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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: Doug Marrone

Doug Marrone reportedly was not happy with Sammy Watkins trade

Doug Marrone was not happy with the Buffalo Bills’ decision to make a major trade to move up to draft Sammy Watkins last year, according to a report. ESPN’s Adam Schefter says Marrone was unhappy with the trade. Alternate accounts had the former Bills coach either “storming out” or “walking out” of the room after…Read More

Doug Marrone reportedly ripped Bills to Bill Polian

Bill Polian decided not to pursue a job with the Buffalo Bills after being turned off from the organization based on conversations with Doug Marrone, according to a report. Marrone opted out of his contract with the team this week following two years on the job, including an impressive 9-7 finish this season. The Bills…Read More

Bills players react to Doug Marrone opting out of contract

The Buffalo Bills are without a coach on New Year’s Day after Doug Marrone decided to part ways with the team on Wednesday. Because of the situation surrounding the ownership of the Bills when he was hired, Marrone had a clause in his contract that allowed him to opt out within three days of season’s…Read More

Doug Marrone helped stranded motorist during Buffalo snowstorm

In case you haven’t heard, the Buffalo area is getting a ton of snow this week. We’re talking so much snow it might make you wonder if the world is coming to an end. Like, five feet of snow. According to Lou Michel of The Buffalo News, Bills head coach Doug Marrone made an unexpected…Read More

Doug Marrone reportedly upset over Kyle Orton signing

Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone got into a verbal altercation with members of the team’s front office during a practice this week, and now we know why. According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, Marrone was upset over the team’s signing of Kyle Orton. Florio specifically says that the timing and money involved with…Read More

Doug Marrone blows up on Bills for practice fights

Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone went off on his players on Thursday following a series of fights and shoving matches during practice. After Wednesday’s practice had ended with a spirited fight, Marrone was in no mood to tolerate unnecessary scuffles. When things got heated on Thursday, Marrone lined his players up like high schoolers…Read More

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