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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn get website to remove nude photos

Lindsey Vonn Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn and other celebrities have scored a minor victory as they seek justice against those responsible for the hacking, leaking, and publishing of their intimate nude photos online.

On Tuesday, a website posted numerous personal photos of celebrities that appear to have been obtained via hacking. The photos were all intimate in nature, many of which showed the celebrities in various states of nudity. The leaking of these hacked photos was similar to the infamous 2014 hacking that saw multiple celebrities have their privacy violated as nude photos were posted of them on the internet.

Outraged after having their personal photos hacked and published online, many of the celebrities, including Vonn and Woods, hired a legal team to represent them. The legal team succeeded in getting the photos removed from the website that initially published the pictures.

Attorney Andrew Brettler of Lavely & Singer is seeking more accountability for the hackers and websites that obtained and posted the photos.

“The hackers responsible for these despicable invasions of privacy should be prosecuted, and the websites that post the stolen photographs and videos should be held accountable, too, because they provide a platform for these lowlifes to showcase their ‘work,’” Brettler told Variety.

The website that removed the photos has since added in written commentary in which they were unapologetic, rude and crude and made themselves out to seem like the victims.

Two men received prison sentences (of 18 and nine months in length) in 2016 for the 2014 celebrity hacking case.

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