Lionel Messi Had to Hide in Cockpit to Avoid Overzealous Fans on Airplane

Soccer star Lionel Messi had to hide in the cockpit of an airplane to avoid enthusiastic fans on a recent flight from Argentina to Spain, El Universal reports. This is not even a joke.

Messi’s Argentina team was coming off a loss to Venezuela and they were scheduled to fly to Barcelona. Their flight apparently did not have a private area for first class like most planes.

Figuring that Messi’s presence would result in a frenzy, the flight crew decided to dim the lights before he boarded. That plan did not work, and the people on the flight became excited. The crew responded by placing Messi in the cockpit until things calmed.

We know celebrities cause excitement wherever they go, but can you imagine needing to hide someone in the cockpit? Messi has inspired some extremely bizarre behavior in the past, but this is a new one. Then again, we’ve shown you plenty of times how enthusiastic soccer fans can be, so this should not be surprising.

Chest bump to Dirty Tackle

Lionel Messi Throws Up During Game, Still Scores Goal (Video)

Real Madrid and Barcelona played to a 2-2 draw in the first leg of their Spanish Supercup match Sunday. Lionel Messi seemed to be bothered by the heat because he threw up on the pitch late in the first half. Check out this video:

Messi rallied to score in the 45th minute putting Barcelona up 2-1 before Real Madrid eventually tied it. At least his vomit turned out to be much more productive than the last one we wrote about.

Media Member Sticks Lionel Messi Puppet in Lionel Messi’s Face (Video)

Since when do guys with credentials heckle players?  We’ve all seen reporters ask tough questions and intentionally get under the skin of athletes and coaches to make a good story, but shoving things in superstars faces is a new one for me.  As if that isn’t weird enough, why shove a puppet of a player in the corresponding player’s face?  I guess you’ll have to ask the guy who shoved the puppet of Lionel Messi in Messi’s face after his charity match in Mexico City on Sunday. Check out the video, courtesy of Dirty Tackle:

Is that at all necessary?  Considering who he was messing with, that credentialed gentleman was fortunate Messi didn’t decide to kick a ball directly in his face.  He certainly would have deserved it.

No, Lionel Messi Did Not Cry During Argentina’s Copa America Game

Argentina and Colombia played to a scoreless draw in their Copa America game Wednesday night. Argentina now has just one goal and two points through their first two games in group play, and the fans are out for the players’ heads. Lionel Messi, who scored 53 goals for Barcelona this season, struggled once again. At one point he totally booted a free kick. He was seen looking sad at various points during the game, but don’t confuse things — he did not cry. This was the closest he came to leaking tears:

I know we’re used to seeing a happy Messi who pulls stunts on the pitch, so this is quite surprising. It really seemed to me that Messi had a runny nose from playing in the cold and that’s why he was wiping his face. When an athletes like Chris Bosh cry, we know it. It was a bad game for Messi, but let’s set the record straight: he was not crying.

Video: Lionel Messi Boots Ball at Real Madrid Fans – Intentional or Not?

Outside of the friendly confines of the United States, Barcelona vs. Real Madrid is recognized as one of the biggest — if not the biggest — rivalry in athletic competition.  The same way Red Sox players tend to dislike Yankee fans and Yankees players tend to dislike Red Sox fans, the footballers for either team don’t seem to care for the opposition’s fan base.  The question is was Lionel Messi allowing that to show through during El Clasico on Saturday?  Check out the video of Lionel Messi booting the ball at Real Madrid fans, courtesy of Deadspin:

Messi certainly tried to make it look like an accident by his reaction, but he obviously knew the ball was heading out of bounds and could have done without slamming it.  Players often put a charge into the ball to make sure it gets out of bounds, but these are some of the most accurate strikers in the world and it definitely looked like he knew what he was doing.  I say intentional, what do you think?

Lionel Messi Fined for Happy Birthday Shirt

Hopefully mom appreciated the gesture, because star Barcelona soccer player Lionel Messi bought her a $4,000 card:

That happy birthday message to mom got Messi a fine from the Royal Spanish Football Federation and a yellow card, according to the AP. Jimmy Traina headlined the item on Hot Clicks by saying we thought the NFL was strict. They are, but damn, not even a break for mom? Stevie Johnson does not approve.