Dan Patrick discusses achieving on-air chemistry (Video)

We wrap up the Dan Patrick interview series from Ram Trucks with this video of Dan talking about achieving on-air chemistry with his co-hosts/broadcasting partners.

Dan PatrickFrom his time with Keith Olbermann on SportsCenter to partnering with Rob Dibble on the radio or now the Danettes, Dan has always been known for having excellent on-air chemistry. How does he do it? Are there any shows or teams out there where the hosts are able to mirror some of the success he’s had? Dan answers all that.

Oh, and will we ever be seeing Dan team up with Olbermann again?

“It’s done. It’s over,” he says.

Dan also explains the secret for what the best broadcasters do.

“Our job is to take a hard job and make it look easy. That’s what great ones do.”

If you missed the whole series of videos from the interview, you can check them all out below.

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Dan Patrick shares his secrets for a good interview (Video)

Dan PatrickThis is part 3 of a 4-part video series we’re posting here at LBS going back to my trip to Milford, Conn., to visit “The Dan Patrick Show” thanks to Ram Trucks.

In this latest video, I explore the topics of interviews with DP. Dan is known for his ability to not only secure great interviews, but to get more out of his guests than the ordinary interviewer. In the video, Dan shares some of his keys to interviewing success.

What are some of those keys? Ask good questions, short questions, and make the interview about the subject.

In the video, Dan also brings up the Matt Harvey Qualcomm interview from last September. Follow that link to watch it if you missed it.

If you missed the other videos, please see below.

Previously: Dan Patrick discusses bold decision to leave ESPN (Video)
Previously: Dan Patrick explains how he got his start with Adam Sandler
Previously: Recapping my trip to ‘The Dan Patrick Show’

Dan Patrick discusses bold decision to leave ESPN (Video)

Dan PatrickLB went out to Milford, Conn., last month to visit “The Dan Patrick Show” and interview DP. One of the things we talked about during the interview was Dan’s big decision to leave ESPN.

Several years later, it’s obvious that Dan made the right decision. His radio show is syndicated nationally and has become a TV show carried by multiple networks, including DirecTV and NBC Sports. He’s also become one of the main faces on NBC’s “Football Night in America.” But at the time, the decision to leave ESPN where he had built such a huge name was a risky one.

In the interview conducted on behalf of Ram Trucks, I asked Dan if he ever doubted himself upon branching out from ESPN. He said that there were times he didn’t even know if they would make payroll. He also discussed when he knew the show would make it. You can watch it all in the video at the top.

Previously: Dan Patrick explains how he got his start with Adam Sandler
Previously: Recapping my trip to ‘The Dan Patrick Show’

Dan Patrick got his start with Adam Sandler thanks to Keith Olbermann error

Dan Patrick Just Go With ItAs you well know, last month LB went out to Milford, Conn., for a trip to “The Dan Patrick Show” to interview Dan Patrick as part of a collaboration with Ram Trucks. We solicited questions from you here on the site, on Facebook and Twitter to ask Dan during the interview.

One of the popular questions was how Patrick’s relationship with Adam Sandler came about. Patrick has had significant roles in numerous Sandler movies over the past 10 years, so we wanted to know how it all happened.

We came to find out that Patrick got his start with Sandler thanks to Keith Olbermann. Watch the video above to learn the full story.

We’ll be rolling out videos all week from the interview, so make sure you check back each day this week for new ones!

Dan Patrick to host Sports Jeopardy! for Crackle

Dan PatrickIf you listen to “The Dan Patrick Show,” you know that one of the things Dan jokes about is one day ditching his show to replace Alex Trebek and become the host of “Jeopardy!” Well Dan is now one step closer to having that happen.

Crackle announced that it is creating a “Sports Jeopardy!” game show that will be hosted by Patrick. The Hollywood Reporter says the show will air weekly for 52 weeks and will be an interactive experience for viewers, who “will be able to download a mobile app that will coincide with the show and unlock new clues.”

Sports Jeopardy! is a spinoff of the — you guessed it! — Sony-produced Jeopardy!

Sony owns Crackle, which is the network best known for producing Jerry Seinfeld’s popular “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” web series.

Though the show will probably initially be popular/available online and through an app, my guess is the end goal is to produce the show and have it picked up by a TV network. This is something Matt Yoder at Awful Announcing also mentioned.

Of course, DP already has a strong background as a game show host, so he should be a natural:

Dan Patrick calls out Colin Cowherd for not crediting him for Kurt Warner quotes

Dan Patrick frequently talks about his former employer, ESPN, (aka the “Mothership”), on his nationally syndicated and televised radio show, but he doesn’t often go after them as much as he did on Friday.

Patrick was upset that ESPN Radio morning talk show host Colin Cowherd seemed to rip him off without giving credit, and he called him out for it.

What happened is Patrick interviewed Kurt Warner on Thursday morning and asked the former quarterback-turned-analyst if he would want his children to play football given the dangers of the sport. Warner said he preferred if they didn’t, and was called out by another player for his opinion.

According to Awful Announcing, Cowherd had Warner on his show later in the morning (audio here). He started off the interview asking about the same subject.

“You know, Kurt, yesterday on the tragic death of Junior Seau one of the first things I thought about was the effect it’s going to have on the game long term and mothers and fathers saying, ‘you know what, I’m out.’ There’s no way I want my kids playing this game. You’ve got kids, where do you fall on that Kurt?” Cowherd asked.

Patrick viewed that as Cowherd trying to piggyback on a subject Patrick raised, but without giving Dan the proper credit. After Patrick called out Cowherd on his show Friday (audio in the video above), the ESPN personality responded to people questioning him over Twitter. Cowherd played dumb.

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Dan Patrick to Compete With Cowherd, Tirico or Van Pelt as Replacements?

So Dan Patrick’s exit date from ESPN Radio is quickly approaching, and now a lot of questions will be answered. For one, what timeslot will Patrick’s new show occupy, and secondly, who will replace him at ESPN? Well, quite wisely, Patrick’s new company has elected not to have him compete with Jim Rome. Additionally, it looks like I could have been right when I said Mike Tirico might replace Patrick.

The Houston Chronicle says that Scott Van Pelt and/or Mike Tirico could replace Patrick on the radio. We’ve already heard Van Pelt fill in for Patrick now, and he seems pretty natural. I have no doubt the same could be said about Tirico. Now, with the new company, Patrick’s show will air from 9am-noon ET, as opposed to his current 1pm-4pm ET slot. Patrick won’t be competing with Jim Rome, instead, he’ll be on opposite the Herd. I can easily see several markets picking up Patrick’s show in that timeslot — especially on the East Coast when the morning drive is over. Now, we shall wait and see who ESPN hires as the replacement.

(via Ben Maller)