Jim Boeheim: Michigan is probably the toughest team for us to defend

Jim BoeheimJim Boeheim expressed some concern over Syracuse playing Michigan in the Final Four after watching what the Wolverines did to the Florida Gators in the South Region finals of the NCAA tournament Sunday.

Michigan was on fire in the first half against Florida and outscored the Gators 47-30. Boeheim and his point guard Michael Carter-Williams joined the CBS crew for an interview during halftime of the Michigan-Florida game, and that’s when the Syracuse coach expressed praised the Wolverines.

“What I’ve watched I haven’t liked at all,” Boeheim told Greg Gumbel in response to Michigan’s explosive first half. “They’re probably the toughest offensive team in the tournament as far as we go. Because they shoot the ball so well from the perimeter, they’ve got [Mitch] McGary playing inside at a high level which he wasn’t earlier in the year. Offensively, they’re probably the most difficult team in the tournament for us.”

Boeheim is right on about McGary. The freshman forward’s season-high marks during the regular season were 14 points and 11 rebounds. In the tournament, he’s taken his game to the next level. He put up 13 and nine in the team’s first game against South Dakota State, 21 and 14 against VCU, and he went off for 25 and 14 in an overtime win over Kansas.

Though Boeheim admitted that Michigan’s well-rounded offense presents a challenge, he wanted to make it clear that facing his team’s 2-3 zone defense is not so simple to beat.

“Our zone is not easy to play against because of a guy like Michael [Carter-Williams] out there at 6-foot-6. He can disrupt smaller guards — like Indiana’s guards — had a lot of trouble against Michael.”

Michigan has two things that could help them beat the zone — a point guard who can penetrate like Trey Burke, and good outside shooting. Nik Stauskas is a 42.9 percent 3-point shooter this season and went 6-of-6 on threes Sunday. The chances for Michigan to replicate its amazing performance against Florida seems small, but they certainly have the tools to beat Syracuse.

Jim Boeheim caught picking his nose in his boss Nike glasses (Picture)


We’ve all been there. You have something in your nose that you just know can’t be blown out. Sometimes it gets to the point where it doesn’t matter who’s watching — you just have to dig. It appears that happened to Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim during the Big East Tournament on Wednesday.

As you can see, cameras spotted Boeheim digging for gold while wearing his baller eyeglasses that have a Nike swoosh on the side. I mean he was really getting up there and cleaning house.

Given how cranky he has been lately (see: latest spaz on media), it’s probably best for everyone to just leave the 68-year-old coach alone on this one. I’m sure he doesn’t want to talk about it.

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Jim Boeheim shoots down retirement speculation

Jim BoeheimJim Boeheim shot down speculation that he may be retiring, saying after Syracuse’s 61-39 loss to Georgetown Saturday that he has never given thought to the idea.

Rumors of Boeheim’s impending retirement began last week with a report from a small-time blog saying that Syracuse asked Boeheim to step down after the season because of NCAA investigations. A tweet from Syracuse’s Twitter account that linked to the story seemed to lend credibility to the report, but the school denied there was any truth to the report and said the tweet was sent by mistake.

Fast forward to Saturday after Syracuse’s blowout loss to Georgetown. Boeheim was asked if he would miss his school’s rivalry with Georgetown in light of Syracuse’s upcoming move to the ACC.

“Well, you know, I’m pretty much ready to go play golf some place,” Boeheim said, according to the Syracuse Post-Standard. “If I was 40 years old, I’d be real upset. I’m not … 40 years old. That should be obvious.”

The quote makes plenty of sense in that context. However, when taken out of context, the coach’s comments can lead to headlines like, “Boeheim is ready to go play golf,” which results in more speculation about retirement.

After being made aware that the golf quote was fueling retirement rumors, Boeheim responded.

“I haven’t given a thought to retiring,” Boeheim told The Post-Standard. “There’s nothing to talk about because I haven’t given a thought to it. I’ve never … ever … ever … ever … said anything about retiring.

“I’ve said the same thing all year, and all last year: I just want to get through the year. I have no plans to retire. Could I retire? Anything can happen, but I have no thoughts right now.”

Boeheim said he would have told the truth had he genuinely been thinking about retirement, and he added that the golf line was just a joke.

At this point, I’m taking Boeheim at his word and I’m prepared to look like a sucker if he does step down. I just don’t see it happening.

Syracuse University Twitter account mistakenly shares link to article about Jim Boeheim retiring

Syracuse had to do some damage control after a tweet sent from the university’s official Twitter account suggested that basketball coach Jim Boeheim would be retiring.

Here’s the tweet sent following Syracuse’s 78-57 home win over DePaul on Wednesday that caused the confusion:

Jim Boeheim tweet

The tweet links to a post on a Syracuse blog that was written by a Florida community college student, who says the longtime coach was asked by the school to retire.

The tweet was later deleted, and the school moved quickly to clarify:

Boeheim has been the school’s basketball coach since the 1976-77 season. He has won one national championship, reached three Final Fours, and he is second on the Division I career wins list with 913. Syracuse’s last regular season game is Saturday at Georgetown.

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Jim Boeheim goes off on media again after loss to Marquette

Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim is getting old and cranky. The Orange lost a tough game at Marquette on Monday night, and the 68-year-old coach seemed like he was in no mood to speak with reporters about it afterword.

According to FOX Sports Wisconsin, it started when a reporter asked Boeheim if injured forward DaJuan Coleman would have been an option to try to slow down Marquette’s Davante Gardner inside. Coleman has been out since Jan. 26 with a knee injury, but he has been practicing with the team and has been cleared to play.

“You should try coaching because that’s what you think you are,” Boeheim barked at the reporter after noting that his two best defenders were on the court. “Maybe you should try that.”

Boeheim’s blood then seemed to reach an even higher temperature when he was asked a question about whether or not his team lacks a leader to lean on during a late-season losing streak.

“I don’t even understand that,” he said. “You think because you come to Marquette and lose a three-point game you need a new guy? I don’t.”

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Jim Boeheim upset with Andy Katz over Bernie Fine issue

Jim BoeheimJim Boeheim went off on Andy Katz following Syracuse’s loss to UConn Wednesday, calling the ESPN reporter an “idiot” and “disloyal person” while refusing to answer his question at a postgame press conference.

The verbal assault towards Katz seemed unnecessary, excessive, and unprompted. As of Wednesday evening, the reason for Boeheim’s attack was not known, but there was plenty of speculation. We thought Katz may have irked Boeheim by reporting something about James Southerland that was off the record. We also threw out the possibility that Boeheim was upset with Katz over a 2011 article that was critical of the Syracuse program in relation to the Bernie Fine situation. It sounds like neither theory explained why Boeheim was upset with Katz.

Boeheim told The Syracuse Post-Standard that he is still upset with Katz over a Nov. 2011 interview.

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Jim Boeheim calls Andy Katz an ‘idiot’ and ‘disloyal’ person

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim went off on ESPN college basketball writer Andy Katz following his team’s 66-58 loss at UConn Wednesday.

Katz asked about the UConn-Syracuse rivalry and received a verbal assault in response.

“I’ll answer anybody’s question but yours because you’re an idiot and a disloyal person,” Boeheim shot at Katz.

“There are a few other things I could add but I’m not going to go there.”

It’s unclear why Boeheim went after Katz, but there are some ideas floating around.

WAER believes Boeheim may have been upset with Katz over his reporting on the James Southerland situation. Southerland is a senior forward who missed six games after being declared academically ineligible. He was cleared to return to action on Sunday after being suspended mid-January.

Katz wrote this regarding the Southerland situation on Jan. 14:

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