Mel Kiper Was Once Criticized by Bill Tobin

With the 2011 NFL draft about to begin, you’ll be seeing a lot of Mel Kiper Jr. and other analysts squawking their heads off. You’ll probably be asking yourself more than once what makes a guy like Mel Kiper Jr. or Todd McShay qualified to be an analyst, and you wouldn’t be alone. Once upon a time (1994 actually), former Colts GM hammered Kiper in a press conference as Jimmy Traina reminds us. It’s an oldie, but a good one if you haven’t seen it:

At the heart of the disagreement was Kiper’s criticism that the Colts selected Trev Alberts over Trent Dilfer. Alberts turned out to be a bust, but Dilfer wasn’t anything special, so it’s not like we can declare a winner in that historic clash. But one thing we do know is that Tobin is not alone in his criticism of Kiper.

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  • Anonymous

    I have to repeat this yearly about him…
    Kiper 20 years ago: Honest, this guy is great, this guy is a bust.
    But when a predicted bust is great, Kiper is burned by the video.
    Kiper 15 years ago: I like this pick, I don’t like this pick…takes less chances in his predictions to not look the fool.
    Kiper 10 years and now: I like this pick, every player is a good player…takes no chances.
    McShay comes in, challenges him, he goes out on a limb with Mike Williams, gets crushed, goes back to taking no chances.

    I prefer the once upon a time Kiper who was brutal and took chances. That is how he got his rep in the first place, but he won’t risk his rep now. I dun like em

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Yup, that does take away the fun aspect. Especially when you have Gruden out there inducting each pick into the HOF