Kim Kardashian supposedly broke up with Kris Humphries to be with Reggie Bush, who turned her down

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian reportedly went on a lunch date together a few weeks ago, but it looks like Bush was being truthful when he said they’re not back together.

According to Life & Style Weekly, who, for all we know, could have created a dramatic magazine cover just to sell issues, is running an “exclusive” that says Kardashian was dumped by Bush. Their article claims Kim broke up with Kris Humphries to be with Reggie Bush, but he turned her down.

There were whispers all throughout Kim’s relationship and eventual marriage to Kris that she and Reggie still had a connection, and reports even said he was upset by the wedding news. But after hearing that Kim cheated on him with Kanye West, it’s no surprise he doesn’t want her back. Stay away Reg, it’s best for your career.

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian reportedly had a lunch date in Beverly Hills

No fake marriage could keep Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian apart.

A few days after TMZ reported that Kim Kardashian was done dating football players because her breakup with Reggie Bush was so bad, they say the two were spotted on a lunch date over the weekend.

The lunch reportedly took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel (I hope they ate at the coffee shop on the lower level, that food is fantastic), and TMZ shares the obligatory lines about them laughing and smiling and having a gay old time. They say the two have spent time together the last few days, though they’re unsure if they’ve completely reconciled.

Bush reportedly has maintained interest in Kim since their initial breakup, which was due to her cheating with Kanye West. He still wanted her while she was dating Miles Austin and when she got married to Kris Humphries.

All I have to say is c’mon Reggie, you’re so much better than this. It’s time to move on man.

Reggie Bush Bought His Offensive Linemen Segways as a Gift (Pictures)

How did Reggie Bush express gratitude to his teammates for his excellent rushing season? By buying them motorized scooters, of course.

Bush tweeted a few pictures Saturday morning of his offensive linemen trying out their new toys. It sounds like the Segways were a hit too.

“This is the coolest gift I’ve ever received!” one lineman said.

This is the latest example of Reggie showing thanks for the best season of his career. You may recall that he dedicated his 206-yard game against the Bills to former coach Tony Sparano, who was fired before the game. The gesture also represents a nice turnaround for Bush as a teammate. Eric Bickel of The Sports Junkies reminded me that Bush upset some of his teammates earlier in the season when he said the team stunk.

Bush has rushed for a career high 1,086 yards through 15 games, nearly doubling his previous single-season high. I’m not sure what practicality the Segways have, but they sure seem like pretty sweet toys.

Pictures courtesy of Reggie Bush on Twitter
Helmet knock to EB’s World, Shutdown Corner

A Few Good Games Has Reggie Bush Thinking He Can Win the Rushing Title

Through 15 games this year, Reggie Bush has already rushed for a career-best 1,086 yards.  Bush was supposed to be an elite running back coming out of college but had never earned a full-time starting position prior to this season with the Dolphins.  He has had five games of 100 yards or more this year, but keep in mind he is one of 13 backs to already eclipse the 1,000-yard mark. Two more backs will likely pick up their 1,000th yard this weekend. Still, Bush’s recent play has made him believe he can win an NFL rushing title.

“Yes, I do,” Bush told NFL.com when asked if he thought he could lead the league in rushing. “No disrespect to anyone, but I’ve spent a lot of time studying different players, including Chris Johnson.  I’ve watched a ton of his runs, especially during his 2,000-yard season.  And yeah, I feel like I’m capable of a lot, but I’m not worrying about that yet.  My mental focus is entirely on this next game.  If I wasn’t, my priorities would be backward, and I wouldn’t be setting myself up to accomplish any of this.”

Bush has had a tremendous four-game stretch, but he’s getting a bit ahead of himself.  The first time he carried the ball at least 15 times wasn’t until week 7, meaning he was rather fresh while the other feature backs around the league had already taken a beating.  Having success in the second half of a season and doing it for a full 16 games are two completely separate achievements.

Bush said he owed his best game of the season to former coach Tony Sparano, but Sparano is no longer a part of Miami’s game plan. If the Dolphins coach next year decides to limit Bush’s touches to make him more effective and keep him healthy, capturing the rushing title will be a far-fetched goal.  Pump the breaks, Reggie — you’ve had a handful of good games in a six-year career.

H/T to Pro Football Talk for passing the story along

Reggie Bush Dedicates His Career Day to the Recently-Fired Tony Sparano

Reggie Bush may have finally found his niche in the NFL. After he was taken with the second overall pick in the 2006 draft, Bush went on to become somewhat of a bust. The Saints selected him hoping that he would have game-changing ability, but Bush never ran for more than 600 yards in any of his five seasons in New Orleans. With Miami this season, he is just 27 yards shy of the 1,000-yard rushing mark and is coming off a 206-yard performance against Buffalo. Bush credits former coach Tony Sparano.

“Just told him that I really appreciated him for bringing me in here, for believing in me, for giving me this opportunity to come here,” Bush said according to the Palm Beach Post, explaining that he had called Sparano after Sunday’s win. “Because if it wasn’t for him believing in me, I wouldn’t be here. I don’t know where I’d be, and I appreciate him for a lot and I told him that and I thanked him and look forward to working with him again in the near future, wherever that may be.”

There were very few — if any — coaches in the NFL that believed Bush could be an every-down back.  In fact, you have to wonder if Sparano even thought he could be.  The Dolphins were high on Daniel Thomas coming into the season before he started battling injuries.  Early on, it looked as though it would be an even split in Miami with Thomas potentially getting the larger share of the carries.  Still, it was Sparano who gave Bush his shot.

“He’s a good coach, and an even better person. Couldn’t be happier to be able to know a guy like coach Sparano,” Bush said. “We all wanted to get this win for coach Sparano today. This win was for him.”

To the Dolphins credit, they avoided all the suck for Luck talk when they were 0-7 and have clawed their way back to a 5-9 record.  If it is Sparano who inspired them to do so, he certainly deserves a little credit even if his dismissal was warranted.

Reggie Bush Denies Seeing Kim Kardashian Last Weekend

Kim Kardashian sadly filed for divorce after 72 long days with Kris Humphries and her publicity team/TV crew decided to write Kris Humphries out of the script this week. One of the juicier gossip items suggested Kim ended the marriage because she was still interested in ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush. One report even said Bush had lunch with Kim in New York City last weekend when his Dolphins were in town to face the Giants. Bush says that’s not true.

“I haven’t seen her in over a year and a half. And I don’t have any plans to,” Bush reportedly told Chris Perkins.

Bush emphatically denied having lunch with her. He says the team arrived at 5pm in New York City Saturday and there was a snowstorm. “Anybody who can do the math knows I wasn’t at no damn lunch.”

Well alright then. So much for the juicy rumors. Not seeing each other in over a year and a half doesn’t mean they haven’t talked. And it doesn’t mean that Bush doesn’t have a thing for women who look like Kim. But if he says he hasn’t seen her in a year and a half, who am I to dispute it?

Reggie Bush says Saints Faked Injuries

The New York Giants appeared to fake injuries on Monday night against the Rams in an attempt to slow down the hurry-up offense. Deon Grant was adamant throughout the week that his knee injury was legitimate, but it looked suspicious when two Giants players went down at the same time. The NFL issued a memo to teams telling them not to fake injuries. The league appears to be cracking down on the issue.

Some teams have tacitly indicated that they coach players to fake injuries. Even the Giants defensive coordinator didn’t deny that he teaches the practice. Heck, even Reggie Bush says his team used to do it in New Orleans.

“We actually had that before in New Orleans,” Bush said, referring to the fake injury play. “It’s just one of those things when you get those hurry-up offensive teams. I mean, it’s legal. They haven’t made any rules yet to say it’s not legal.

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