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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Ultimate Warrior’s wife Dana blasts Hulk Hogan

The Ultimate Warrior’s wife Dana put Hulk Hogan on blast Friday and essentially accused him of being a phony.

The Hulkster and Warrior always had a contentious rivalry, but Hulk recently appeared in a video sharing how he made amends with Warrior right before the wrestler’s death in April.

Hulkster did an interview with Grantland that was published Friday in which he talks about his final encounter with Warrior (video above). Hogan says it was at the Hall of Fame weekend and that he was given strict orders not to confront Warrior so that Warrior would be able to enjoy the weekend. Hulk says he had undertaken a new mentality and just wanted to apologize to Warrior and settle their beef.

Hogan recalled taking a joy ride on a golf cart and finding Warrior. Here’s what he recalled saying:

Ultimate Warrior Hulk Hogan

“I went right up to him, I shook his hand and said, ‘Brother, I know I’m not supposed to talk to you, but I just want to let you know I love you. And if you ever want to be friends I’d love to be friends with you. If we could ever do business that would be great. But I just want to tell you that I love you so much. And whatever I did … please forgive me.’ And then I noticed that there was a WWE camera that peeled around the side. I had no idea that they had a camera following him,” said Hogan.

“So that was real, bro. And I’m so glad I got to talk to him.”

Hogan’s words portray him as a good guy who cared about Warrior and wanted to end whatever feud they had.

Hulk, you may recall, also sent these tweets after Warrior’s death:

After seeing the video where Hulk talked about his final encounter with Warrior, Dana decided she’d had enough of Hulk’s act and that it was time to tell the world how he really is.

I’ve been really quiet since the passing of my husband and the father of my girls. Someone sent me what Mr Bollea had to say in video interview with Grantland yesterday and I would just like to ask him to stop.

He is the only person in the WWE Universe who did not give a call or send a card. My girls asked why he didn’t check on us like everyone else and I explained simply there isn’t a camera at our mailbox or in the house when we receive our calls.

I would ask respectfully Mr Bollea, for you to understand my girls hurt and just let some time pass before you say anything more.

Dana A Warrior

If Hulk just made public statements and didn’t contact Warrior’s family to at least share his thoughts with them directly, that’s pretty weak.

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