Sharks sign 17-year-old with heart condition to one-day contract (Video)

Sam-Tageson-SharksThe San Jose Sharks welcomed a special guest into their locker room before Tuesday night’s game against against the Florida Panthers. In fact, the Sharks made 17-year-old Sam Tageson an official member of the team by signing him to a one-day contract.

Tageson has a life-threatening heart condition known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome. He was born with two heart chambers instead of four and has been playing hockey since age 6, despite doctors urging him not to.

“It’s supposed to be debilitating,” Tageson’s mother Lisa Mills told the San Jose Mercury News. “They said he would be the child that would never ride a bicycle, never do any of that. He rides a skateboard. He plays hockey. The doctors all through the years have said give him golf clubs, take the hockey stick away. We tried. It doesn’t work.”

Mills said doctors changed their approach and have given up on telling Tageson “no,” understand that he will slow down when his body forces him to. Tageson practiced with the Sharks on Tuesday morning and was on the ice to warm up with the team before they took on the Panthers.

“No way to top today,” Tageson told reporters of the Make-A-Wish Foundation event.

Tageson was overcome with emotion after being introduced by the team, and there were probably very few dry eyes in the house. It was an incredible moment and a great gesture from the Sharks to make Sam’s dream come true for a day.

Video via Jimmy Traina’s The Big Buzz

San Jose Sharks, ESPN exchange barbs on Twitter over ‘Sharknado’

SharknadoIf you haven’t at least heard of “Sharknado” starring Tara Reid and former “Beverly Hills 90210″ actor Ian Zeiring, you are probably just waking up from a 48-hour nap. The ridiculous movie that debuted on the Syfy channel Thursday night is all everyone has been talking about.

The movie basically centered on a tornado that spit man-eating sharks at people. Don’t believe me? Just Google it — you’ll see. On Friday morning, ESPN decided to get in on the trending hashtag #Sharknado by tweeting a lame joke at the San Jose Sharks’ official Twitter account:

The joke was harmless and certainly not offensive, but whoever was operating the Sharks’ Twitter was in no mood for joking around with the World Wide Leader.

And that was the end of that. ESPN now knows better than to try to get chummy with the Sharks. Either start showing more hockey highlights, or stop tweeting at the boys from San Jose. Clearly they have no interest in entertaining your corny humor.

San Jose Sharks fans lose playoff bet, get matching LA Kings tattoos


When San Jose Sharks fans and Los Angeles Kings fans bet on hockey games, this is what happens. As you know, the Sharks and Kings faced each other earlier this postseason. The Kings are still playing, which means they got the better of their cross-state rivals. However, the real winners were the LA fans who got to witness their buddies get matching Kings tattoos.

The photos you see above were posted by Brian Beltz on his website earlier this week. He explained the embarrassing ink:

A few of us in the office are pretty die hard hockey fans. However, our fandom is split down the middle – two Los Angeles Kings Fans and two San Jose Sharks fans. Since the two teams met in the second round, we decided to put a friendly office wager on it. The result of that wager was a couple of sad, (temporary ) tattooed Sharks fans.

Fantastic. Because of their team losing, these two bros are now forever linked. The Sharks could go on to defeat the Kings in the playoffs every year for the next 10, and they’d always remember that series they lost back in 2013. We have seen plenty of tattoos that are the result of lost bets over the years, and some of them are far more disgusting. But these…these are easily two of the most creative.

H/T Puck Daddy

3-Year-Old Kid Knows the Entire San Jose Sharks Roster (Video)

Are toddlers and young children inherently smarter these days or are we just doing a better job of capturing their flashes of brilliance on camera? On the surface, it looks like kids are taking up a huge interest in their parents’ favorite sports teams. That isn’t a new phenomenon, but their knowledge of said sports teams is. What baffles me is how a 3-year-old’s memory could even be this effective. Check out this video of a 3-year-old pretty much reciting the entire San Jose Sharks roster, courtesy of Puck Daddy:

Make that two kids in just over a month (see: crying Jets fan) that have blown us away with their sports knowledge.  I’m getting a puppy in about a month or so, and let’s just say I hope it aims to please as much as these genius kids do.

Sharks Fan Tosses Dead Duck Onto Ice During Sharks-Ducks Game (Video)

What is it with hockey fans and throwing dead stuff on the ice? Better yet, what is it with security at hockey games and allowing people to smuggle dead animals into the arena?  The only thing I can think of is that these people stink so badly with the dead thing under their shirts that security just lets them through.  Who wants to go near someone who smells like a dead duck? You obviously don’t think it’s possible they’re carrying a dead duck, you just assume they reek.  Anyway, you can see where this is going.  Check out this video of a San Jose Sharks fans throwing a dead duck onto the ice during a game against Anaheim:

Too far?  At least the octopus toss is a tradition in Detroit, albeit an extremely weird and unnecessary one.  The best part about the video is definitely the goalie wanting nothing to do with it.  As referees, sometimes you’re face with unexpected dirty jobs.  And you know what they say about dirty jobs.

Thanks to Sports by Brooks Live for sharing the story.

Patrick Marleau in First Fight Since 2007 – The Jeremy Roenick Effect?

The Sharks got whooped 7-3 in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals Wednesday night in Vancouver. When it wasn’t Canucks fans flashing the opposing players in the penalty box, it was Kevin Bieksa and Patrick Marleau throwing down to provide the entertainment. The decision for Marleau to fight was a strange one — it was his first since 2007, and it was against a more physical opponent in Bieksa. Marleau predictably got worked in the fight. Here’s the video:

Some Sharks players ripped on Bieksa for picking on a guy like Marleau, but if anyone is in the wrong it’s Marleau. Marleau’s the one who initiated the fight, asking Bieksa if he wanted to drop gloves in the second period. The fight kept Marleau out of the game for the next five minutes, and Vancouver outscored San Jose 4-1 after the fight.

What’s sad about this whole thing is that Marleau may be listening too much to media criticism. Analyst and former Shark Jeremy Roenick ripped him after Game 5 against the Red Wings, saying he was gutless and had no heart. Marleau responded with the winning goal in Game 7 against Detroit, and a goal each of the Canucks games. But he took himself out of Game 2 by getting into a fight when he shouldn’t have, and one has to wonder if this is all a response to Jeremy Roenick. If it is, that’s sad, and Marleau should just stick to what he does best — playing hockey. Leave the fighting to everyone else.

Sharks Upset Kings Coach Terry Murray Didn’t Shake Their Hands After Series

One of the best traditions during the Stanley Cup Playoffs is seeing the opposing teams line up to shake hands at the end of a series. The tradition is a wonderful display of sportsmanship and it shows that the players still respect each other even though they just got done beating each others’ brains in for two weeks.

Even though it’s a great tradition, the handshake lineup sometimes results in friction between teams. That’s exactly what happened with the Sharks and Kings.

San Jose eliminated Los Angeles from the playoffs with a 4-3 overtime win Monday night in Game 6. A few Sharks players were bothered that Kings coach Terry Murray didn’t shake their hands after the series and made their feelings known after the game.

Winger Jamal Mayers wrote on twitter “Kings battled hard! Tough series with 3 OT games! Too bad Murray didn’t have class to shake hands like players (who bled) and Asst Coaches!”

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