Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis apologizes after video shows him flipping out on hotel receptionist

Glen-Davis-MagicOrlando Magic forward Glen Davis has expressed a desire in the past to rid himself of his “Big Baby” nickname. Throwing a temper tantrum in a hotel reception area isn’t a great way to accomplish that goal.

On Tuesday, TMZ posted a video that shows Davis completely crossing the line during some sort of disagreement at a Travelodge motel in Orlando last Friday. He reportedly walked into the motel and tried to book a room, but was informed that there were no rooms available. Davis lowered his head in frustration during his conversation with the hotel receptionist before reaching over the counter and grabbing the employee’s keyboard. He then threw the keyboard across the room before storming out.

Simply put, Big Baby lived up to his nickname. The hotel employee immediately called the police, but Davis was reportedly not arrested. According to TMZ, the hotel has been in contact with the Magic regarding the damages. Davis used Twitter to apologize for the meltdown.

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Glen Davis punks rookie Andrew Nicholson over a PB&J sandwich (Video)

Andrew-Nicholson-MagicOrlando Magic rookie Andrew Nicholson got a taste of some rookie hazing recently at the hands of Glen “Big Baby” Davis. The former St. Bonaventure star was simply minding his own business and conducting an interview in the locker room before a game earlier this week when Davis came along and interrupted him. What did Big Baby want? His pregame peanut butter and jelly sandwich, of course.

While I’m assuming Davis was just messing around, Nicholson looked legitimately frightened right when he was called out. There are certain things rookies have to do in the NBA like wear ridiculous backpacks, but it certainly seemed like Nicholson had no idea that he was on PB&J duty before the game. As long as Big Baby didn’t feel the need to drop his pants in frustration, it’s safe to assume this was all fun and games.

Video via Buzzfeed

Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis does a ridiculous dance after scoring (Video)

Big-Baby-danceGlen “Big Baby” Davis has never been one to just put his head down and play the game. This dude loves goofing around and loves being in the spotlight, which is why we are no longer surprised when he see him bust out a ridiculous dance like the one he showed us on Wednesday night.

During the first quarter of the Orlando Magic’s win over the Indiana Pacers, Big Baby scored on a fast break and was fouled in the process. It may have only been eight minutes into the game, but Davis felt it was an opportune time to treat the crowd to some sort of ugly and-one wiggle.

Since this is the same Big Baby who once dropped his pants in protest of a bad call, it’s not the dumbest thing we have ever seen him do. However, I think I speak for everyone when I kindly ask the big fella to please not do that again.

Glen Davis: Doc Rivers is military-minded, Jacque Vaughn is more like Ghandi

Glen Davis is off to a hot start in his second full season with the Orlando Magic. The power forward is averaging nearly 15 points and 9 rebounds per game, and new Orlando head coach Jacque Vaughn has even named him a co-captain along with point guard Jameer Nelson. Davis never really seemed to fulfill his potential with the Boston Celtics, and he recently spoke about the difference in coaching styles between Vaughn and Doc Rivers.

“Different guys,” Big Baby told the Boston Herald before the Magic took on the Celtics. “Doc is more of a military-minded kind of guy, and Jacque is more of a Gandhi kind of guy. Soft but powerful.

“Doc’s more get the job done, and Jacque Vaughn is more the kind of guy who will ask you, Would you feel comfortable getting the job done? I think that’s different with players. But in my system, I think I just feel better functioning in Jacque’s system. Doc wasn’t the kind of guy to pat you on your back and say, good job, man. He’s more like, OK, move on. In a way that’s positive, but some players are different. Jacque’s a different kind of guy. He pats you on your back – good job. That’s his motivation. But at the same time he still holds you accountable if you’re doing things wrong.”

We certainly know Big Baby is sensitive, as evidenced by the time he cried when Kevin Garnett yelled at him or flipped on a fan who called him a name. Many players would tell you that Rivers is as much of a players’ coach as you will find, but some guys just don’t mesh well with their leaders. Davis praised Doc for getting his career off to a solid start, but based on the production it would seem that Davis, Rivers and the Celtics’ veterans just weren’t the best combination.

Glen Davis Gets Technical Foul for Pulling His Shorts Down in Protest (Video)

If you watch enough basketball, you know all the various ways a player or coach can earn a technical foul. Swearing at an official or starting a fight with an opponent are two of the more popular approaches. If you watched carefully at roughly the 5-second mark of the video above, you will learn of a new way an NBA player can inspire a referee to slap him with a tech.

Yes, that was Glen Davis pulling his shorts down in protest of a call. After watching the replay you can see that Big Baby certainly had an argument as it did not appear that he fouled Richard Jefferson, but what do you say to that if you’re Stan Van Gundy? We’ve seen Davis act like a child before by either crying on the bench of letting something a fan says bother him, but this is a first for him. In fact, it has to be a first in NBA history. First there was Tebowing, then there was Gronking, and now there’s Davising.

Big Baby Davis Wants to Take 51% and End Lockout

At least one NBA player has made it known he’s ready to compromise in order to continue his basketball career. Celtics forward Glen Big Baby Davis tweeted Wednesday that he would take a 51% split on basketball-related income in order to end the lockout.

“Take the 51% man and let’s play,” he tweeted. “All I’m doing is speaking my mind. I’m with whatever the unions with. Yeah it sucks sitting at home not playing the game you love.”

The players were receiving 57% while the owners had 43% of BRI in the last collective bargaining agreement. The players are making a concession by dropping to 52%. The owners reportedly want a 50-50 split.

It’s hard to know what to believe each day, so we try to ignore daily changes in media reports. We remain confident an agreement will be reached eventually.

We’re also seeing from both sides (see Heat owner Micky Arison) that many people want the lockout to end. Given Big Baby’s nature as a soft personality, it’s no surprise he’d be willing to make a concession that the union might not want to make.

Nate Robinson and Glen Davis Are Like Shrek and Donkey

The story of Boston’s Game 4 win at home in the NBA Finals was the stellar play of their bench. The Celtics’ subs combined for 36 points, 18 by Glen Big Baby Davis and 12 from Nate Robinson. The bench was so good that Doc Rivers decided to leave them in the game over the starters because they built up a lead in the fourth quarter. After the game, Robinson and Baby were rewarded with the privilege of speaking with the media. Their four minutes on center stage turned out to be a pure comedy act. Check out this video of Nate Robinson and Glen Big Baby Davis speaking after the game. The best parts begin around the 2:40 mark:

From Big Baby’s “I just felt like a beast” comment to his “if Phil Jackson doesn’t haven’t a comment then I don’t have a comment,” I was laughing the entire time. Both of these guys were loving all the attention and you could tell they had been dying for the spotlight. Allow me to remind them that the series is only tied 2-2 so it’s not time to become the darlings just yet. Maybe bring the act back after you win the title otherwise you’ll just wind up looking like clowns if the Lakers win it all.