A’s OF Michael Taylor injured his finger while throwing his gum away

Michael-Taylor-AsOakland A’s outfielder Michael Taylor is currently sidelined with an injury that could only happen during spring training. According to Susan Slusser of SFGate.com, Taylor sliced his finger last week after he hit his hand on a light fixture in the team’s dugout.

We hate to ever laugh at a player’s misfortunes, but to make matters even more comical Taylor suffered the injury while attempting to throw his gum away. At 6-foot-5, the 27-year-old is walking proof that it doesn’t always pay to be tall. He has already missed a week of spring training action and cannot resume play until the cut on his pinkie heals.

Wait a minute, Taylor’s not a pitcher. You mean position players can cut their fingers when they’re throwing their candy away, too? So far this offseason, we’ve seen starting pitchers injure their back while picking up their kids and others suffer rug burn while playing with their dogs. Bizarre injuries are certainly nothing new when it comes to baseball in March, but it’s usually the pitchers who are having the bad luck. Unfortunately for Taylor, that’s not always the case.

A’s Michael Taylor Has Been Interning at a Radio Station and No One Knows

Seeing professional athletes do the work of the common person is always entertaining.  There’s something people generally enjoy about watching a guy who makes millions of dollars per year try to conquer the rat race.  A’s outfielder Michael Taylor has done just that.  During the offseason, Taylor has been interning at Bay-Area sports radio station KNBR in California — the official station of the San Francisco Giants.  He is responsible for walking around and interviewing people on the street for a segment that is called “Whats Bugging You?”  The best part of all is no one really knows who he is.

“I never told anyone he played professionally,” KNBR assistant program director Jenn Violet Kennedy said according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “I was walking him around the building saying, ‘This is my intern, Michael,’ or, ‘This is Michael, he needs to fill out some paperwork.’ And everyone would say, ‘OK,’ and keep going.”

Even former A’s outfielder Eric Byrnes, who hosts a show on KNBR, was simply told that a younger player was going to be interning with the station, so naturally he assumed it was someone playing at a low minor league level.

“I found out a week after he’d started,” Byrnes explained. “I said, ‘Michael Taylor? Of the A’s? Wait a minute, you’ve got to be kidding me. I can’t believe you withheld this information.’ The next thing I said was, ‘Why isn’t he working on my show?'”

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