Someone pranked Mohamed Sanu, made him think Bengals drafted him

Watching your name tumble down the draft board when you were hoping to be taken in the first round must be a stressful experience. With 26 players already selected ahead of him in the first round Thursday night, Rutgers wide receiver Mohamed Sanu was overjoyed when he got a phone call informing him that the Bengals had taken him with the 27th overall pick. His family was thrilled, but the moment of ecstasy lasted just a couple of minutes.

Shortly after Roger Goodell announced that Cincinnati had selected Wisconsin offensive lineman Kevin Zeitler, Sanu and company realized they had been pranked. The person on the other end of the line had posed as someone from the Bengals just to screw with Mohamed.

“This is a great kid, I guarantee you, and someone played a cruel joke on him,” Sanu’s agent Mike McCartney told Sports Illustrated’s Peter King. “It is unreal that someone would do that, but it happened.”

After receiving a tremendous amount of support on Twitter, Sanu tweeted the following on Monday morning:

“Thank God for giving me another day and another opportunity to chase my dream. #thankfulandblessed”

Good for him for taking it in stride. Considering Sanu made plays like this one in college, he’s likely going to be drafted in the second round of what is a  wide receiver-heavy draft. Watching the draft is stressful enough for an NFL prospect, let alone having to deal with fake phone calls. I guess morons will be morons.

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