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Monday, December 10, 2018

Giants Fans Create ‘Vote for Pablo’ Sandoval Video for All-Star Game

Oh, those sneaky Giants fans and their creative ways to get their players into the All-Star Game. A couple years ago, they created a computer program that would vote for Barry Bonds thousands of times to get him into the game. This year, it’s nothing too nefarious — just a simple Napoleon Dynamite remix for Pablo Sandoval. Thanks to Gennaro Filice (and his hot fiance) and Jimmy Traina at SI Extra Mustard for the Pablo Sandoval video:

Now this here video gets play for two reasons here at LBS. The first is that I already said Sandoval should be on the team. The second — any Canned Heat usage always finds a spot on the roster. Pretty simple. It’s not too easy for me to say, but nice going Giants fans.

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