Ryan Mallett headed to Texans in trade?

ryan-mallettIf there is one rumor out there that would solidify the likelihood of the Houston Texans drafting Jadeveon Clowney, it’s this. The Texans and Patriots reportedly are talking about a Ryan Mallett trade.

CSN’s Tom E. Curran reports that a Mallett to the Texans trade may soon be done. He says nothing is finalized or official, “but the machinations have begun” for such a trade.

Such a deal makes plenty of sense. The Texans need a quarterback and may be planning to draft Clowney No. 1. New coach Bill O’Brien knows Mallett from his time as an offensive coordinator/QB coach in New England during Mallett’s rookie season. He probably thinks he could work with the former Arkansas QB, who was drafted in the third round by the Pats in 2011.

Rapper Wale Shouts Out Ryan Mallett, Wants Him on Redskins

Rapper Wale is on tour and performed in Worcester (Mass.) on Saturday night. Based on a few tweets, it sounds like Patriots quarterback Ryan Mallett was there. Mallett told Wale he had a great show, and then received this Twitter shout out Saturday night:

Wale is from Washington D.C. so the Redskins are his team. Shouting out Mallett will only enhance the former Arkansas quarterback’s reputation as a “Caucasian street guy.”

Ryan Mallett an Excellent Value Pick for the Patriots

Four quarterbacks were taken in the first round of the NFL draft, two more went in the second round, and perhaps the strongest armed QB of them all lasted into the third. It wasn’t until the 74th overall pick that Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett was finally selected, and it was by the team that already has Tom Brady — the New England Patriots.

The Pats are the same team that picked up Randy Moss when nobody else wanted to touch him, so maybe it’s no surprise they took a chance on Mallett. Mallett admitted he was immature when he first went to college and he reportedly admitted to drug use during interviews with teams. Despite his problems, there is little doubt he has the arm to be a top NFL quarterback — just ask Brandon Marshall. So why did he drop so far in the draft? There are two reasons to explain his free fall.

One, teams must have been turned off by Mallett’s attitude and past and they must not have believed he could become a successful franchise quarterback. Two, six QB-needy teams decided to take other players ahead of Mallett, meaning there was less demand for a quarterback.

The Patriots, sitting there in the third round with back-to-back picks, decided to pull the trigger on the strong-armed quarterback. The question is if this is about finding a future replacement for Tom Brady or about capitalizing on value. I think it’s much more of the latter than the former.

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Brandon Marshall, Roddy White Endorse Ryan Mallett as Future All-Pro QB

There are few college players entering the NFL draft who have been more scrutinized than Ryan Mallett. The former Arkansas quarterback has had his background and character questioned, and he even reportedly admitted to drug use during draft interviews. Many people, myself included, wonder about his ability to be a franchise quarterback in leader. Even though he has a rocket arm and can be a great pocket passer, his character concerns remind me of someone like Jay Cutler, who is still getting criticized.

The good news for Mallett is that even if the media questions him, it seems as if his contemporaries support him.

Dolphins Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Marshall stated on twitter Tuesday “Listen to me. Ryan Mallett will be an All-Pro Qb.” Falcons Pro Bowl receiver Roddy White agreed with Marshall, and B-Marsh later called Mallett the “hip Matty Ice.”

I’m sure Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland appreciates hearing Marshall’s scouting breakdown of Mallett, but that’s not exactly what he’s around for. Still, hopefully the Dolphins take the subtle hint and realize they need a new quarterback. I’ve gathered that they’re interested in Colin Kaepernick, and picking at 15 he’ll likely be around while Mallett may not. Bottom line, they need a QB and should draft accordingly.

Ryan Mallett Reportedly Admitted to Drug Use During Draft Interview

Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett is thought to have the best arm in the draft, but he’s also facing obstacles in gaining approval from NFL teams. There have been some serious character concerns for Mallett, including his rough interactions with the media which drew comparisons to Ryan Leaf. Additionally, there have been widespread rumors about Mallett’s drug use throughout college and an analyst saying Mallett is a “Caucasian street guy” like Eminem or Vanilla Ice. Even Mallett’s coach at Arkansas, Bobby Petrino, tried to improve Mallett’s slang because of concerns over image and appearance.

Though Petrino and Mallett have defended his character, a report from Pro Football Weekly says the young quarterback actually admitted to drug use during a draft interview.

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Ryan Mallett Took Public Speaking Based on Bobby Petrino’s Recommendation

If Auburn’s Cam Newton hasn’t been the most scrutinized figure in the NFL draft this year, then Arkansas’ Ryan Mallett certainly has been. Rumors of regular drug use by the quarterback have been as consistent as the praise over his cannon arm and tall frame, even though Mallett has never tested positive during a drug test. As if that’s not bad enough, NFL Network analyst Jamie Dukes called him a “Caucasian street guy” who speaks with an Eminem or Vanilla Ice type of slang.

Apparently Dukes isn’t the only one who’s made that observation about Mallett. According to ESPN, Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino tried to polish up Mallett’s speech his first summer in Fayetteville to make him appear more like a face of the program. Petrino had Mallett attend a class on speaking with the public and had him hone his communication skills with Chuck Barrett, the voice of Razorbacks football. “Blame it on texting and technology, Petrino says” according to the article.

Now even if Mallett’s character is defended vigorously against rumors of drug use by Petrino, a few noteworthy comments make you wonder if some of the stuff is true. Mallett’s father called his son “immature” his first year at Michigan (where Ryan first went to school before transferring to Arkansas). Ryan even admitted it took some time to mature after transferring. I understand that 17-year-olds can be immature when they’re living on a college campus for the first time — I’m sure I was — but maybe that’s where some of the character concerns have come from.

The only question now is whether Mallett is still immature, or if he’s ready to be the leader of an NFL team. When it comes to draft time, all it takes is one team out of 32 to believe he can be a leader and he’ll be set. Then it’s on him to prove all the character concerns were unfounded.

Ryan Mallett Leaves with Possible Knee Injury Against Auburn (UPDATE)

After going up 14-10 in the second quarter against Auburn Saturday, things went downhill for Arkansas the rest of the half. Not only did Auburn benefit from a bad call at the goalline to take the lead 17-14, but Hogs quarterback Ryan Mallett got hurt midway through the quarter.

There was no true explanation for what happened to the NFL prospect and the Arkansas sideline refused to provide any information to CBS. At one point, reporter Tracy Wolfson reported Mallett may have a knee injury, and she said she learned that information from the Auburn sideline.

What we do know is that sophomore backup Tyler Wilson entered the game and took over the next two drives for Arkansas. Wilson looked good completing 3-3 passes in his second drive of the game that culminated with a touchdown catch by Greg Childs. When we get updates on Mallett’s status we’ll let you know, but for now, all we’re hearing is it may be a knee injury.

UPDATE: Mallett left with a concussion, likely when he was slammed to the turf by Nick Fairley on a play action fake that didn’t work.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Dave Martin