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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Rachel Snider hints naked photos were leaked by T.O.

Rachel Snider selfie

Some nude photos of Rachel Snider made their way onto the internet Thursday, and Snider hinted that Terrell Owens is to blame for the leak.

Snider is the postal worker to whom T.O. was married for two weeks. The two were married in California in late January, but the union was as brief as can be. She accused him of marrying her for her money — specifically so he could get approved for a home loan. He denied that was the case. Both expressed a desire to file for divorce in early February.

But the drama didn’t end there.

Snider was reportedly hospitalized following a suicide attempt in February. We noted last month that she is seeking alimony from Owens.

On Thursday, a Twitter account popped up and apparently shared some nude photos of Snider. She confirmed through her Twitter account that the pictures were of her and said they were private photos only intended for her husband.

At first, Snider did not blame T.O. for being the source of the photos getting out:

But these two tweets she sent in response to people on Friday makes it seem like she later was blaming him.

Snider also sent tweets to confirm she’s not looking for publicity with this whole situation:

The photos were bathroom-type selfies that you could tell were only intended for one person. This whole situation is getting pretty ugly.

via TMZ, Black Sports Online

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