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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: Fred Smoot

Fred Smoot arrested for domestic assault

Former NFL cornerback Fred Smoot was arrested and charged with domestic violence on Sunday. Smoot, who last played for the Washington Redskins in 2009, was taken into custody after his alleged girlfriend told police that her boyfriend grabbed her during an altercation. According to CBS DC, Smoot was officially charged with misdemeanor domestic simple assault….Read More

Fred Smoot: Nobody likes Emmitt Smith

Fred Smoot spent seven of his nine years as an NFL pro with the Washington Redskins, so his hatred for the Dallas Cowboys comes naturally. The teams in the NFC East tend to dislike one another more than teams in other divisions, but what is Smoot’s beef with Emmitt Smith? During a recent podcast with…Read More

Fred Smoot reportedly peed his pants while being arrested for DUI

Fred Smoot was an above-average cornerback during his NFL career with the Washington Redskins and the Minnesota Vikings, but his life off of the football field is much more entertaining than watching him play was. The same Smoot that once did some nasty things on a boat back in 2005 was arrested for driving while…Read More

Keep Dreaming Fred Smoot

Fred Smoot is notorious for being one of the Minnesota Vikings players aboard the notorious sex boat. He and about 15 teammates rented two boats in 2005 and went out on Lake Minnetonka and partied aboard the boats, having all sorts of sex, fun and debauchery. Well, what seems like is years after the fact,…Read More

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