Nebraska fans forced Northwestern into silent snap count at home

Nebraska fans are legendary for their passion and devotion to their football team. Perhaps no story symbolizes that devotion more than what happened over the weekend at Ryan Field.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Northwestern had to use a silent snap count for their final drive of the game against Nebraska despite playing at home in Evanston, Illinois. The offensive linemen complained that they couldn’t hear the calls, prompting the silent snap count.

“We didn’t prepare for that all week,” quarterback Kain Colter said.

Northwestern’s final drive resulted in two completions before the game ended. The drive before that was six plays for 38 yards, and it ended in a missed long field goal attempt.

We’ve actually seen this happen before in football. Last year, Green Bay Packers fans had such a strong presence in San Diego they forced the Chargers into a silent snap count at home as well. Nebraska fans have produced a sellout streak for home games that dates back to 1962. They travel extremely well and have been able to buy their way into every stadium in America. What happened in Evanston is no surprise, but it’s still a compliment to Nebraska fans.

Helmet smack to College Football Talk

Nebraska recruit Joe Mathis says he had to change hotel rooms on visit because fans were harassing him

When you are one of the most sought after high school football players in the country, choosing a college to enroll in is a difficult enough decision in itself. Then, you have to deal with the fans. Recruits who visit places like Longhorn and Crimson Tide country are treated like royalty. On one hand, it must be flattering for 17 and 18-year-old kids. On the other, it can be an overwhelming nuisance.

According to Rivals.com, top defensive line recruit Joe Mathis recently had to change hotel rooms during a visit to Nebraska because fans were knocking on his door and harassing him.

“I thought out here (in California) was big with football but that stuff was big,” Mathis explained. “People think you’re a celebrity. I was in my hotel room and people were knocking on the door telling me to go to Nebraska. How do they know my room? We had to change rooms.”

How do they know your room? That’s probably the easiest information they got their hands on. They also know the last four digits of your social security number, your mother’s maiden name, what you great grandfather did for work, and how many siblings you have. Mathis also said that he tweeted his dinner plans at Buffalo Wild Wings during a visit to Michigan and was bombarded with fans there as well. So much to learn, so little time to learn it.

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Nebraska Fan Buys Wisconsin Season Tickets Just to See Saturday’s Game

When it comes to college football, Nebraska fans are right up there with some of the craziest.  Any fan base that has people who would eat a bar of soap after a loss or show that they hate Texas this much cannot be underestimated in any capacity.  There’s not much else to cheer for in Nebraska, so those midwesterners live and breathe the Huskers.

If living and breathing Huskers means buying a set of season tickets just to catch one game, so be it.  No, not Nebraska season tickets.  We’re talking season tickets to another team’s games just to make sure you’re in attendance when they face the Huskers.  According to the Journal Sentinel via Fanattic Network, that’s exactly what Nebraska fan Beau Baumert did to score himself a ticket to this weekend’s game.

With No. 8 Nebraska traveling to No. 7 Wisconsin on Saturday, tickets are already going for a pretty penny on the secondary market.  For the economical cost of $300, Baumert became a proud Wisconsin season ticket holder.  He can now attend Saturday’s game and cheer for his Huskers and turn around and sell the remainder of the Wisconsin tickets for around face value.

“When my tickets arrived everyone laughed,” Baumert said. “Everyone outside Nebraska calls us crazy. Actually, there are way more diehard fans out there than me.”

Insane fan who will do anything to watch his team play or ticket hawking genius?  Truthfully, I’d call it a little bit of both.

Nebraska Fan Eats Bar of Soap After Losing Texas Bet

Nebraska fans may have had all the fun leading up to the Texas game, but it’s the Longhorns fans enjoying their time now. Not only did Texas shut down Taylor Martinez and win the game easily, but they’re also getting revenge on opposing fans. The Wiz of Odds has a video of a Huskers fan eating a bar of soap after losing a bet to a Longhorns fan.

At first, said fan has the bar of soap sitting on a bed of lettuce and on top of a slice of cheese, but then he proceeds to tear through it with a knife and fork. Good thing he had the pint of beer to wash it down. Skip ahead to the 1:10 mark to watch the goodness:

The lesson to be learned here? Make sure your wide receivers can catch before you make a bet. Oh yeah, and be careful about the terms to which you agree.

Nebraska Huskers Fans Go All Out in Texas Longhorns Hate

The contest between Nebraska and Texas Saturday in Lincoln is a huge game for Cornhuskers fans (not unlike every other game). They want revenge for last year’s loss in the Big 12 title game and have even made t-shirts that caused a controversy. The Huskers have sold out well over 300 straight home games at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln and have proven they’re amongst the most passionate fans in all of sports. Oh yeah, and their hatred of Texas and Longhorns fans has no boundaries. Witness some of the acts committed by their fans who are bragging about their Red Out Around the World:

Guess with the team moving to the Big Ten next year the fans have to get everything out now before it’s too late. Wouldn’t it be great if Texas pulled the upset? I know it won’t happen, but it sure would be sweet.