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Friday, July 3, 2020

Does Trevor Bauer’s new rap song take shots at Miguel Montero (Audio)

Trevor-Bauer-Miguel-Montero-DiamondbacksThe Arizona Diamondbacks traded 22-year-old pitcher Trevor Bauer to the Cleveland Indians earlier this offseason, and on Monday D-Backs catcher Miguel Montero gave us some insight as to why the team decided to make the move. Montero said that Bauer was difficult to work with and was not open to taking advice from veteran players and coaches.

Bauer’s latest rap song would seem to indicate that he disagrees.

The right-hander released a new rap track on Wednesday entitled “You Don’t Know Me.” According to Waiting for Next Year, the song was recorded back in December. However, it includes a couple of lines that sound like they would be perfect responses to Montero’s criticism.

“With that, its time to get back to all these fans that I’ve been losing due in part to the rumors moving about that that I refuse to listen” is one such line. The part that references a person who “hides behind a mask to facilitate a task” would seem to be another. Give the track a listen if you please, although it’s straight up horrendous in my opinion.

The fact that the track was recorded in December doesn’t mean it’s not about Montero. Even though Bauer seemed like he was going to be more mature when asked about Montero’s comments earlier this week, he could have easily amended the song. It’s also possible that he had problems with Montero before, and the catcher’s comments simply confirmed it. In any event, there’s no way I’d be quitting my day job if I was Bauer.

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