Cristiano Ronaldo jabs Lionel Messi in response to taunting fans

Cristiano Ronaldo threw a jab at Lionel Messi in response to taunts from the opposing crowd at Euro 2012 on Wednesday.

Ronaldo played poorly in Portugal’s 3-2 win over Denmark in Group B play and still hasn’t scored in the tournament. The game took place at a neutral site in Lviv, Ukraine, but Ronaldo was still taunted by the Danish fans with “Messi” chants the entire game.

Asked about the chants after the contest, Ronaldo took a swipe at Messi.

“You know where [Messi] was at this time [last year]?” he asked reporters. “Do you know? He was being eliminated in the Copa America, in his own country. I think that’s worse, no?”

Although Ronaldo was a month early on his timeline (the Copa America took place last July), he is partially correct. Messi’s Argentina team finished second in group play, and then lost to Uruguay on penalty kicks in the quarterfinals of the tournament.

Ronaldo’s response shouldn’t be a surprise considering he said last month he believes he’s a better player than Messi. However, he shouldn’t get ahead of himself.

Portugal is only 1-1 through two games of Group B play in Euro 2012. They play the Netherlands on Sunday and need a win or tie to have a chance at advancing. Like I said, Ronaldo shouldn’t get ahead of himself.

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Cristiano Ronaldo believes he’s better than Lionel Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are considered the two best soccer players in the world. Ronaldo is a prolific goal scorer for Real Madrid, while Messi set a world record with 72 goals scored last season for Barcelona.

During an interview with CNN International’s “World Sport,” Ronaldo said it’s difficult to compare the two players, but he believes he is better.

“Some people say I’m better, other people say it’s him, but at the end of the day, they’re going to decide who is the best player at the moment, which I think is me,” Ronaldo told Pedro Pinto.

“Sometimes it makes me tired — for him too. They compare each other all the time. You cannot compare a Ferrari with a Porsche — it’s a different engine. You cannot compare.

“I think we push each other in competition. This is why the competition is so high. This is why Madrid and Barcelona are the best teams in the world.”

Much like when Eli Manning sparked a controversy by saying he was a top five quarterback when asked, what would you expect Ronaldo to say? That Messi is better? He gave a pretty diplomatic answer, but yeah, why not say he’s better? His team won La Liga this season after finishing second to Messi’s squad the past two years. I wouldn’t have expected him to say otherwise, though most people would lean toward Messi at this point.

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Lionel Messi’s older brother Matias has a tattoo of Lionel Messi (Picture)

Lionel Messi has a lot of fans. When you are one of the world’s best players in the world’s best sport, that goes with the territory. If we have learned anything from the story about his mother chasing his ex with a frying pan, it’s that Messi’s family is protective of him. Little did we know, however, that his brother is his biggest fan.

The gentleman you see in the photo above is Messi’s older brother, Matias Messi. The tattoo he has on his left shoulder is one of Lionel. According to Sport.es, Matias describes Lionel as “from another planet.” Just when we thought the kid who had Lionel’s face shaved into the back of his head was the world’s biggest Messi fan…

H/T Dirty Tackle

Young fan has Lionel Messi’s face shaved into his head and it is…interesting

Having your favorite player’s face shaved into your head is always risky. Art that is performed with a buzzer is probably a little more challenging than tattoo art, so you have to be a pretty diehard fan to go for something like this. As you can see, this young soccer fan opted to have his barber shave Lionel Messi’s face and name into the back of his head. We’re going to have to agree with the folks at Dirty Tackle on this one — it came out looking like a Picasso painting.

Maybe that was the goal. For all we know this kid could be a huge Pablo Picasso and Lionel Messi fan and is now the recipient of the greatest haircut ever. I will say, however, that if he wants people to know the face on the back of his head belongs to Messi, I’m glad he got the name trimmed in as well.

Lionel Messi’s Mom Chased His Ex Macarena Lemos with a Frying Pan?

Lionel Messi dated an Argentinean model named Macarena Lemos for a short period back in 2006 around the time of the World Cup.  For those of you who are not great at math, that was about four or five years ago.  It would be safe to assume that the supermodel and the millionaire soccer player have easily moved on from the split.  That may be the case, but Messi’s mother has apparently not gotten over it.

In a recent interview that was translated by Goal.com and shared with us by Dirty Tackle, Lemos talked about Messi’s mother following her around a store with a frying pan in hand and yelling insults at her.

“She was following me and taking photos until I turned around and asked her what was going on,” Lemos explained. “That’s when she started insulting me. What was she doing there in the electronics section, with a frying pan in her hand? She was following me with a telephone and a frying pan.

“I have never came out and said whether I had slept with her son. I was 14 and he was 18 – and I didn’t reveal anything about our relationship. She treated me like I was nothing, as if I were hanging from her son’s ribs. She seems to think I said something to a magazine, but I never did. They are confused.”

Apparently you don’t mess with Mrs. Messi’s baby.  That’s not to say that Lemos did, but she had better watch out now that she’s on Messi’s mom’s radar.  Lionel can continue focusing on finding weird places to hide from fans and figuring out ways to keep weird reporters away from him, but his ex-girlfriend needs to make sure she avoids his mom.

Lionel Messi Had to Hide in Cockpit to Avoid Overzealous Fans on Airplane

Soccer star Lionel Messi had to hide in the cockpit of an airplane to avoid enthusiastic fans on a recent flight from Argentina to Spain, El Universal reports. This is not even a joke.

Messi’s Argentina team was coming off a loss to Venezuela and they were scheduled to fly to Barcelona. Their flight apparently did not have a private area for first class like most planes.

Figuring that Messi’s presence would result in a frenzy, the flight crew decided to dim the lights before he boarded. That plan did not work, and the people on the flight became excited. The crew responded by placing Messi in the cockpit until things calmed.

We know celebrities cause excitement wherever they go, but can you imagine needing to hide someone in the cockpit? Messi has inspired some extremely bizarre behavior in the past, but this is a new one. Then again, we’ve shown you plenty of times how enthusiastic soccer fans can be, so this should not be surprising.

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Lionel Messi Throws Up During Game, Still Scores Goal (Video)

Real Madrid and Barcelona played to a 2-2 draw in the first leg of their Spanish Supercup match Sunday. Lionel Messi seemed to be bothered by the heat because he threw up on the pitch late in the first half. Check out this video:

Messi rallied to score in the 45th minute putting Barcelona up 2-1 before Real Madrid eventually tied it. At least his vomit turned out to be much more productive than the last one we wrote about.