Serena Williams Still Bitter Over Treatment from U.S. Open Umpires

Serena Williams has won two U.S. Open titles in her career, as well as six other majors. She’s a dominant force in the sport, and seems to play well on hard courts like those in Melbourne and New York. And according to Serena, she probably could have won more at Flushing:

“One year I really ran into a lot of bad luck where I got the worst calls possible. Honestly, I couldn’t even hit a shot because I was so nervous they would call every ball out. That really wasn’t my fault. I probably would have won that year, and I was gonna win that year. Unfortunately it didn’t work out.”

Man, do you hear Raiders still bitching about the tuck rule loss to the Pats, or Miami players about losing to Ohio State? I really haven’t too much. Perhaps just another example of Serena being a poor sport. Or maybe the reporter was just being vindictive towards Serena. Did her comments necessitate the headline it generated? Maybe not — but it certainly is the one that piques the most interest.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/CaribQueen Annette Coxall

    Serena is the ‘bad girl of tennis” for your “bad boys of tennis”  How many fines did you laid on him?   Do not forget umpires were being cussed out long before Serena was on the scene. What is it that is outrageous? ‘Come on?  Your industry invented the “Mac cam” Now we need one for the ladies “Serena-Calm”.  Be fair or else it will scream RACISM!