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Friday, February 15, 2019

Saint Louis University announcer Bob Ramsey shuts down official who tries to confront him on air during game (Audio)

Bob-Ramsey-St-LouisSaint Louis University radio announcer Bob Ramsey was upset with a call during the second half of Saint Louis’s win over VCU on Tuesday night. Like many announcers and color commentators before him, Ramsey was not shy about expressing his displeasure with the call, labeling it a “cheap foul.”

Ramsey also caught the attention of one of the game’s officials, who was apparently within earshot of his criticism. At that point, the official walked over the Ramsey to confront him, but the man with the microphone would have none of it.

“I’m on the air right now,” Ramsey could be heard telling the official. “Stay away from me.”

Ramsey then began explaining to listeners what had happened.

“An official tried to get into our broadcast and we won’t have it,” he said. “We’re not gonna have it. Not gonna have it here. This is 101’s broadcast.”

“Do your own job,” Ramsey’s partner added. “You’re not doing it very well, but do it anyway.”

The comment obviously struck a nerve with the official who made the call, but that wasn’t a very professional way to express his concern. Ramsey has a job to do as a radio broadcaster, and part of that job involves providing his opinion on what is happening on the court. Saying that a “cheap foul” was called isn’t exactly insulting the official’s wife, so I don’t blame Ramsey for stone-walling him when he tried to confront him on the air.

H/T @jbacott via The Big Lead for the audio

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