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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Metta World Peace: Steve Nash probably is smartest Laker because he’s white

Metta World Peace is an aspiring comedian, so he was probably joking when he made a crack about Steve Nash being the smartest Laker.

According to LA Times Lakers blogger Mark Medina, World Peace was asked if Steve Nash is the smartest Lakers. He had a classic response.

“He’s white, so probably yes.”

There’s a reason he’s called the “Lakers idiot.” Nobody will complain about the joke because World Peace was paying whites a compliment with the stereotypical response, but that’s pretty inappropriate.

Let me just flip the script on you for a second: What would the reaction be if someone said Metta World Peace is the dumbest Laker because he’s black? It’s never a good idea to make generalizations about any group of people.

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