Justin Timberlake thanks everyone except Donald Sterling for award (Video)

Justin-TimberlakeJustin Timberlake won the award for “Top Artist” at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night, and his acceptance speech — or should we say video — was hilarious. Timberlake couldn’t be in Las Vegas for the show, so he accepted the award via a video feed. He also had a message for Donald Sterling.

After ribbing his fellow nominees a bit, JT said he wanted to thank everyone in the world. Except, of course, one person.

“I want to thank everybody on earth,” Timberlake said. “Everybody on earth, except Donald Sterling. I don’t wanna…not Donald Sterling.”

Gilbert Arenas truly is all on his own.

Video via Fansided

Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon show us ‘Evolution of End Zone Dancing’ (Video)

Jimmy-Fallon-Justin-Timberlake-end-zoneTalk show host Jimmy Fallon and music sensation Justin Timberlake have created a number of entertaining videos over the years that take us through the “History of Rap.” On Tuesday night, the duo got together again for a new skit entitled the “Evolution of End Zone Dancing.”

The educational segment included such classics as the Dirty Bird and the robot, with some touchdown celebrations that have yet to be unveiled on the NFL stage like the “I Thought I Just Saw Aaron Hernandez” routine.

Yeah, we’re probably not going to see that one.

Justin Timberlake reportedly set to become minority owner of the Grizzlies

Step aside, Jay-Z. A new music industry juggernaut is joining the NBA community. Prospective new owner of the Grizzlies Robert Pera is reportedly nearing completion on an agreement with the team’s current ownership group, and he is in the process of recruiting minority owners. According to ESPN.com, Justin Timberlake has agreed to join the ownership team.

One source told ESPN that Timberlake and Pera have quickly struck up a friendship and that the celebrity is prepared to make a “meaningful investment” and be much more than a silent partner. That would make sense since J.T. is a known basketball fan who has been known to sit courtside during games and hand out congratulatory butt slaps.

Pera has said that his purchasing of the team would “practically guarantee” that the Grizzlies stay in Memphis for at least 15 more seasons. Timberlake was born in Memphis and raised in Tennessee, so that commitment is believed to be a major selling point for him. Your move, Justin Bieber.

Justin Timberlake high-fived Kobe, and then gave him a pat on the ass after clutch shot (Pictures)

Crap like this is one of the thousands of reasons why people hate the Lakers. How many other teams have players getting pats on the asses from Justin Timberlake during games? Only one. The Lakers really are a Hollywood team.

Even though we’re making fun, Kobe must be recognized for knocking down a heck of a shot. The shot Timberlake was celebrating came after Arron Afflalo hit a 3 to make it a five-point game with 1:08 left. Kobe responded with a sick three-pointer despite having a hand in his face to make the lead eight again with 48 seconds left. Those were Kobe’s only points of the quarter, but he made them count.

Justin Timberlake Tells Us He Loves Beer in All-Star Game Interview (Video)

We aren’t at liberty to say whether or not Justin Timberlake was drunk at the 2011 MLB All-Star Game, but we can tell you with confidence that he had fun screwing with the FOX crew.  J.T. agreed to do an interview by the outfield pool at the All-Star Game and for those of you who like awkwardness he put on a show.  For starters, Justin completely patronized Joe Buck, who already had a major flub in the announcers’ booth earlier in the telecast.  When he was through with that, the pop star went on to tell Mark Grace — who was recently arrested for DUI — that his favorite ballpark snack is beer.  Check out the Justin Timberlake All-Star game interview video:

It doesn’t really matter if J.T. was drunk or just felt like being a comedian, because he covered all bases with that short interview.  Considering he’s usually emotionless and we have reason to believe he no longer enjoys baseball, no one in their right mind would actually think Buck is the laughing or crying type.  Thus marks the end of Justin Timberlake’s MLB All-Star game interview career.  It was fun while it lasted.