Brandon Marshall accuses ESPN of lying to him about E:60 profile

Brandon-Marshall-BearsESPN aired its latest “E:60″ feature on Tuesday night with Brandon Marshall as the subject, and the Chicago Bears wide receiver is not pleased with the way the segment turned out. According to Marshall, ESPN and reporter Lisa Salters misled him about the angle they were going to take with the profile.

“E:60 is running a piece on me tonight that they lied to me about,” Marshall wrote on Twitter Tuesday. “It was suppose to be a story on a camp. They followed me around 2 years ago and at the end put a camera in my face to talk about it and asked nothing [about] the camp or the community weekend.

“I’m disappointed that ESPN and Lisa Salters continue to try and tell my story in ESPN’s words. Better yet I’m pissed off – beyond disappointed. This is the second time ESPN did this. I trust ESPN to tell my story & they lied to me once again to get my interview. Media exploits & tells thier own stories. Disappoints again. Well I guess I probably should use my coping skills now. Thanks ESPN.”

We haven’t had a chance to watch the full feature, but our friend Michael David Smith from Pro Football Talk felt the profile should leave most people with a more favorable opinion of Marshall than they had before. Marshall has a history of alleged domestic violence, and ESPN had to acknowledge that. But according to Smith, the feature painted the 30-year-old as someone who sought help and has turned his life around.

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Brandon Marshall makes ridiculous one-handed touchdown catch (Video)

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brandon-marshall-one-hand-catchLeading up to Sunday night’s game between the San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears, there was some doubt as to whether Jay Cutler would have his top two targets available. To the delight of Cutler (and Bears fans) Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery received the green light and were active after battling ailments during the week.

Chicago’s offense was dormant for the majority of the first half, but just before it ended Brandon Marshall made a ridiculous one-handed catch that brought out superlatives from everyone who saw it. And every one of them are justified.

There aren’t many receivers in the NFL capable of making a play like that. Brandon Marshall is certainly among them.

Brandon Marshall cries during contract extension press conference (Video)

Brandon-Marshall-BearsThe Chicago Bears held a press conference on Thursday to officially announce Brandon Marshall’s new three-year, $30 million extension, and Marshall became overwhelmed emotionally while speaking about the new deal.

Marshall broke into tears as he thanked team ownership, his agent, coaches and teammates. He then joked that his crying made it seem like he was announcing his retirement.

“It feels like a retirement thing right now,” Marshall joked as the room erupted with laughter. “But it means a lot to me, so I just want to thank everybody. It’s not really about me. It’s about the people around me. Anybody who has been successful, it’s about the team. It’s about having the right people on the bus and the right people in the right seats.”

Marshall became emotional as he discussed the “career saving” move that brought him to the Bears from Miami and reunited him with Jay Cutler.

Below is the video of the press conference:

“I probably wouldn’t even be having the success that I’m having on the field in that environment (in Miami),” he said, per Dan Wiederer of The Chicago Tribune. “It wasn’t right for me. So I get back with my buddy Jay and having his leadership and his brotherly love really helped. But it was also the people. … For me it’s a safe environment.”

The 30-year-old signed his extension during an appearance on “The View” earlier this week to raise awareness for mental health. Marshall, who has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, vowed to donate $1 million to the mental health community.

Brandon Marshall signs contract extension on ‘The View’


Brandon Marshall signed a three-year, $30 million contract extension with the Chicago Bears on Monday. And because it’s 2014, he did it on “The View.”

While the bizarre decision sent the world of social media into a frenzy, Marshall actually has a pretty good reason for why he inked the new deal on a talk show. He has pledged to donate at least $1 million of his new contract to the mental health community, which he confirmed with a photo on Instagram. His appearance on “The View” was to raise awareness for that.

Marshall, who has been diagnosed borderline personality disorder, wore green cleats during a game last year to raise awareness for mental health. He later auctioned them off and donated the money, despite the fact that he was fined for violating the NFL’s uniform policy. Good on you, Brandon.

Combined with his current deal, the new contract places Marshall under contract with the Bears for the next four seasons at $40 million.

Photo: Twitter/Scott Isaacs

Brandon Marshall: There has been ‘a little chatter’ about Josh McCown vs. Jay Cutler

jay-cutlerChicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman trusts his offensive system. For evidence of that, look no further than his decision to insert Jay Cutler back into the starting lineup immediately upon his return from injury. Backup quarterback Josh McCown lit it up while Cutler was recovering, but Trestman showed loyalty to his starter.

Plenty of people have questioned Trestman’s decision, and he would be receiving even more criticism if Cutler was unable to overcome his two interceptions against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Earlier this week, Brandon Marshall admitted that there has been some “chatter” within the Bears’ locker room over who the starting quarterback should be.

“I’m gonna be honest with you, there is a little chatter,” Marshall told Jay Mohr Sports on Fox Sports Radio. “There’s a human element side of things in the sporting world. You have a quarterback like Josh McCown playing so hot, not only playing great ball for the Bears, but he’s one of the hotter QB’s in the NFL. He was up there with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, those few weeks he was leading us.

“So, naturally there is gonna be a little chatter, but at the end of the day we know that Jay Cutler is our QB. He’s our franchise QB…he’s our leader.”

Again, Trestman trusts his system. While it may look to some like he is trying to please Cutler, Trestman basically feels that his offense will succeed with McCown or Cutler. Thus far, he has been right. McCown has done a far better job of protecting the ball than Cutler (13 TDs and just one interception), but Trestman believes he can win with either. If some of the players disagree, Cutler will have a chance to clam their nerves against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

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Brandon Marshall wore slipper cleats during win over Browns


Brandon Marshall caught six passes for 95 yards and a touchdown in the Chicago Bears’ win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, despite a game time temperature that was just about freezing. He was targeted a game-high 13 times and was the Bears leading receiver. The secret? Slipper cleats.

On Sunday, Marshall shared a photo of the cleats he wore during the game. As you can see, they were fuzzy and obviously very warm. I’m not sure they were totally safe from an ankle support standpoint, but they must have done the trick.

The important thing is the cleats were the appropriate color, so Marshall won’t be fined for them like the last time he wore quirky cleats. Personally, I don’t know how more players aren’t rocking slipper cleats. There’s nothing wrong with comfort.

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Brandon Marshall: Jay Cutler is our starting quarterback, not Josh McCown

Brandon Marshall BearsJosh McCown has played well for the Chicago Bears as a replacement for the injured Jay Cutler, but Brandon Marshall says Cutler is still the team’s starting quarterback.

Marshall, who had six catches for 100 yards in the win over the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night, was a guest on ESPN’s postgame show. Host Suzy Kolber said that McCown’s 27-of-36, 348-yard, four-touchdown game will have people talking about a quarterback controversy in Chicago. Marshall stopped her before she could finish her thoughts.

“Chop it down right now!” Marshall interrupted.

“Kill it,” he said, referring to the controversy speculation.

“Jay’s our guy. Jay’s our guy,” Marshall repeated. “Jay, before the injury, he was playing his best ball ever. What we’re learning as players is it’s not about the individuals, it’s about us playing together.

“Yes, Josh is doing well. You have to give him credit — he’s playing lights out — one of the best quarterbacks playing right now. But Jay Cutler, he’s a special guy. There are some things he can do that other quarterbacks can’t. That’s the physical part. But I put Jay Cutler in any room in the NFL, and he’s the smartest guy in the room. So he brings a lot to the table.”

Cutler has always been Marshall’s guy going back to their days together in Denver, so it’s no surprise that he heavily backed his man. Cutler was having his best statistical season for the Bears across the board prior to being sidelined by an ankle injury. Even McCown said all along that he was just filling in for Cutler and not trying to take his starting job.

Though I say the job is Cutler’s when he’s back, it’s nice for the Bears to have the luxury of not having to rush Jay because McCown is playing well.

The other question with the Bears is what they plan to do with Cutler long term. Cutler will be a free agent after the season. Do they franchise tag him? Try to work out an extension? Or do they consider trading him? I think they can win a Super Bowl with him at quarterback given the weapons they’ve provided him on offense. What they need is to improve their horrific run defense.