Barry Sanders files for divorce from wife Lauren Campbell

Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders has filed for a divorce from wife Lauren Campbell, The Oakland Press reports.

The couple has been together over 10 years and Sanders reportedly filed for the divorce on Friday.

According to The Oakland Press, Sanders said there was a breakdown in the marital relationship and no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved.

He’s seeking joint custody of their children, one of whom — Barry Sanders Jr. — committed to play football at Stanford.

Let’s just hope their divorce doesn’t get as ugly as fellow Hall of Famer Deion Sanders‘.

Photo Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

So Barry Sanders’ Son Has a Little Bit of His Father in Him

Barry Sanders is the best running back I’ve ever seen, and probably will always be the best running back I’ll have ever seen (apologies to my cousin). Heck, he’s probably my second favorite player of all-time, right behind Carl Pickens of course! Sanders had some of the most legendary runs in the history of the league and is known for his ability to make impossible happen. Apparently he’s passed some of his genes along to his son, Barry Sanders Jr., a freshman at Heritage High School in Oklahoma:

The reverse he took the house apparently came in the Oklahoma Class 2A State Semi-Finals. Not like it matters. But if there’s more of Barry Sanders to watch, I’m all for it. Hopefully this kid keeps it up because I sure miss his dad.

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