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Friday, June 5, 2020

Video Games

Cowboys lineman is not happy with how he looks in Madden

Tyrone Crawford

Normally when an athlete is upset about their video game counterpart, it’s because they think their rating is unfair. That’s not the case with Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford.

Crawford was not pleased with Madden 19’s portrayal of him — particularly his gut — and made quite clear on Twitter that this would not do.

To be fair, judging by the photo, Crawford has a point. Clearly, the Madden developers agreed.

Crawford can take solace in the fact that, no matter how badly he was portrayed here, they still did a better job than the makers of this video game did.

PK Subban named cover athlete for NHL 19 video game

PK Subban

PK Subban will grace the cover of the latest edition of EA Sports’ popular hockey video game.

It was revealed during this year’s NHL Awards on Wednesday that the Nashville Predators defenseman received the nod to appear on the cover of NHL 19.

Subban took the stage at the ceremony to talk about the honor and expressed thoughts that him being on the cover represents the “growth in the game and embracing of different personalities.”

Subban has twice been named an All-Star and took home the Norris Trophy, awarded to the NHL’s top defense player, in 2013. In addition to being one of the league’s more talented (and controversial) players on the ice, he has shown immense talent away from it as well. During this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs, Subban provided commentary during NBC’s broadcast coverage. Subban is certainly a person worth marketing to promote the NHL, and EA Sports is doing just that.

Tyreek Hill unhappy with speed rating in Madden, says it will change

Tyreek Hill peace

Tyreek Hill is arguably the most explosive player in the NFL, but the creators the latest edition of the long-running “Madden” video game feel he is not the fastest. The Chiefs wide receiver has a serious issue with that, and he insists it is going to be addressed.

In an appearance on PFT Live Friday, Hill was asked how his speed rating in “Madden 18” is only a 97. He said he has no explanation but that he has spoken with someone at EA Sports about it.

“I have spoken to someone from EA,” Hill said. “They were like, ‘Hey, we’re gonna change it. We’re gonna change it.’ I have no idea. … I need my credit, you know what I’m saying? If I’m putting in the work, give me the results, baby. It’s only a matter of time. They’re gonna do it.”

For what it’s worth, no player has a 99 speed rating in the game. The only player listed as faster than Hill is Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver John Ross, who has a 98 rating. While Ross hardly played in 2017 because of injuries, the former Washington star posted the fastest 40-yard dash time in NFL Combine history, so that is hard to ignore.

If Hill has another season in 2018 like the one he had last year, perhaps “Madden” will give him a boost. Then again, we saw how Dez Bryant got trolled by the creators when he was unhappy with his rating.

Ben Simmons took funny shot at Hawks while playing video game

Ben Simmons

The Atlanta Hawks continue to get disrespected both on and off the court.

Philadelphia 76ers star rookie Ben Simmons was livestreaming himself playing multiplayer online game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (more popularly known as PUBG) on live video platform Twitch on Tuesday. During Simmons’ livestream, Minnesota Timberwolves big man Karl-Anthony Towns, an avid gamer and popular Twitch user himself, hopped on with him.

As Towns arrived, Simmons tried to get them to run a game of PUBG together and told him, “We got time. Who do you play tomorrow?” When Towns said that the Wolves were playing the Hawks, an amused Simmons replied, “Yeah, you’ve got plenty of time.” Twitch user YURRZZ captured the funny clip.

The Hawks are indeed the worst team in the East this season at 21-53, so you can see where Simmons is coming from. But the Wolves, who are fighting for a playoff spot, cannot afford to take anything for granted, as opposed to the Sixers, who have already clinched. After all, Minnesota just had a humiliating loss to a similarly lousy team on Monday, so hopefully Towns didn’t stay up too late playing (despite the scheduled 7 PM tipoff against Atlanta).

H/T NBA Reddit

Andrew McCutchen calls out ‘MLB The Show’ over low speed rating

Andrew McCutchen Pirates

Andrew McCutchen may be 31, but he still thinks his wheels deserve respect.

In an NBC Sports Bay Area video feature that ran on Tuesday, the San Francisco Giants outfielder called out popular video game “MLB The Show” over his low speed rating in last year’s edition.

“It better be high,” said McCutchen in anticipation of his speed rating in the latest 2018 edition. “Better be higher than it was last year. Had my speed all the way down, messed up. I’m gonna get my speed up. My speed better be up.

“I’m not slow. I’m serious,” the former NL MVP added. “I think they had me at like 70 or something last time. That’s low, that’s like a C-minus. So higher than it was last year, it had me slow. If you don’t think I’m that fast, go on the field, we can do a 50-yard sprint. I promise I will blow you out.”

Indeed, McCutchen had a fairly low speed rating of 70 in the 2017 version, which has now risen slightly to a 74 in this year’s version.

The five-time All-Star has been known throughout his career for some speed on the basepaths, averaging 19 stolen bases a year and peaking at 33 in 2010. He only stole six bags in 2016 however, then 11 in 2017, which may account for the corresponding fluctuation in his speed rating. At least “MLB The Show” didn’t do McCutchen as dirty as they did Jose Ramirez though.

Travis Kelce already benched Alex Smith for Patrick Mahomes in ‘Madden’

Travis Kelce Chiefs

The trade that will send Alex Smith to the Washington Redskins cannot be finalized until the new NFL league year begins in March, but Travis Kelce is wasting no time turning things over to first-round pick Patrick Mahomes.

On Thursday, Kelce stopped by the EA Sports Super Bowl party in Minneapolis to follow through after he challenged New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara to a game of “Madden NFL 2018.” While Smith is still the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs in the game, Kelce is looking to the future.

Might as well start preparing now, right? For what it’s worth, it would appear that Kamara got the best of Kelce.

Kelce has already thrown his full support behind Mahomes, recently saying that he believes the Chiefs can win a Super Bowl with the former Texas Tech star under center. In fact, there where times during the 2017 season where it appeared as though Kelce had quit on Smith, so the star tight end is probably welcoming the change.

Pete Carroll looks ancient in Madden 18 video game

Pete Carroll Madden

Pete Carroll is generally regarded as a player-friendly, youthful football coach. He looks anything but that in the “Madden 18” video game’s prediction video.

Blogger Mookie Alexander of Seahawks fan site Field Gulls says he was running a prediction video for Sunday’s Packers-Seahawks game and came across this shot of Carroll looking rather ancient.

That led to some unflattering comparisons.

Carroll turns 66 in two weeks. And while he’s an elder statesman among NFL head coaches, most people probably wouldn’t think of him as being terribly old. Madden, which has had some other odd glitches in the past, certainly did the Seahawks coach no favors.