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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Roger Federer wearing pink shoes with blue outfit at US Open

Roger Federer pink shoes

Roger Federer had an interesting look for his first-round match at the US Open on Tuesday. Federer was wearing mostly white and blue, but he had a third color mixed in — pink on his feet.

The 17-time major winner generally has his shoes, shorts, shirt, and headband color-coordinated when he steps on the court. Nike also frequently customizes his outfits for grand slam events, giving him special bags, jackets and shoes that represent his accomplishments. This time around, the swoosh decided to change things up with the shoes.

Federer’s white shorts do have tiny pink stitching by the zipper, and his night time shirt has pink stitching around the buttons and logo on the sleeve. But those minor additions are barely visible, so the atomic red pink shoes really stand out. At least at the US Open the bright colors are allowed, so Fed won’t encounter a problem like he did at Wimbledon.

Below is a look at his planned US Open outfits:

Roger Federer atomic red shoes

Roger Federer US Open clothes

Image via Federer Fan

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