Mark Wahlberg says his wife banned him from watching the Super Bowl at home

The past four years or so have been quite frustrating for Patriots fans. While they certainly don’t deserve any sympathy after all the success their team had in the early part of the 21st century, losing to the Giants in the Super Bowl twice in four years has to sting. Diehard New England fan Mark Wahlberg understands just how painful it has been, and he has even gotten into trouble with his wife as a result.

According to WENN, Wahlberg became so upset when the Giants won Super Bowl 46 that he threw his friends out of his house and yelled at his wife.

“She was so upset I wasn’t able to make it up to her until Valentine’s Day,” Wahlberg said. “She said, ‘You know, you’re never watching the game again (at home),’ but now she just hopes that the Patriots make it back to the Super Bowl so she can go on, like, a week vacation.”

Wahlberg and Tom Brady are close friends, so you can understand why he was more frustrated than the average fan. Then again, the average fan doesn’t get to go home to his multimillion-dollar home and buy anything they please to help dull the pain, so it’s tough to feel badly for Marky Mark. I’m guessing life goes on for him more quickly than the rest of us.

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Photo credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Mark Wahlberg and Will Smith in Celebrity Boxing Match? Make it Happen

Mark Wahlberg is the star of the movie The Fighter about Mickey Ward that’s currently out in theaters. We know Marky Mark already keeps himself in excellent shape, but now that he’s added boxer to his list of credentials he’s become instantly more terrifying. So much so that a Celeb Fight promoter wants to put the pants dropper in the ring with Will Smith, who once portrayed Muhammad Ali on screen.

As I learned from Steve Cofield at Yahoo! Sports, said promoter is planning to offer each man a million bucks to get in the ring. We need to make this happen. Unlike previous crappy celeb boxing matches, this one has the makings of a spectacular show. I can just picture glorious winds circling about and papers flying around as the two superstars approach the ring, with a magnetic current pulling them together.

If I were handicapping the thing, I’d have to place Wahlberg as the favorite. At 6’2″ Will Smith clearly has a height and reach advantage, but Marky Mark will take the fight inside and try to land some stealthy uppercuts. Smith would have to get into the gym to make sure his cardio is up to speed, and he’ll probably try to keep Wahlberg at arm’s length in attempt to win things on the judges’ cards. So who ya got? Mike Lowery or Vince Papale?