Did Sage Steele and Jalen Rose get caught on live TV making plans for a date? (Video)

Now, we want to preface this post by saying that Sage Steele is married and we hope nothing sordid is going on here. But when a live camera during SportsCenter on Friday hilariously cuts to her in Miami looking awfully flirty with a trying-to-play-it-cool Jalen Rose while he makes plans with her to go to popular South Beach restaurant Prime One Twelve, you can’t help but to think some Don Draper business is going on between these two kids. Yes, Lindsay Czarniak. “The magic of television,” indeed.

And for the second time in a week we’re seeing the risk of broadcasting live.

UPDATE: Rose would like the “shock media” to know he and Steele will be two of a handful of colleagues attending the dinner:

Sounds more fun than ESPN’s NBA Finals pregame show.

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Jalen Rose upset with Michigan for keeping Fab Five banners down

When Unversity of Michigan president Mary Sue Coleman took her position in 2002, one of her first actions was to remove the banners commemorating the Fab Five basketball team’s successes. The Fab Five — comprised of Chris Webber, Juwan Howard, Jalen Rose, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson — was the name for Michigan’s famed 1991 recruiting class. The group led the Wolverines to back-to-back championship games, but they had most of their wins and accomplishments vacated by a scandal. Asked by students Tuesday if the banners might come back up, Coleman said not under her watch. That prompted an angry response from Jalen Rose, who tweeted the following messages on Thursday:

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Shaq and Jalen Rose fighting again, trying to decide who’s a worse analyst

A feud between Shaq and Jalen Rose that has been brewing since at least 2010 reappeared on Thursday night.

Jalen, now a DUI getting, racist statement making NBA analyst for ESPN, sent the following tweet Thursday evening mocking Shaq’s girth:

TNT aired Jalen’s tweet and Shaq played ignorant, saying he didn’t know who Jalen was, and that he only watches two people on the rival network — none of whom are Rose.

Rose responded by blasting Shaq’s pathetic analyst skills. The former Michigan Fab Five member sent two tweets ripping Shaq’s on-air work. Rose deleted the tweets, but luckily Jocks and Stiletto Jill grabbed them for us:

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Jalen Rose says Rob Gronkowski was ‘white boy wasted,’ then apologizes

A lot of adjectives and phrases have been used to describe the Rob Gronkowski dancing video over the past several days. People say Gronk was acting irresponsible, immature, and careless among other terms. One former Patriot said Gronk needs to grow up and learn that there’s a time and a place for everything. ESPN analyst Jalen Rose took it a step further, describing Gronkowski as having been “white boy wasted.” He issued an apology a little over an hour later.

“Forgive this term because I didn’t make it up: He was having a good time. He was white boy wasted,” Rose said on Mike and Mike Thursday morning according to Pro Football Talk. “He was having a good time.”

Just before the program ended, Rose delivered a half-hearted apology.

“You guys got me in trouble,” he said. “Earlier in today’s show we were talking about the Patriots’ post-game party and I made some comments that other people — some people — took as insensitive remarks, so for those that took it that way I definitely apologize. Pretty sure I always say things that upset people, get under people’s skin. I guess today was no different. So I’m sorry for the pushback.”

Sounds like somebody got a prompt slap on the wrist after making the remark. Rose obviously didn’t mean anything by it, but you can see how that would tread the line of racism even if he was joking. Is it acceptable for everyday conversation? For me, yes. For a radio show, probably not.

Jalen Rose Blames ESPN for Javale McGee’s Dunk that Got Him Benched

Perhaps he was just trying to inject energy into a team that has lacked any type of passion or motivation through the first chunk of the NBA season.  When Javale McGee threw a pass off the backboard to himself and slammed it home on Monday, Wizards coach Flip Saunders benched him.  Apparently Saunders wants the team to stop being horrible before they start contributing to any highlight reels.  On Tuesday, Jalen Rose blamed ESPN for McGee’s dunk.

“You know who I blame? I blame the Worldwide Leader,” Rose said on Sportscenter according to Game On! “When you’re a team that’s struggling, get the 2 points, get back on defense, rebound, block some shots, make some multiple efforts. Because you’re the Washington Generals when you’re 1-12. Now, when you’re 12-1, then you’re the Wizards or the (Harlem) Globetrotters.”

Rose said it is the fault of the “MTV Generation” that plays like the McGee one happen.  He also said that the producers of ESPN’s “Top Plays” are simply looking for the best plays of the day, regardless of team accolades.  He has a point.

In one sense, I agree with Rose and Saunders that it was a bonehead move by McGee.  He probably should have just settled for a standard dunk rather than trying to spice things up.  However, there’s a possibility McGee was trying to provide a spark for a struggling team and wake up a miserable home crowd.  Clearly it didn’t work — as evidenced by the fact that they lost again — but you can’t blame a guy for trying.

Jalen Rose Arrested on DUI Suspicion Week of Fab Five Documentary

Jalen Rose, the former Michigan Fab Five star and NBA veteran, has been in the news quite a bit recently, but now it’s for the wrong reason. Rose was arrested on March 11th, the week his Fab Five documentary aired on ESPN, and cited on suspicion of driving drunk. According to WDIV’s report:

Rose was arrested just after 2 a.m. on Walnut Lake Road just west of Middlebelt Road after a passer-by called officers to report seeing a Cadillac Escalade that appeared to have gone off the side of the road. Police said Rose was not hurt but refused to take a breathalyzer at the scene and was taken to Henry Ford Hospital hospital for a blood test. Police have not released the results of the blood test.

Had Rose been found guilty of DUI, he most likely would have been sacked by the LBS Nut Bag, but we must reserve judgment until the results of the blood test are released.

What makes the timing of the arrest extremely notable is that Rose stirred up controversy in his documentary saying he hated Duke. Rose said he felt Duke only recruited Uncle Toms which prompted a bold response from Bobby Hurley, and more recently, a response from Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski. You have to figure at this point that many people feel it’s the karma police getting Rose back for the documentary, but we’ll wait for the official word before going all in.

Bobby Hurley: Jalen Rose Might Have Had a Hard Time Finding Minutes at Duke

This past weekend there were two documentaries on significant college basketball teams to help get fans in the mindset for March Madness. HBO ran a special on the star UNLV team from the early 90s, while ESPN ran a special on the Fab 5 from Michigan. One of the main targets in the Fab 5 documentary in particular was Duke, which lost to UNLV in the finals in 1990 before winning it all in ’91 and ’92, beating Michigan for its second title.

Former Michigan player and current NBA analyst Jalen Rose spent a part of the documentary trashing Duke. He expressed the sentiment that Duke didn’t recruit the type of players Michigan did, going so far as to call black players who went to Duke “Uncle Toms.” That didn’t sit well with former Duke point guard Bobby Hurley.

Hurley played at Duke from 89-93, went to three Final Fours, and was the Final Four’s Most Outstanding Player in 1992 when the Blue Devils beat Michigan in the finals. He joined The Dan Patrick Show Monday and talked about the Fab 5 documentary, responding towards Jalen’s criticism.

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