was never going to come from the Pats.  Since Bill Belichick took over, spending big bucks on cornerbacks has never been an option for New England.  When Samuel’s deal was expiring, many thought the Patriots were being unfair for not paying him.  Others were content with letting the egotistical 27-year-old — and his “Get Paid” tattoo — find a new home.  The way things are headed, Asante could be looking for a third home in the near future.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Eagles Blog, Samuel seems a little put off by the Eagles going out and getting two top-notch corners in Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

“I want to be where I’m wanted,” Samuel said. “If I’m wanted here, If I’m not appreciated here life goes on. I move on.”

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