Stephon Marbury reportedly has lien filed against him over $20 million debt

Stephon MarburyStephon Marbury’s financial situation does not appear to be in a good place.

MediaTakeOut reports that one of Marbury’s creditors filed a lien against him in late May over the $20-plus million he owes them. They essentially plan to raid his home in order to collect.

From MTO’s report:

According to docs filed in Westchester County, NY …. the company New Freedom Ventures II filed a lien against Marbury over a debt he owes to them. The lien was filed on May 27th and states that they will be taking as collateral for the debt owed …. all fixtures & personal property inside his New York home in Purchase, NY … which he shares with his wife and Basketball Wives star Tasha Marbury.

The doc states that they will be taking all boilers, furnaces, radiators, sprinkler systems, air conditioning systems, sinks, gas and electric fixtures, window shades, plants, stoves, refrigerators, elevators, kitchen cabinets, appliances, medals of any kind, furniture, consumer goods, jewelry, paintings and other personal belongings … until the debt is paid off.

This is the latest in a long line of financial problems for Starbury. As of last year, Steph still owed his former chef $300,000 in hush money payments for their affair. In September, it was reported that Marbury was facing foreclosure on his NYC condo. He lost a home in LA to auction the year before. In January, he was being sued for not making payments on his Land Rover.

Marbury has been enjoying a successful second career in China and clearly doesn’t seem to care about his financial empire and credit score crumbling in America. What’s he going to do when it’s time to come home permanently?

Stephon Marbury reportedly being sued for not making payments on his Land Rover

Stephon MarburyStephon Marbury has been on a mission to destroy his credit score for several years now. He seems to be doing a tremendous job of it.  His latest achievement involves allegedly failing to make payments on a $96,000 vehicle.

According to TMZ, Marbury is being sued by a car dealership over missed payments on a Land Rover he purchased back in 2007. He reportedly agreed to a six-year loan on the vehicle with an incredibly high interest rate of 11.5%. Creditors are claiming Marbury stopped making payments on the car in 2012 and still owes $35,000.

We don’t understand how someone who made roughly $90 million during their NBA career could agree to a car loan with an 11.5% interest rate, but Marbury doesn’t have the best history when it comes to financial matters. Back in September, a report surfaced indicating his New York City condo was being foreclosed on. He allegedly owed roughly $844,000 on it at the time.

In 2010, Marbury stopped paying his ex-mistress the hush money they settled upon to cover up their affair. That was roughly the same time he supposedly stopped making payments on his condo. What’s another Land Rover in the grand scheme of things?

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Stephon Marbury facing foreclosure on New York City condo

Stephon MarburyHere’s a headline that will no doubt have you in absolute shock: Stephon Marbury owes money to a bank and is likely to lose a property because of it.

According to TMZ, Marbury owes just over $844,000 on his New York City condo and hasn’t made payments since March 2010. Marbury purchased the unit in 2006, which is around the time the real estate market was booming. Though the market has made a comeback this year, his property is likely worth less now than what he paid for it seven years ago.

US Bank reportedly wants Marbury to either pay the full amount owed on the property or get out so they can sell it in an auction. Marbury also lost a home in Los Angeles to auction last year. Maintaining a high credit score clearly is not among his top priorities.

Marbury has been playing basketball in China and enjoying his status as a star in the enormous country.

What’s interesting is that 2010 seemed to be the year that Marbury said “screw it” to payments. That’s when he stopped paying his ex-mistress the hush money they settled upon to cover up their affair, and also when he supposedly stopped paying for this home. His decision to stop payments likely had a lot to do with his status in life; January 2010 is when he discontinued his NBA career and left to play in China for the first time.

Stephon Marbury still hasn’t paid his former mistress her settlement money

Stephon-Marbury-Chinese-Fans-Better-Than-Knicks-FansStephon Marbury still has not paid his former mistress the remaining money he owes her from their hush money agreement, TMZ reports.

Marbury agreed to pay his former mistress/chef $900,000 to keep quiet about their 2006 affair. Marbury paid the woman $600,000 of the $900,000 agreed upon but, for some reason, decided to stop paying two-thirds of the way home. Maybe he figured by then that he was no longer a high-profile NBA player with a need to cover up matters.

The woman, Thurayyah Mitchell, took Marbury to court for the remainder of the money. A judge ruled in her favor and ordered Marbury to pay Mitchell the remaining $331,584.50 he owes her.

According to TMZ, new court documents state that Marbury still has not paid the money.

The documents also reportedly state that Mitchell wants Marbury to give her his Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover in addition to liquidating some other assets so he can pony up the dough. Another hearing has reportedly been set for June 17.

Imagine giving up nearly $1 million, whether it be in cash or cars, to keep a secret that was never kept anyway? Wait a second, imagine a judge ordering you to pay hush money after cheating on your wife? That’s a real thing? What a world we live in…

Stephon Marbury reportedly had sex with personal chef, paid her hush money

Former NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury had a sexual relationship with his family’s personal chef, and later agreed to pay her $900,000 to keep quiet about the affair, the New York Post reported on Saturday.

Court papers that recently became public revealed that Marbury hired Thurayyah Mitchell as his family’s chef in January 2006. He fired her later that year, but made an arrangement to pay her $900,000 so that she wouldn’t discuss their affair.

The two reportedly had sex on about five occasions, all of which he says were consensual. Mitchell reportedly said she felt pressured to have sex in order to keep her job.

The timing of Marbury’s sexual affair with Mitchell was around the same time the Knicks were dealing with Isiah Thomas’ sexual harassment suit, so Starbury wanted to keep things quiet in order to avoid the embarrassment and to preserve his family life. He was making around $17 million a season at the time, and agreed to pay the large total to Mitchell. However, he stopped making payments in January 2010 — after paying around $600,000 to her — and she requested to see an arbitrator for a ruling on the remaining amount.

An arbitrator ruled that Marbury needed to pay Mitchell the remaining $300,000. The filing became public on Friday after Mitchell’s lawyers asked a judge to enforce the award.

This story is just quintessential Marbury. Let’s put aside that he had an affair with his personal chef. He was smart enough to realize at the time that he needed to pay her to keep quiet because of the embarrassment the story would have caused. With the kind of money he was making, his payoff was expensive, but reasonable. But leave it to this genius to pay a woman $600,000, and then stop when he’s two-thirds of the way there. I guess by then he realized it wouldn’t do any harm if people found out about the affair. He was already out of the NBA by 2010 and probably had little left to protect, so why continue paying? Still, you pay $600,000 only to have the story come out eventually? How dumb can you be. Hope that extra $300k saved was worth it.

I wonder if Marbury’s current wife Tasha will talk about the story if she does sign on to “Basketball Wives.”

By the way, Marbury threatened in 2007 to blackmail Isiah Thomas. I’m still waiting for him to spill all on that.

Stephon Marbury’s wife Tasha will reportedly appear on ‘Basketball Wives’

Stephon Marbury may have faded from the spotlight a bit since he left the NBA to play basketball in China, but his wife could be about to recapture some of it. According to a report from TMZ.com, Tasha Marbury is in final talks to join the VH1 reality series “Basketball Wives.”

Producers reportedly approached Tasha because she is an actual basketball wife — unlike some other cast members on the show — and is friends with some of the other “wives” who are already cast for the upcoming season.

Sources also told TMZ that this is the second time Tasha has been approached to appear on the show. Stephon supposedly nixed the idea the first time it came up, but it appears he has changed his mind now that he is in China playing for the Beijing Ducks. Perhaps the way the fans in China worship Stephon has lightened his mood a bit.

Tasha married Stephon in 2002, so they have been married for quite some time. If she has a tendency to say anything similar to the insane things Stephon says, the show’s producers have struck gold.

Stephon Marbury: Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony can’t win together

The visions that Knicks fans had of the Larry O’Brien trophy over a year ago when the team signed Amar’e Stoudemire and then acquired Carmelo Anthony have all but disappeared. After more than a season of sub-.500 ball together, it’s starting to look like the Knicks need more than just ‘Melo and Amar’e to contend for a title. In fact, many wonder if they will have to get rid of one of their stars in order to do so.

Stephon Marbury believes they will. Simply put, Marbury doesn’t think Stoudemire and Anthony are a good fit together.

“Amare needs a point guard like Steve Nash (to thrive),” Marbury told ESPN New York on Wednesday. “He’s a pick-and-roll guy, a pick-and-pop guy. He can’t play in the half court where everything’s slowed down.”

Marbury has a point, and that became evident when Stoudemire thrived with ‘Melo on the bench and Jeremy Lin running the point. When asked if he believes Carmelo and Amar’e can win together, Stephon simply said “nope” before questioning the Knicks’ motivation behind trading for ‘Melo.

“I don’t know if (Knicks owner James) Dolan brought him in to win games or to make money,” he said. “I think it was to make money.”

Marbury has been known for saying some pretty crazy stuff and we know he hates the Knicks, but his assessment is actually spot-on here. Stoudemire relies on steady point guard play in order to thrive, and he doesn’t get that with a guy like Anthony who needs the ball in his hands most of the time. Will it ever work? Only time will tell, but at this point there’s no reason to believe it will.