Fred Smoot says RG3 is a ‘brat’ calls Mike Shanahan ‘Red Lobster’

Fred Smoot provided a harsh assessment of Robert Griffin III during a radio interview on Monday, and he also introduced us to a great new nickname for Mike Shanahan.

Smoot, who is a humorous guy and does not mince words, said during an hour-long appearance with Holden and Danny on 106.7 The Fan in DC that RG3 has acted like a “brat.” The former Redskins defensive back also popularized a great new nickname for Shanny, whom he calls “Red Lobster.”

I wonder where he came up with that nickname?

Mike Shanahan Red Lobster

According to DC Sports Bog, which provided a transcription of some of Smoot’s comments, Smoot was critical of the relationship between RG3 and Shanahan. He said it was obvious the relationship was not working and that it’s headed for a divorce.

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Fred Smoot: Nobody likes Emmitt Smith

Fred-Smoot-RedskinsFred Smoot spent seven of his nine years as an NFL pro with the Washington Redskins, so his hatred for the Dallas Cowboys comes naturally. The teams in the NFC East tend to dislike one another more than teams in other divisions, but what is Smoot’s beef with Emmitt Smith?

During a recent podcast with Guest House Radio (plenty of NSFW language), Smoot discussed some of his rivals and opposing players that he did not get along with. When the topic of the NFL’s all-time leading rusher came up, the former cornerback pulled no punches. Sarah Kogod of DC Sports Bog transcribed some of the podcast for us:

“Nobody that meets Emmitt Smith likes Emmitt Smith,” Smoot said. “Have you ever heard anybody say, ‘Hey man, I met that Emmitt Smith and I really love him?’ Nobody likes Emmitt Smith. I don’t know if he’s just a jerk because he’s a Cowboy. I don’t know. He be rubbing people the wrong way.”

As Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett could tell you, Smoot does not hold back when expressing an opinion about someone he doesn’t like. I understand why he hates the Cowboys, but I’m not sure what Smith did to make Smoot hate him so much. Plenty of Hall of Famers are viewed as arrogant and not well-liked, but it’s rare to hear someone trashing Emmit.

Fred Smoot reportedly peed his pants while being arrested for DUI

Fred-Smoot-RedskinsFred Smoot was an above-average cornerback during his NFL career with the Washington Redskins and the Minnesota Vikings, but his life off of the football field is much more entertaining than watching him play was. The same Smoot that once did some nasty things on a boat back in 2005 was arrested for driving while under the influence on Dec. 30.

Big deal, right? Happens all the time. While that may be true, it’s not everyday that we get to talk about a former NFL player who pissed his pants while he was handcuffed. We’ll let The Washingtonian take it from here:

Smoot told the Capitol Police officer that he’d had one drink, according to the affidavit, and agreed to a field sobriety test. During a series of tests, Smoot demonstrated ‘many clues of impairment,’ including swaying noticeably, Carll said in the affidavit.

Smoot was subsequently arrested and taken to the Capitol Police headquarters at 119 D Street, Northeast, for processing, where he twice refused to take a breathalyzer test.

‘During processing, in the service area, while handcuffed, the [defendant] peed his pants creating a puddle on the floor,’ Carll said in the affidavit. ‘[A police officer] witnessed the urine running down his pant leg and onto the floor. [Smoot] did not express that he had to use the restroom.’”

Smoot pleaded not guilty to his DUI charge on Jan. 17 and a status hearing is scheduled for Feb. 19. He wasn’t drunk — he just really, really, really had to go to the bathroom. I know a certain Vikings fan who might be able to relate.

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Former Redskins CB Fred Smoot: Jim Haslett is pig-headed, killing the team

As good as the Washington Redskins have been on offense this season, they have been equally bad defensively. Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris have provided a major spark, but the Redskins are allowing over 28 points and 400 yards of total offense per game — statistics that put them in the bottom five in the NFL.

When discussing Washington’s 27-12 loss to the Steelers on 106.7 The Fan’s postgame show Sunday, former Redskins cornerback Fred Smoot ripped defensive coordinator Jim Haslett.

“Jim is, I think, an average coordinator right now,” Smoot said according to D.C. Sports Bog. “He might not have the players he wants. But I also think he’s so pig-headed right now, he’s gonna continue to run his style of defense, even though it’s killing the team.

If you were expecting a “no disrespect” after that, Smoot didn’t offer it.

“I’m embarrassed for them,” Smoot said. “Because I used to wear those colors. I wore that on my helmet. I represent that to this day. And I know the one thing we always prided ourselves on was going out there and playing defense the best we could. We might not have been the greatest defense, but we played with our heart on our sleeve, and we went out there and laid it on the line.”

Smoot also called out the Redskins receiving corps for dropping balls and wasn’t buying the excuse that weather was a factor. His criticism may seem harsh, but Fred was a defensive back in the NFL so he certainly knows of what he speaks. Haslett has blamed players in the past for not fitting in with Washington’s defensive scheme, but there is obviously a bigger issue this season. The Redskins are making plays on offense, but they aren’t stopping anyone. That won’t win you many games in the NFL.

Keep Dreaming Fred Smoot

Judging by the title of the post, you probably know exactly where I’m going with this. Right? Fred Smoot — he was one of the guys on the Vikings sex boat. Well, what seems like is years after the fact, Smoot is now saying nothing happened.

“Nothing happened on that boat,”

“I wasn’t the organizer. I was the new guy. I was along for the ride. The media took the four guys with the biggest contracts — me, Daunte Culpepper, Bryant McKinnie and Moe Williams — and blew the story out of proportion.”

Smoot pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, was fined $1,000 and performed 48 hours of community service. He also was fined one game check — about $82,000 — by the NFL.

“Look at the criminal charges: Disturbing the peace. A $1,000 fine,” Smoot said. “Do you think that’s what it would’ve been if anything had happened?”

Smoot said that, in fact, nothing did happen.

I see, football player profiling. Then how does uncle Freddy explain the complaints by all the other boaters on the same lake? What about all the women who were on there, what were they there for, to make summer salads? Come on Fred, most of us wish we could put on a music video style sex boat party. Don’t hide from it, embrace it.

(Thanks to Michael David Smith at FanHouse)