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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Video: Andy Roddick Raps the ‘Humpty Dance’ While Wearing Christmas Attire

This is the guy who is married to the love of my life?  We all know Andy Roddick likes to have a little fun (see: Serena Williams impression) but is this the type of stuff that Brooklyn Decker digs? Those of us who have seen Just Go With It know that Brooklyn likes to dance and listen to N-Sync and stuff, but what does she think of her husband when he’s up on stage with a couple of wangstas rapping the “Humpty Dance” and wearing a woman’s Christmas sweater?

The Miller Lite in his hand helps explain how Roddick got to where he was over the weekend, but I just want to let Brooklyn know that if she needs a little break from this embarrassing behavior I’m here for her.  Check out this video from Bobby Bones Tacky Sweater Party in Austin that Busted Racquet shared with us:

This guy can pretty much get away with whatever he wants, huh?  I guess when you have a wife that accepts your having lost several wedding rings and replacing them, doing the “Humpty Dance” in a Christmas sweater ain’t no thing.  Today’s list of people I would love to be for a day: Coakley from Hall Pass, Rory McIlroy when he was dating Holly Sweeney, and Andy Roddick.

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