Roy Williams, North Carolina Players Leave Court with Time on Clock to Avoid Fans

There was a big upset in the ACC Saturday when Florida State drubbed 3rd-ranked North Carolina 90-57. Had it not been for the last few, meaningless seconds of a lopsided game and what happened afterward, Seminoles guard Deividas Dulkys would have received the spotlight for scoring a career-high 32 points, hitting a remarkable 8 of 10 3-point shots. Instead, it was UNC coach Roy Williams’ hasty retreat from the court with time on the clock that many fans in attendance will remember.

With 14.2 seconds remaining in the game, Seminole fans were gearing up to rush the court. FSU coach Leonard Hamilton met with Williams and a referee to discuss matters. Then, Williams had his team and coaching staff promptly shake the Seminole players’ hands as they quickly hustled to the safety of the locker room.

Those 14.2 seconds still remained, however. Williams left five walk-ons to stay on the floor until time ran out, leaving them to run off as FSU fans rushed the court. The scene in Tallahassee was pretty incredible with all the fans storming the floor:

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North Carolina Fan Drives Custom ‘Heelraiser’ Hearse to Games (Pictures)

There are college sports fans and then there is John Snipes.  Snipes is on his own level when it comes to being committed to a school.  If you thought the Cameron Crazies love the Duke basketball team, check out the whip Snipes shows up to North Carolina basketball and football games in:

Grilling your food in a casket at a tailgating party is just plain weird.  Rolling up to a game in the HEELRAISER hearse is something only a boss can pull off.  According to The Dagger, Snipes came up with the idea seven years ago when he and his buddies saw a similar hearse that a Clemson fan had tricked out.  Snipe’s custom hearse has all the bells and whistles, from a ram’s skull on the grill and skull and crossbones on the back to a train whistle under the hood.  As Tobacco Road Blues pointed out, Snipes hope to soon rig up some nitrous under the hood so he can blow smoke from the ram skull’s nostrils.

How great are the ACC gravestones along the side? Keep doing you, John Snipes.  Keep doing you.

North Carolina Press Conference Interrupted by Fire Alarm

North Carolina was almost lucky enough to be bailed out by a fire alarm Saturday, but it wasn’t to be. While attending a press conference to answer questions from the media ahead of their Elite 8 game with Kentucky, a fire alarm went off inside the Prudential Center in New Jersey. The Tar Heels were excused by the NCAA moderator and exited the building.

Unfortunately the burden of facing the media wasn’t forgiven because of the fire alarm.

The players and coach Roy Williams were asked to return after they had filed onto their bus to continue answering questions. Williams did get off one line when the alarm went off saying “The good news is we can make it out of here faster than some teams,” a reference to the team’s up-and-down playing style.

Originally I thought Williams’ crew was behind the move as a clever ploy to get them out of the tedious session. Even if they were, the plan didn’t work because they had to return. Honestly, there isn’t much that’s more boring than a pre-game media chat.

UNC Recruit Makes Ridiculous Shot

If 2011 North Carolina Tarheels recruit P.J. Hairston‘s NCAA career doesn’t go as planned and he fails to make it to the NBA, he can always try out for a spot on the Harlem Globetrotters’ roster.  Listed as a 6’3″ small forward, P.J. might have to make a few more shots like this one if he wants to be successful in the NBA some day.  Check out the video of UNC recruit P.J. Hairston sinking a behind-the-back 75-foot shot, courtesy of Huffington Post via The Sporting Blog:

Oh yeah, and he hit the same shot from half court for good measure, although we can’t give him as much credit for that one because we’re not sure if he called “glass.”

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North Carolina Was Worth All the Hype

I resented North Carolina somewhat this season because they were so hyped up entering the year. Actually, starting off with last year’s Final Four, as soon as Kansas won it all, ESPN was already releasing it’s top five for the next season and they had UNC at the top spot. Then before this season began, everyone was talking about how good Carolina was. All I heard was that they could be one of the best teams ever, that they could go undefeated, and that they could score 100 points at will. Couple that with the endless praise for Tyler Hansbrough who returned for his senior season despite being the player of the year the previous season and it was easy to grow tired of the charade. Then when the Heels started off the ACC season 0-2, it was hard not to think that we were watching another underachieving team full of superstars. Turns out they may have taken their few lumps at the right time.

North Carolina was easily the best team in the country from start to finish. They beat Michigan State at Ford Field in Detroit back in December by 35 and then concluded the season with a 17-point win over Michigan State at Ford Field for the national title. They really played to their full potential during the tournament, showing how good of a team they were. The only time I really saw them struggle was in the second half against LSU. Even though the Tigers had them on the ropes, UNC still rallied for a 14-point win. The Tarheels proceeded to mow through the rest of the tournament field, crushing Gonzaga, Oklahoma, Villanova, and Michigan State in order. North Carolina was so brilliant they made it seem like none of those really good teams deserved to be on the same floor.

As I said before the game, I am quite satisfied with the outcome of the season because North Carolina more than earned the title, as did Roy Williams. They were worthy and deserving champions. One question though, why wasn’t Ty Lawson named Most Oustanding Player at the Final Four? 22, 7, and 8 against Villanova. 21 points and a tournament record 8 steals against Michigan State. Am I missing something? Anyway, congrats to North Carolina for the excellent season and extremely impressive tournament.