Dan Patrick calls out Colin Cowherd for not crediting him for Kurt Warner quotes

Dan Patrick frequently talks about his former employer, ESPN, (aka the “Mothership”), on his nationally syndicated and televised radio show, but he doesn’t often go after them as much as he did on Friday.

Patrick was upset that ESPN Radio morning talk show host Colin Cowherd seemed to rip him off without giving credit, and he called him out for it.

What happened is Patrick interviewed Kurt Warner on Thursday morning and asked the former quarterback-turned-analyst if he would want his children to play football given the dangers of the sport. Warner said he preferred if they didn’t, and was called out by another player for his opinion.

According to Awful Announcing, Cowherd had Warner on his show later in the morning (audio here). He started off the interview asking about the same subject.

“You know, Kurt, yesterday on the tragic death of Junior Seau one of the first things I thought about was the effect it’s going to have on the game long term and mothers and fathers saying, ‘you know what, I’m out.’ There’s no way I want my kids playing this game. You’ve got kids, where do you fall on that Kurt?” Cowherd asked.

Patrick viewed that as Cowherd trying to piggyback on a subject Patrick raised, but without giving Dan the proper credit. After Patrick called out Cowherd on his show Friday (audio in the video above), the ESPN personality responded to people questioning him over Twitter. Cowherd played dumb.

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Dan Patrick to Compete With Cowherd, Tirico or Van Pelt as Replacements?

So Dan Patrick’s exit date from ESPN Radio is quickly approaching, and now a lot of questions will be answered. For one, what timeslot will Patrick’s new show occupy, and secondly, who will replace him at ESPN? Well, quite wisely, Patrick’s new company has elected not to have him compete with Jim Rome. Additionally, it looks like I could have been right when I said Mike Tirico might replace Patrick.

The Houston Chronicle says that Scott Van Pelt and/or Mike Tirico could replace Patrick on the radio. We’ve already heard Van Pelt fill in for Patrick now, and he seems pretty natural. I have no doubt the same could be said about Tirico. Now, with the new company, Patrick’s show will air from 9am-noon ET, as opposed to his current 1pm-4pm ET slot. Patrick won’t be competing with Jim Rome, instead, he’ll be on opposite the Herd. I can easily see several markets picking up Patrick’s show in that timeslot — especially on the East Coast when the morning drive is over. Now, we shall wait and see who ESPN hires as the replacement.

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Could Michael Irvin Join Dan Patrick on Syndicated Radio?

I’ve already touched on Dan Patrick’s planned departure from ESPN Radio later this month. I’ve also speculated about his future and future replacement at ESPN. Now, Pro Football Talk is speculating that the great Michael Irvin could join Patrick on his new syndication venture. From their Rumor Mill which I banged:

An industry source tells us that former Cowboys receiver and ESPN commentator Michael Irvin, a brand-new member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, is preparing a radio show that will be paired with Dan Patrick’s new syndicated radio broadcast to be distributed by the Content Factory.

They apparently won’t be on the same show; instead, it will be Patrick then Irvin, or vice-versa.

We’ve not yet confirmed this tip, but we’ve got no reason at all to doubt it.

I don’t have much reason to doubt the rumor either. For one, Ben Maller mentioned last week that Irvin expressed interest in hosting a show for 790 The Ticket in Miami. Secondly, Irvin used to be a guest on Patrick’s radio show on ESPN, until Irvin went off the racial deep board. Clearly the pair have a relationship. So I guess that means this could be possible. One problem, I highly doubt that Irvin could carry a show solo — I’m guessing he’d need a co-host.

UPDATE: Sources have told me Irvin may try out radio, but it might not be with Patrick’s new company. Check back for further updates …

Dan Patrick to Sporting News? Mike Tirico to ESPN Radio?

Now that the announcement from Dan Patrick is official and we know he’s leaving ESPN August 17th, what will his next step be? Speculation has been that he will try to venture out and syndicate his own show, similar to the way The Jim Rome Show is syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks. Such a venture would allow Patrick’s programming to appear on any type of station that chooses to pick up his show, be it an ESPN, FOX, or Sporting News affiliate.

Many signs point to Patrick’s emergence at Sporting News Radio. Whether or not he becomes a full-fledged employee of Sporting News is debatable. What we do know is that it would be beneficial for Patrick to syndicate his show independently so it can be carried by any type of station and not be limited to Sporting News affiliates. Additionally, a recent peak at the Sporting News Radio on-air programming schedule shows that previous midday host Dave Smith has been moved to the 6am-9am ET slot, with his show being rebroadcast from 1pm-4pm ET — Dan Patrick’s current slot at ESPN. Putting those elements together strongly indicates that Sporting News is clearing up a slot for Patrick. Sources also tell me that Patrick and Sporting News have been negotiating for the past few months. It’s also worth noting that Patrick’s brother, Bill Pugh, is the director of programming at Sporting News.

This all brings me to ESPN. With Patrick sure to leave, where does that leave them? The way I see it, they have three options to fill Dan’s slot. The first option is to bring in a big name from the broadcasting business — someone with instant credibility and plenty of nationwide recognition whom the listeners will know and respect — your Joe Buck, James Brown, Mike Tirico type. The second option is a lesser-known name with radio experience working at ESPN — your fill-ins such as Doug Gottlieb, Josh Elliott, Brian Kenny, John Seibel. The third option is to pluck an up-and-coming broadcaster with a proven track record at a smaller market — what they did with Colin Cowherd. This strategy worked out well with Cowherd, would they be able to pull it off once again?

In this case, the question that must be answered is the following: does ESPN make the man, or does the man make ESPN? If you believe the former, then you would think they could stick anyone in Patrick’s slot because people will naturally gravitate towards any ESPN product. To that end, so long as the host is good, they would become an instant star. If you believe the latter, then you would think ESPN needs to swing for the fences. Which is what I’m hearing they’ll do. Sources tell me that a popular name being thrown around as the potential man to fill the shoes of Dan Patrick at ESPN Radio will be Mike Tirico. Tirico certainly is a well-respected, credible name in the business who will command the same type of attention Dan Patrick had. If the two sides could make it work, that would be a natural fit.

Other Dan Patrick News:
Dan Patrick Expected to Leave ESPN


Dan Patrick Expected to Leave ESPN

Being somewhat of a radio guy, I guess this is where I’m supposed to step in with decent and enlightening information. First, let’s start with what we do know: SI’s Extra Mustard points out that Patrick will not be trying out for The Price is Right gig. Both Awful Announcing and The Big Lead have been trying to figure out what Patrick’s big announcement is. Here’s what I know. As has been suspected, Patrick is expected to leave ESPN Radio. That’s what Don Barrett at LARadio.com is reporting. Same with current KLAC and former KSPN personality Joe McDonnell, who wrote this:

Big trouble for the BSPN network and local BSPN radio station.

Expect Dan Patrick to announce soon…maybe within hours…that he’s leaving BSPN to pursue other radio and television opportunities. Apparently Patrick feels that his exposure is at it highest…and that this is a perfect time to branch out on his own. Don’t be surprised to see Patrick resurface first with a syndicated radio show.

I think that’s a big hit and loss for ESPN. It’s not too easy to find a host who can hold it down in the middle of the day on 300 or so affiliates for three hours of national sports talk radio. Patrick did it well. He’s a well-respected in the sports world by both media members and athletes. If he’s gone, it will be a tough hole to fill.

UPDATE: Dan Patrick Leaving ESPN, Will Mike Tirico Replace Him?