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Monday, May 25, 2020

Morris Claiborne says he blew off part of the Wonderlic test

Morris Claiborne was heavily ridiculed for recording one of the lowest Wonderlic test scores in memory — a 4 out of 50 — and said on Thursday he blew off parts of the test.

Claiborne, who was drafted sixth overall by the Cowboys, told the media he had problems with the test and didn’t work through certain areas because he didn’t believe it was pertinent to football.

“I’m human. I had a problem with some of it. I didn’t let it get me down. I knew it didn’t reflect on how I learn or what type of person I am. I looked at the test, and there wasn’t any questions that came with football. Some of the questions were not about football, so I pretty much blew it off.

“All the talk that I was hearing about the Wonderlic is that it’s just not that important,” he said. “Everybody I talked to, even coaches and all, they were like, ‘That test doesn’t mean nothing. That test is not going to declare where you go in the draft or nothing like that. So if they don’t have any football on there, I’m here for football, so what?”

It was reported that Claiborne had a learning disability and that was part of the reason why he scored so poorly. Claiborne’s comments reflect that possibility. He was also right; the score didn’t keep him from being drafted highly.

It’s too bad Claiborne’s score was leaked, but he’ll have a chance to erase that memory if he plays well for Dallas.

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