The Venus and Serena Williams Era of Dominance Is Over

The recent grand slam results for each of them speak loudly, starting with the quarterfinal exit by both Venus and Serena at the Australian Open. The sisters are still top 10 players who can go far in the tournaments, but it’s no longer a lock that at least one sister will reach the finals, or even semifinals of a grand slam event. Venus Williams expressed the same sentiment in her post-match comments following her quarterfinal loss to Ana Ivanovic. As Venus said, she and Serena are playing at a good level, it’s just that the competition is improving (and surpassing them, I believe). It’s also a matter of the two women being past their peaks, which is typically at a much younger age for women in tennis than men.

Usually at a grand slam event, one of them goes far, if not both. If one goes out early, at least the other goes farther, like to the semis or finals. I’m not saying that they should be pulling titles left and right — that is unreasonable. The reality of the situation is that there are several good, young players in the game today who can knock either one out. No, I’m not completely writing the sisters off here, but I will say it without a doubt, this Australian Open marked the definite end of dominance by the Williams sisters. I think I’m being fair when I say I’ll give them one more grand slam title between the two of them for the rest of their careers.

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  • Gene

    I agree with you that their era of dominance is over. In addition to the reasons you’ve put forth, I will add one more; they no longer intimidate opponents.

    That being said, I give them three or four more major titles combined, over the rest of their careers.

    I also note that they both played the “injury card” after bowing out at this year’s Australian Open. It is amazing how they came into the first Grand Slam tournament “physically fit”, with everyone forecasting an all-Williams final, and they leave the tournament with undisclosed injuries. Venus had a leg bandage before the Ivanovic match after Serena went down with several nonspecific injuries.

    By the way, has anyone heard the results from the Mayo Clinic, where venus was supposed to go for thorough testing after her defeat at last year’s US Open?

  • SpinMax

    Where do they get all these injuries with all that time off?

  • http://svpstyle.blogspot.com ScottVanPeltStyle.com

    They are still giving the appearance that they give a damn about tennis? Amazing.

  • http://rogers-rants.blogspot.com/ roGER

    It’s shame for the sisters but good for tennis overall.

    The all-Williams matches we had to endure in the early years of the decade (dominated, as often as not, by the words of loose cannon Richard) were some of the worst ever. The year 2002 was particularly bad.

    On the other hand the sister’s achievements have been considerable, not least in fashion and celebrity partying

  • AC Green

    Looks like Larry Brown and the other people posting comments here really nailed it on the head. Oh wait…I just saw that they just made it to the Wimbledon singles final, and won the doubles as well. Does that count as three grand slam titles, or just two?

    I don’t think the Williams sisters were EVER a “lock to make the finals of every tournament”, so I don’t get the argument that they’ve somehow lost something. When they’re on, there’s no question they intimidate their opponents – Venus still has the biggest serve, and Serena hits the hardest ground strokes on tour (maybe Ivanovic or Sharapova is in the same class). I can guarantee that they are still on the short list of players who other players look through their draws to see if they have to play one (or both) of them. Stick to posting insightful comments about A-Rod’s marriage.

  • Keith

    Well now that it’s almost the end of 2008, you must ALL want to take your words back. You’ve all clearly jumped the gun. First of all, I agree they’re not dominating as they once did, but you make “3-4″ combined seem like it’s nothing!. For the 2nd year the row they have each captured a grand slam. Meaning they’ve attained 50% of the grandslams competed for in the last 2 years. I predict that the more people doubt them, the more they’ll win. And so what if they’re into fashion and partying?, what business is it of ours?. You all hated it when they were dominating, and now you’re all hating that they’re not as focused.

  • eyeroller

    hater site: “…I will say it without a doubt, this Australian Open marked the definite end of dominance by the Williams sisters. I think I’m being fair when I say I’ll give them one more grand slam title between the two of them for the rest of their careers”

    so much for the hater site prediction, it took them just a year to win 3 more.

    Venus: 2008 Wimbledon
    Serena: 2008 US Open, 2009 Australian Open

  • ibm

    It is now June 2009 and Serena is the #2 player in the world and Venus #3. since this article: Venus 2008 Wimbledon (Serena runner-up). 2008 Gold Medal in doubles, 2008 USopen and 2009 Australian Open Winners, 2008 End of Year champion Venus Williams. Dude, never underestimate the will of athletes.

  • http://google Juana

    You are just wishing. Thier era is not over. They are still BAD.

  • baabiru

    Are you still counting, Larry Brown?