Dancing With the Stars hoping to draw ‘young male following’ with Erin Andrews

Erin-AndrewsABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” officially announced on Monday that Erin Andrews will be taking the place of former co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet for the show’s upcoming season. Burke-Charvet, 42, said she was “shocked” by the decision and had no idea she was being let go. It sounds like youth was the driving force behind the move.

According to Us Weekly, “Dancing With the Stars” executives loved Burke-Charvet but are hoping Andrews will make the show more appealing to a “young male following.”

“Everyone loved [Brooke], but the execs wanted a whole new show,” a source reportedly told Us. “They’re desperate for those (young male) viewers.”

Makes sense — kind of. Andrews is 35 and is more in her “prime” than Burke, who appeared in Playboy Magazine in 2004 when she was roughly Andrews’ age. However, are young men really going to watch a show that is predicated on dancing just to see Andrews?

Andrews will still be fulfilling her duties with FOX Sports, so I’m guessing any guy who wants to drool over her will be tuning into a college football pregame show before he tosses on “Dancing With the Stars.” In reality, DWTS was just looking to inject newer, younger energy. Such is life in the television business.

Report: Erin Andrews to co-host Dancing With the Stars

Erin-AndrewsWord has it Erin Andrews is returning to ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” but not as a competitor. Andrews, who appeared on the show in 2010, is reportedly set to replace Brooke Burke-Charvet as co-host of the show.

Burke-Charvet confirmed on Friday that she will not be returning to the show for an eighth season, telling E! Online that she had no idea her job was on the line and that it was one of the most “shocking eliminations” of her career. According to The Big Lead, ABC is expected to announce that Andrews has joined the show on Monday.

Andrews will co-host the show alongside Tom Bergeron. In 2010, she spoke about how demanding of a schedule being a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars” created. Apparently the same does not apply for a host, as Andrews is expected to continue her duties with FOX Sports while co-hosting “Dancing With the Stars” during the week.

The show’s ratings have been down over the past few seasons, so it’s no surprise they would bring in a popular TV personality like Andrews. I’m sure she’ll provide a boost — at least initially.

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Jacoby Jones tells Jimmy Kimmel he badly wants to go on Dancing With the Stars: ‘Do polar bears poo on ice?’ (Video)

Jacoby-Jones-Jimmy-KimmelBaltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones loves to dance, and he earned the right to put his moves on display in the Super Bowl when he scored on a kick return and a 56-yard reception. On Thursday night, Jones made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and was asked if he would ever consider going on “Dancing With the Stars.”

“Let me ask you this,” Jones said to Kimmel with a serious look on his face. “Do polar bears poo on ice?”

I’ve heard of the expression involving a bear crapping in the woods, but the polar bear one is new for me. Whether polar bears poop on ice or not, it’s obvious Jones is excited about the possibility.

“I think I’d get down,” Jones said. “I’d get down, baby.”

Jones’ kick return in the Super Bowl already resulted in nearly $600,000 worth of free furniture for some people in Baltimore, so he might as well continue putting smiles on people’s faces by going on the show. It sounded like Kimmel was authorized to offer him a spot on the show on behalf of ABC, but we’re not sure if anything is official yet. I’m sure the network doesn’t want Jones quite as badly as it wants this lovely lady.

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Hope Solo: ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is fixed

Hope Solo taking aim at “Dancing with the Stars” is nothing new, but one particular tidbit of information she revealed about the show in her new book could interest DWTS fans. In the gift that keeps on giving, “Solo: A Memoir of Hope,” Solo claims the show is fixed and that the producers decide which contestants remain from week-to-week — not fan votes.

As RadarOnline.com pointed out, Hope claims in the book that the public feud between her and dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy was good for ratings and helped keep her on the show after she was “scheduled” the be eliminated.

“Maks later told me that he had argued with the judges because he had been told we were going to be eliminated, that there was some secret memo going around that said who would be ousted each week,” Solo wrote. “He explained that he wanted to cause some drama on the live portion of the show so that they wouldn’t be able to resist keeping us around, hoping for more fireworks.

“It seems to have worked — we weren’t eliminated that week.”

As we know, Hope also revealed in the book that Chmerkovskiy once slapped her during practice, so if that’s true the drama went well beyond ratings and cinema value. Hope also once accused the shows producers of painting her in a negative light and criticizing her body type. When she was eventually voted off the show and finished in fourth place, Solo sounded like someone who regretted the experience and was glad it was over.

Sources told RadarOnline.com that the DWTS producers are furious with Hope and believe she “made up the allegations simply to sell books.” Of all the things she has said about the show, this is probably the most controversial accusation.

Maria Sharapova says she would not do ‘Dancing With the Stars’ if asked

Hit television show “Dancing With the Stars” has featured two of the best female tennis players in history as contestants, but don’t expect Maria Sharapova to become the third. Speaking from Indian Wells, Ca. where the BNP Paribas Open is taking place, Sharapova says she would turn down the show if they asked her to compete.

“Even though I like to dance and all, there’s something about dancing in prom costumes in front of national television that is just not very appealing to me,” she said.

She also seems to wonder how much is based on talent vs. popularity, asking “Is it a lot of practice or is it personality?”

Monica Seles was a past competitor and Martina Navratilova is a contestant on the current season. Both participated in retirement. Sharapova is hoping her answer will be the same 10 years from now, but you never know if things could change when someone is offering you a fat pay check and plenty of publicity during retirement.

I’m sure those of you who are fans of her glorious styles are probably disappointed.

Hope Solo Says Dancing With the Stars Showed Her in Poor Light, Told Her She Had ‘Too Much Muscle’

Unlike many other professional athletes before her, Hope Solo did not enjoy her time on Dancing With the Stars. She may try to sugarcoat it so that she doesn’t sound too bitter, but anyone can see by Hope’s recollections and reflections that it was not exactly a high point in her life.  As she explained to Anderson Cooper on his show, Anderson, on Tuesday, most of Solo’s frustrations stem from the way in which the show’s producers portrayed her.

“I was very naive going into it,” she explained. “It is very much reality television I think from day one they casted our characters. And we would be rehearsing for seven hours a day. Maks and I were great friends and we had an endearing relationship. The 45 minutes in the whole seven hours that were the most frustrating where I am curing and kicking walls is what America got to see.”

From the start, Solo was upset with the gossip magazines for creating a problem between her and dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy that she insists never existed.  She feels as though the angry and frustrated Hope Solo became good television, and that’s why that’s all the audience was shown.  Not only that, but the judges were critical of her from the start.

“I was told I had too much muscle and I was too intense and wasn’t dainty,” Solo said.

PICTURES: Hope Solo naked in The Body issue

Needless to say, appearing on DWTS appears to be a “live and learn” type experience for the U.S. women’s goalie.  With the World Cup qualifiers around the corner, it’s safe to say she’s ready to put reality TV behind her and focus on those who appreciate her intensity and muscle.  Here is the full interview between Hope and Anderson Cooper, courtesy of Examiner.com:

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Hope Solo Upset with Gossip Mags for Saying She Has Problem with Partner Maks

Hope Solo is one of the six stars still alive in the current season of Dancing With the Stars. While she’s done well to make it this far, one gossip magazine is doing its best to try and distract her.

Star Magazine is said to have reported that Hope and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy are not getting along. Their report quotes an insider who says “Hope has had it with Maks. He’s such a jerk and constantly makes obnoxious comments to her like, ‘I’m not here to be your friend.’ It brings her down, and everyone can see it.”

It’s pretty obvious that’s a biased source they’re quoting. Plus, when you quote insiders like that, it’s probably to manufacture a story line. Controversy sells! We need controversies!

Needless to say, Hope is not happy with the report.

“My eyes have been opened! I’m not living in the real world! Hollywood gossip is truly gossip! Star magazine where do u get your sources! So sad,” she tweeted.

“Hows this for a source! Hell, I’ll even attach my name to it! ‘I GOT NOTHING BUT MAD LOVE & MAD RESPECT 4 MY PARTNER Maks!’ Go ahead, quote it!”

Unfortunately for Hope, they’re not interested in denials — they just want something that will create some buzz. A report about her having problems with her partner will do that, even if the source is pretty weak. Hope should not be disappointed. When you accept a spot on Dancing With the Stars, you get paid a lot of money and see an immeasurable boost to your notoriety. But you also open yourself to the world of Hollywood gossip and shoddy reporting.

For someone who was bold enough to pose nude in a magazine, it’s surprising that this rattled her. But I do see her point.