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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: Boris Diaw

Boris Diaw can earn $500,000 in contract bonuses for making weight

Despite being a skilled ballplayer, Boris Diaw has a reputation for something else: frequently being overweight. The Spurs recognize that, so they have tried to give Diaw incentive to stay within a certain weight range. According to Amin Elhassan of ESPN Insider, Diaw can earn $500,000 in bonuses if he makes weight at three points…Read More

Boris Diaw crashed a bachelorette party by swimming over to the boat

A group of young ladies that was celebrating a bachelorette party in Austin, Texas over the weekend received a surprise guest appearance from a member of the San Antonio Spurs. According to Reddit user bettercallsaul3, the young ladies were partying on a boat on Lake Travis when one of them saw the following tweet from…Read More

These Boras Diaw Segway Pictures Are the Real Thing, Folks

Could you imagine a 6’8″ NBA player taking his dogs for a stroll in the park while riding a Segway?  That would have to be the result of a lost bet, right?  I’m afraid not.  Rumors were recently swirling that Charlotte Bobcats forward Boras Diaw rides a Segway to home games, but most people dismissed…Read More

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