Shaq: LeBron Never Really Listened to Mike Brown

In his new book, Shaq says LeBron James never really listened to Mike Brown when the two were with the Cavs.

Hoops World posted an excerpt from the book posted that describes a scene where the Cavs were watching film of a game. LeBron is seen not getting back on defense after a shot, but Mike Brown supposedly didn’t say anything. The next play Mo Williams made the same mistake and Brown called him out for it. At that point, Delonte West, another guard on the team, is said to have stood up and asked why it was ignored when LeBron made the same mistake.

“Hold up, now. You can’t be pussyfooting around like that. Everyone has to be accountable for what they do, not just some us,” West supposedly said.

Mike Brown responded, “I know, Delonte. I know.” Mike knew Delonte was right. …”

The book goes on to say that LeBron never really listened to Mike Brown and that Kobe will definitely be in charge of Brown with the Lakers.

A superstar receiving superstar treatment? Can’t say I’m surprised by that. Team owner Dan Gilbert reportedly set the standard that nobody was supposed to criticize LeBron. The Cavs were so fearful of losing him in free agency that they let him run the show. They ended up losing him anyway, so the strategy did not work.

It was frequently said that LeBron needed a coach who would stand up to him. People wondered if Erik Spoelstra was the coach who could do that. Early on, it looked like LeBron had little respect for Spoelstra, but that may have changed. The important thing is having an owner who supports the coach standing up to the player. If a coach doesn’t have that support, he’ll be fired. Why? Because in the NBA, the star players are bigger than the coaches, so many coaches are fearful of their star players.

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Ron Artest: Mike Brown Took LeBron James and Bunch of Old Ladies to Finals

Ron Artest supports the Lakers coaching hire of Mike Brown, his former coach in Indiana. Though Artest is disappointed that the players made it tough for Brian Shaw to be considered for the job because they fell apart in the playoffs, he thinks Mike Brown is a good coach. And he expressed his support in a way only Ron Artest can.

During an interview with Mason & Ireland on 710 KSPN in Los Angeles to talk about his hilarious prank by Jimmy Kimmel (watch the video here), Artest shared his thoughts on the Mike Brown hiring.

“I think it’s good,” Artest said. “Mike Brown is a guy who got LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers to the championship with just LeBron and a bunch of old ladies in canes. I don’t know how he did that, I don’t know how he did that, but he’s a great coach — I played for him in Indiana. He was a great defensive mind. Rick Carlisle did all of the offense, and Mike Brown did all of the defense.”

If you can get past the hilarious insult of the rest of the ’07 Cavaliers, Artest has some serious confidence in Brown. He also said that if he were more mature back in Indiana the team could have won some titles. Ron Ron also says he’s picking the Heat to win the Finals despite being down 3-2.

You look at his comments about the Cavs being a bunch of old ladies with canes and it’s no wonder he won a sportsmanship award this year. I’m also sure Larry Hughes, Damon Jones, Drew Gooden, and some of the other players from that squad will have some words for Ron next time they see him.

Chad Ochocinco to Try Snake Wrangling

Bengals owner Mike Brown expressed his frustration with Chad Ochocinco recently, saying he wants the receiver to focus on football instead of publicity stunts in the offseason. Brown even poked fun at Ochocinco saying, “Next maybe he’ll be a snake wrangler and we’ll watch to see if he gets bit.”

Well Brown’s joke gave Ochocinco an idea and Chad is acting on it.

He announced on twitter Wednesday, “I’ve partnered with Snake Jungle to go out and become the first black SnakeWrangler thanks to my owner Mike Brown for the great idea.” He then added “Does anyone know these snakes I’m gonna catch,Taipan,Blue Krait,Eastern Brown Snake,Rattle Snake and the Death Adder.”

Ordinarily you’d think he was messing around, but nothing Chad says can be taken lightly. He’s the same guy who recently rode a bull (watch the video) and tried out for a Major League Soccer team.

Pro Football Talk says Chad’s serious about the idea, and why wouldn’t he be? If it meant more publicity, he’d stick his penis in a guillotine and pull the string. I just wish he’d do something more productive with his time off during the lockout like some other players.

Mike Brown Reportedly Will be Next Lakers Head Coach on Four-Year $18 Million Deal

Less than three weeks after getting swept out of the playoffs by the Dallas Mavericks, the Los Angeles Lakers appear to have decided on their next head coach. According to Matt Steinmetz of CSN Bay Area, former Cavaliers coach Mike Brown will be the team’s next head coach.

If Brown does sign on to become the new head coach of the Lakers, he will have beaten out names such as Rick Adelman, Jeff Van Gundy, Mike Dunleavy and Lakers assistant Brian Shaw for the job.  Here are the details from Steinmetz’s report:

Mike Brown will not be the next head coach of the Golden State Warriors.

Brown, the former coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, is expected to be named the new coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, according to two league sources.

Brown was considered a frontrunner for the Warriors’ job, but is expected to sign a four-year contract worth approximately $18 million with the Lakers — succeeding Phil Jackson as coach.

Nothing has been confirmed by the Lakers’ front office, but all the rumors Tuesday seemed to indicate this would happen.

Here’s the problem with the Lakers hiring Mike Brown: he can’t run an offense if his life depended on it, unless you consider Kobe isolation plays an offense. The one thing Mike Brown is good at is coaching defense, and this hire may be a reaction to the Lakers’ poor defensive showing against the Dallas Mavericks in the playoffs.

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Cincinnati Bengals Stubbornly Will Not Trade Carson Palmer but They Should

Even with the NFL season on hold, Cinncinati Bengals owner Mike Brown is staying consistent with his word on quarterback Carson Palmer.

“We don’t plan to trade Carson,” Brown told the NFL Network at the league’s spring owners meetings in Indianapolis. “He’s important to us. He’s a very fine player, and we do want him to come back. If he chooses not to, he’d retire. And we would go with Andy Dalton, the younger player we drafted, who’s a good prospect.

“Ideally, we’d have both of them. That’d be the best way to go forward. If we don’t have Carson, we’ll go with Andy.”

Mr. Brown continues to reiterate that, for Palmer, it’s either Cincinnati or nowhere. Palmer told the Bengals he was done with the organization and when former TCU quarterback Andy Dalton was drafted, it seemed they’d finally grant him his wish. Instead, once the NFL season resumes, Palmer will be staring at retirement.

With a young core of talented receivers in Jordan Shipley, Jermaine Gresham and A.J. Green, and the likely departure of Ochocinco and T.O., the Bengals should quit playing stubborn games with their former franchise QB.

By trading Carson, what’s the worst that can happen? Maybe, he’ll beat them later down the road in a measly regular season game. But realistically, at this point in his career, he’s washed up and not a Super Bowl-caliber threat. By sending him elsewhere, the Bengals would at least receive some compensation.

Let the guy go, get a draft pick in return and call it a day.

Cavs Coaching Job Is a Dead End

The Cavs finally made the news we knew two weeks ago official on Sunday night: they fired coach Mike Brown, as reported by Ric Bucher. The Cavs fell short of their goal of winning a title in back-to-back years (they had the top regular season record each year) so I don’t disagree with the move. I don’t think Mike Brown is a bad coach but I do think they can do better. With the Cavs giving Brown the ax, the job becomes available and has a false appeal because the Cavs are thought to be in the running to re-sign LeBron James. I’m entirely convinced that LeBron will leave Cleveland making their head coaching job a dead end.

Without LeBron James, the Cavs will merely be a collection of semi-talented players without a leader and without direction. Take LeBron away from the team and your best players are probably Antawn Jamison and Mo Williams. Jamison couldn’t keep up with Kevin Garnett in the playoffs and Williams was embarrassed by Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen. Neither player is particularly good defensively despite having plus scoring abilities. Furthermore, the last time either player was a team’s top option, their squads were some of the worst in the league (Washington for Jamison, Milwaukee for Mo). The harsh reality is that LeBron James’ brilliance brought out the best in his teammates, gave them open shots, and turned them into winners. Without LeBron there, we’ll end up seeing how average the rest of the team is.

When the Cavs lose LeBron James, they’ll lose their only star player. As if losing LeBron isn’t bad enough, they traded away both of their picks to get Jamison and Shaq, so they won’t even have a chance to improve themselves in the draft. Unless the Cavs completely tank next season and get a top five pick in the lottery, they really won’t have any hope of being good. The Cavs completely mortgaged their future for a chance to win the title while they had LeBron. They lost early in the playoffs twice in a row and all they’ll have to show for it is a collection of decent players. It’s going to be another long decade of dullness in Cleveland for the Cavaliers. They better pray another number one pick comes their way via the lottery. The only problem is the player they get won’t be nearly as good as LeBron James.

Source: Cavs coach Brown fired [Ric Bucher/ESPN]

Apparently Marvin Lewis and Mike Brown’s Word Doesn’t Mean Crap

Criticizing the Bengals for their off-field problems? Check. Criticizing Marvin Lewis for having no control of the team? Check. Calling coach Marvin Lewis and Owner Mike Brown for going back on their words and being full of crap? Here to come. In April the Bengals released Chris Henry, deciding they had enough of his shenanigans. Last month Marvin Lewis reinforced this notion to the media even after Chris Henry was re-instated by commissioner Roger Goodell:

“I’m not interested. I don’t think it would be productive for our football team. You have to be a productive part to be an NFL player, and there’s responsibilities to being an NFL player. It’s a privilege, it’s not a right. There’s a lot that comes with being an NFL football player.”

If you thought that was persuasive, wait til you hear what Mike Brown had to say:

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