Iowa fans dress as Jerry Sandusky for Penn State game (Picture)

Five Iowa fans dressed as pedophile and former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky for Saturday’s Hawkeyes-Nittany Lions game in an act that can be described as nothing short of disgusting.

Penn State student site Onward State shared the photo and says the five fans were making their way to Kinnick Stadium prior to the game when the photo was snapped. The five fans are in black-and-white striped jail suits and have nameplates on the back that say “J. Sandusky.”

It’s absolutely horrifying, stupefying, and embarrassing that some people would take what Jerry Sandusky represents and use it in the context of a sports joke. There is nothing funny about pedophilia. Child sexual abuse is no laughing matter. There is nothing to poke fun at Penn State about for covering up the scandal. And there is no excuse for these students to dress up in such a costume and laugh about it. The same goes for the woman who took a picture with them and apparently found the whole thing amusing.

At least someone in Iowa has a brain. A University of Iowa spokesperson told LBS that the fans, who attend a high school in east Iowa, were approached by the Dean of Students and informed them that their choice of apparel was inappropriate. They were asked to remove the inappropriate items of clothing and we’re told they complied.

Screw on your heads straight people and realize that this is not something you turn into a sports joke to mock an opponent.

NOTE: A previous version of this story misidentified the five fans as University of Iowa students.

Photo via Onward State/Twitter

Iowa grandma takes a beer bong from the car (Video)

One down grandma celebrated Iowa’s 18-17 win over Northern Illinois at Soldier Field on Saturday by chugging a beer bong from the parking lot … all while cruising in her ride. There she is, rolling by in her car when a passerby hands her a beer bong to drink. The woman clears it like a champ and gets several high-fives from the young kids who were all clearly impressed.

The woman’s minivan says “I’m here to shuttle around my grandchildren.” Funneling the beer bong says “I’m still down.”

I think we need to get this grandma side-by-side with the Michigan old ladies who shotgunned beers last year in some sort of awesome Big Ten geriatric drinking competition.

H/T Busted Coverage

Iowa Salutes U.S. with Patriotic Card Stunt at Kinnick Stadium (Video)

The fans at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City put together one of the best card stunts you will see at a sports event. Prior to Saturday night’s game between Iowa and Northwestern, the 70,000+ fans in attendance saluted the U.S. with a stars and stripes stunt. Afterwards, they flipped their cards to show support for the Hawkeyes. With support like that, it’s no surprise Iowa beat Northwestern 41-31. Here is a video of the card stunt:

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