Warren Sapp discredits Jon Gruden’s influence on Buccaneers’ defense

Jon-Gruden-BucsWhen the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl 37 back in 2002, Bucs head coach Jon Gruden received much of the credit. Gruden had coached the Raiders for four years prior to beating them, and many felt that his knowledge of his former team allowed Tampa Bay to dominate them in the championship. Not surprisingly, Warren Sapp disagrees.

During an interview with “The Dan Patrick Show” on Tuesday, Sapp was asked how much the Bucs benefitted from Gruden coaching against his former team in 2002. Sapp basically said it didn’t help at all.

“Say you and your 11 brothers are all on the same coaching staff, and one of your brothers leaves and goes to another team,” Sapp said. “Who knows more about beating each other? That one (guy) about the other 11 or the 11 (guys) about the other one (who left)?”

In other words, Sapp feels that the Raiders should have known more about Gruden than he knew about them. The Hall of Fame defensive tackle also pointed out how the Bucs defense gave up 16.2 points per game from 1996 through 2001 — before Gruden became the head coach in Tampa Bay.

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Giants PR director Pat Hanlon rips Warren Sapp

Warren-SappWarren Sapp annoyed many people who are connected to the New York Giants organization last week when he made the argument that former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Simeon Rice deserves the make the Hall of Fame before Michael Strahan. Sapp framed the comments in a way that they were just as much of an insult to Strahan as they were a compliment to Rice.

On Monday, former Giants running back Tiki Barber became the first person to publicly defend Strahan. Pat Hanlon, the teams senior director of communications, joined him with a funny tweet on Tuesday night.

Hanlon is quite popular on Twitter (more than 35,000 followers) and is known for tweeting some entertaining stuff. For those of you who don’t get the reference, Brian Cashman ripped Alex Rodriguez with some vulgar language on Tuesday for being too open with the public about his rehab.

While some people feel that Hanlon’s tweet was unnecessary, so too were Sapp’s comments. Having said that, Warren is simply looking for attention per usual. In a way, Barber and Hanlon did him a favor.

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Tiki Barber: Warren Sapp is an idiot

Tiki-Barber-Blasts-Tom-Coughlin-GiantsWarren Sapp rekindled an old rivalry last week when he criticized Michael Strahan for only dominating throughout much of his NFL career because of the position he played. In arguing that his former Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammate Simeon Rice should make the Hall of Fame before Strahan, Sapp insisted Strahan was only one of the most successful defensive lineman in NFL history because he played left defensive end instead of right.

On Monday, One of Strahan’s former teammates came to his defense. Would you believe it was Tiki Barber?

“Warren’s an idiot,” Barber told reporters at the Big Daddy Celebrity Golf Classic, per the NY Daily News. “He just wants to say things to be idiotic. I played with Stray for my whole career. He is the greatest of the great. He is a great teammate, he kept things light, but on game day he was as serious as a heart attack and it showed in his play.”

Barber, who left the New York Giants before their improbable championship run in 2007, has gone out of his way to criticize his former team and coach since he left the NFL. In fact, he reportedly tried to reconcile with Tom Coughlin last year and was stonewalled. However, he must have remained close with Strahan.

“Warren doesn’t know, never played with him (Strahan),” Barber said. “I don’t put any credence in his opinion … I hope Stray doesn’t let it bother him. I don’t think it does.”

Strahan let it bother him the last time Sapp tried to take credit away from him, so I’m sure the comments had the same effect this time — whether he admits it or not. As for whether or not Tiki having his back means anything, I have my doubts.

Warren Sapp: Simeon Rice should be in Hall of Fame over Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan Warren Sapp

Very few people would argue that Simeon Rice had a better NFL career than Michael Strahan, but Warren Sapp likes to be different. Plus, Sapp and Strahan don’t exactly get along. Earlier this year, Sapp was announced as one of the members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2013. He made it over Strahan, and he believes another former Tampa Bay Buccaneers lineman should do the same.

On Wednesday, Sapp said Strahan wasn’t even close to as good of a pass rusher as Simeon Rice.

“Nobody ever talks about Simeon,” Sapp said, according to The Tampa Tribune. “Simeon was a better rusher than Michael Strahan any day of the week and twice on Sunday.”

On paper, the two are incredibly close. Strahan recorded 141.5 sacks in his 15-year career and Rice had 122 in his 12 years as an NFL pro. Strahan also holds the NFL record for sacks in a single season with 22.5, but Sapp argued that his success is a product of the New York Giants’ decision to move him to left defensive end.

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Warren Sapp rips Darrelle Revis: ‘He’s selfish and he’s never been a team player’

When you move past the fact that Darrelle Revis is coming off major knee surgery and will be making more money than any defensive back in NFL history, he looks like a steal for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If you’re going to give up a first-round pick, you might as well do so for arguably the best cornerback in the league.

However, not all fans, players and former players are sold on Tampa’s new acquisition. Hall of Famer Warren Sapp doesn’t feel that Revis contributes to a championship formula.

“He’s selfish and he’s never been a team player,” Sapp told The Tampa Tribune on Sunday. “We didn’t win the championship that way. Derrick Brooks and I always cared more about the team than ourselves.”

Former Bucs safety John Lynch, who was also part of a championship-caliber defense in Tampa, offered a different opinion.

“I played with Champ Bailey in his prime and I know what a cornerback like Revis can do for a defense,” Lynch said. “Like Champ, Revis is a guy who can neutralize No. 1 receivers, so you don’t have to dedicate extra resources to stopping that guy. Darrelle Revis is a big-time football player. … He’s a game-changer.”

You could certainly make the argument that Revis has been overly concerned with his contract since coming into the league, but it was the Jets that wanted to get rid of him. He has performed like the best cornerback in the NFL over the past several years and New York did not want to pay him accordingly. That’s the team’s prerogative, but I don’t know if I’d label him “selfish” based solely on that. Then again, there a lot of things Sapp says that I don’t totally agree with.

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Warren Sapp drops F-bombs during Scott Pioli analysis (Video)

Warren-SappSomeone at the NFL Network needs to let Warren Sapp know that a microphone is different from a camera. During a segment on “Total Access” on Tuesday, Kansas City Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli was asked to discuss what his approach with the New England Patriots used to be, when he and Bill Belichick seemed to focus on stock-piling draft picks. While he was giving his answer, Sapp could be heard mumbling curse words in the background.

Apparently he does not agree with the Belichick draft approach.

“It’s the same s*** we had Mike Lombardi doing,” it sounded like Sapp was saying. “The f***ing Bill Belichick f***ing angle.”

It’s hard to make out exactly what Sapp was saying, but that part sounds pretty audible. Technical difficulties are not uncommon. Sapp saying stupid things is not exactly a rarity, either. Combine the two and this is what you get.

Video via Twitter/Jimmy Traina
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Michael Strahan responds to Warren Sapp; Chad Johnson mediates

Michael Strahan Warren Sapp

Michael Strahan responded early Friday morning to Warren Sapp, who seemingly bragged Wednesday about making it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame over Strahan.

Sapp was announced last weekend as one of the members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2013. He made it over Strahan, who is one of the best defensive ends in NFL history and will almost assuredly be elected to Canton next year.

During an interview with WDAE’s Tom Jones and Rick Stroud Wednesday, Sapp was asked if he had doubts about making it. He said he did when it came down to him and Strahan.

“Say if I rewind this to Saturday at 12 o’clock me and you are sitting and I say, ‘It breaks down whatever and whatever and then you have Michael Strahan and me. C’mon, the menace and the media darling,’” Sapp said, via Joe Bucs Fan. “C’mon. Madness, or Good Morning America? I mean, c’mon.”

Strahan, who is enjoying a post-football career as an analyst for “FOX NFL Sunday” and host of “Live! with Kelly and Michael,” didn’t understand why Sapp had to invoke his name. He sent a few tweets to Sapp Friday about the matter:

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